8th May 2009, 03:00

This is just a poorly built car. I've owned mine since it was new and... sigh... let me list everything that is currently broken or has been repaired on it.

Rear wiper, rear window sprayer, front window sprayer, both window motors, vent fan only works on settings 1 & 2, clutch died at 55k miles and is going bad again at 112k miles, power steering line exploded for no reason, transmission takes about half a minute to get into reverse well over half the time, one of my speakers randomly quit working, dash clock quit working, airbag fuse blew, any time I replace it, it just blows again, dome/radio/door-lock fuse blows at random about 4-5 times a year, the dreaded "turn signal" problem (where your left turn signal gets stuck on, at all times, including when the car is off), dash lights quit working, a piece of my wheel well came unattached and got torn up by the tire.

I've replaced basically every outside on this car except the fog lights, there are more rattles than I can count, cold winter starts make a nice grinding noise...

Let me give you advice, do not, under any circumstance, EVER purchase a 2003 Tiburon.

I love my car, it's beautiful and fun to drive. This doesn't change the fact that it's an electrical nightmare and would be of better quality and more reliable had they built it out of Lego.

12th May 2009, 12:29

I'm very indebted to the commenters on this site for the information on the Tiburon. In the summer of 2006 I was literally about to walk out the door and take deliver of a 2006 Tiburon. I happened on this site and saw numerous owner complaints and statements to the effect that Hyundai was not honoring its much-touted warranty. I decided to wait, and in 2007 bought a Mustang, which has been flawless.

In all fairness, however, I think the Tiburon is not typical of the entire Hyundai lineup. Some of my clients drive the Hyundai Sonata and Sante Fe, and my best friend drives an Accent. None of these people have had any issues with theirs, although my friend has had run-ins with the dealership. They have told him they will void the warranty if he even buys TIRES from another source, or if he doesn't allow them to do all his servicing. I frankly don't think that is even legal, let alone ethical. I'm a mechanic and do all my own servicing. No domestic manufacturer has ever had a problem with that.

3rd Jun 2009, 14:37

I have a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon and it only has 46 k miles on it.

The first month I had it the back wiper went out and the clutch went out, and that was when it only had 32k miles on it. Then I would say 2 months after that the battery died. Then I got new wheels on my car Friday, and after they were put on I wanted to test them out, but when I started my car it didn't start. Got a battery for it and then the car did not start still. I had to get it towed and I picked it up today.

Well the car started, but now my clock and my radio does not turn on at all. Also last year my sunroof broke as I tried to open it! Crazy car. I am going to try to sell this as soon as I can. Don't get a Hyundai Tiburon!!! They will cost you more in the end!

27th Jul 2009, 16:01

Tiburon 2003 V6 gt (standard)

I am the second owner of this car...

Currently in 7 months of having this car I have had many problems.

1. Driver window don't work.

2. Rear window sprayer don't work.

3. paint on drivers door handle is falling off

4. passinger door is rusting at an alarming rate

5. Hates going into revers

6. 3 gear is shot

7. horrible clicking noise when not in gear

8. replaced motor in sun roof

9. stated a full infinity sound system when pull out speakers to upgrade, they all were jbl speakers.

This car is tones of fun to drive and most of all don't cost much I got mine with 40,000 km on it and in 7 months put it over 90,000 fun to drive looks good.

29th Aug 2009, 12:11

I buy my Tiburon GT V6 2003 (6 speed) on may 2008, he has 92 000 KM. As soon as I take possession of this car I went to the dealer to make a preventive maintenance. It cost me more than 2000 $ (Canadian dollars) to change the timing belt, change breaks on all four wheels (disks and pads), change sparks plug and replace some links on rear suspension.

Some months later, I had the left turn light bug who stay always lit light. The dealer said that my BCM was in cause, but I made a search on Internet and found a less costly solution (change a NEC relay into the BCM). So it cost me only $20 USD to order the piece and change it myself.

After that, in June 2009, I go to the dealer for a noise from my transmission (i thought) and also a oil replacement. OMG! Transmission leak, soaked clutch with transmission oil, so a lot of work to do! 950 $ only for the transmission repair (a bearing inside the trans was in fault, fortunately the others components was OK). Replacement of the flywheel (dual mass), all clutch parts and master cylinder of clutch. A total bill of 4500 $ (Canadian dollars) with some minors parts replacement like a head suspension bearing and some seals.

After this big job on my transmission and clutch, I had a check engine light on. I have returned to the dealer and it was a defective crank shaft sensor.

That's not the end, actually the passenger door keep locked, it's impossible to unlock the door with key of manually from the inside. I presume it's a defective actuator... to follow.

I had a lot of Hyundai Tiburon (1999, 2001) 4 cyl. with 5 speed transmission, I never had so much trouble than with this Tiburon GT V6 6 speeds. So be careful if you want one of them!

4th Dec 2009, 23:47

Well I've had my 2003 Tiburon GS-R for 2 years now, and had not a single problem besides normal maintenance (brake pads, tires, oil changes). The only problem was a wheel bearing. I drive my car hard, and I've put on well over 50000 kms on it. My car is so good I wouldn't buy anything but a Hyundai ever again. You guys must beat on your cars or something, because 9 out of 10 mechanics will say "Get a Hyundai", and I'm so glad I listened!

12th Dec 2009, 21:11

I have a 2003 Tiburon GT 6 speed. Purchased it in 2005. I have 96000 on it. I had to put a new clutch kit in last year, which I did myself!

I did away with the dual mass flywheel.

My rear passenger side bearing went out.

My radio my clock went out.

My cam shaft sensor and airflow sensor went.

And my car idles up to around 3 thousand rpms, then goes down and right back up.

I've replaced the throttle position sensor, and did a full time belt change water pump plugs and plug wires.

As of recently, my passenger side running lights went out, along with my dash lights!

I have did all the routine maintenance you're supposed to do; change my oil every 4 thousand, I use synthetic. This is garage kept. But it is one thing after another with this car. I don't recommend anyone buying this car. You need a ton of money just to keep the car road worthy!

Hyundai really lost my support with this car. I don't care how good the Genesis looks... I'll buy a Mustang or a 350Z next year and donate this junk to some charity or something!