27th Oct 2005, 14:18

I love my Tiburon! Some parts aren't the best quality, and my window has trouble sometimes, but I can get that fixed. My clutch went out at 40,000, but I replaced it with a stage 1. I have headers, no cats, intake, its lowered, and some other cosmetics. Long story short, I haven't put that much money into it, and my 2.7 beats almost all of the stock or slightly modified 5.0's!!! Can't BEAT THAT!!!

27th Oct 2005, 16:38

Glad to see some people enjoying a real sportscar. Now, like the first guy said, it won't come near a Vette or Porsche, but then again, those cost three times as much, or easily more. The Tiburon was partially designed by the people at Ferrari, which explains its awesome handling and confidence on the road. No, it doesn't have a Ferrari engine, but at least you know that even if you have the more-than-adequate 2.4L 4-cyl, you still have Ferrari suspension and body design. This review is a refreshing switch from ridiculous Civic reviews. Just so you know, in tests by Edmunds.com, an 05 Civic EX went to 60 in 10.3 with a 5-speed, and on 03 Tiburon V-6 got there in 7.8 with the 6-speed.

14th Jun 2006, 17:01

I love my 2003 Tiburon, but my windows have died three times, and my sun roof has also given me problems. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix these things yourself? I have crossed the warranty line...

22nd Jun 2006, 00:03

I just got a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT. I got it 3 days ago and I love it!!! No problems yet. It seems though that it might not get better gas mileage than my 99 Mercury Cougar that I got rid of in trade... Does anyone else have the same problem? I have lots of hills to get home, but I think it should get better than that.. thanks.

7th Sep 2008, 01:54

I've had my 03 Tib GT 6spd for 3 months or so, and so far the AC has needed to be recharged and the lock on the passenger door busted. The AC cost me 20 bucks to fix with a recharge kit and the dealer I bought it from fixed the door. It's a fun car, nice interior, good sound system (for stock), and great looks. You're not gonna be winning many races if you keep it anywhere near stock, especially nowadays when a Camry has 265hp. It does however, have enough power to make the driving experience enjoyable, and of course, anything can be made fast if you throw enough money at it. Overall it's a good car, and considering the price of a used one (paid 9g for mine with 44k on it) it's a good deal.