2002 Hyundai Trajet GSi 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


An accident waiting to happen


Car was handed over with a puncture.

Car was supplied with incorrect wheels and tyres, they were not suitable for this vehicle. When eventually refitted with correct size, they were second hand.

Car was pulling violently to the left.

Extra items bought with the car were not fitted.

Alternator was excessively noisy.

A strong smell of coolant could be smelt when car was stationary.

The window tint was not supplied to the correct colour and is peeling off.

We were charged £90 pound for the first 3 MOT's and then given vouchers for them.

The leather seats were not standard from Hyundai, they were covered by another company, these seats looked shabby and were bent within a few months.

A suspension bump stop fell off and had to be replaced within a few months.

The rear axle beam and trailing arm now need replacing.

The front tyres are wearing unevenly, caused by misalignment of castor camber angles.

Turbo pipe had a leak and had to be repaired.

The tailgate had to have new gas support rams.

The vehicle would not start and had to have the ignition pick up coil for recognition of key replaced.

The number plate light had a broken wire and had to be repaired.

The Antilock braking system has a fault, when braking it keeps coming on, even though you are only braking gently.

The gearbox is very crunchy.

The interior trim is coming apart, the seats had springs showing through from first day.

The interior squeaks and creaks all the time.

The car surges and increases acceleration, without warning.

The turbo whines.

The fuel cap leaks fuel down the bodywork.

General Comments:

This was supposed to be a new car, with a five year warranty, however Hyundai will not rectify the faults.

There are so many faults with this car, it is a major disappointment.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2003

9th Dec 2004, 07:11

Have you tried driving the traject at speeds of over 65 miles an hour. Out of an air vent (I think front left) I get an irritating whistling noise that sounds like someone playing a flute badly. Is it only my car or are there others like that. Also, the car radio is going mad and the car tends to lock itself on its own.