29th May 2005, 07:22

I've experienced the same problem driving as speed i.e >65mph on motorway. Sounds like a high pitched continuous whistle.

4th Jul 2005, 15:46

We also get this whistle coming from the front left hand side air vent.

I've contacted Hyundai UK service department direct and they claim never to have come across this before - it is quite clear that they have no idea what they are talking about!!

28th Aug 2005, 04:50

Good value for money at the time. I have had gearbox problems at 52000 miles. A replacement gearbox was fitted. This lasted 2000 miles.

I also have had problems with the fuel cap leaking, the seat belts not returning to rest, tailgate rams slowing down, and uneven wear on the front nearside tyre.

In addition to this, I have had a rattly tailgate, which turned out to be a loose catch on the bodywork.

My fuel economy appears to vary a great deal.

In fairness to the vehicle, mine is used as a taxi, so I would expect above average wear.

2nd Sep 2005, 16:46

I have to agree with the Trajet owner, I have a September 2004 Terracan and one year into the so called 5 year warranty, the Hyundai dealer, cannot or can't be bothered to rectify the faults. It’s a case of get your money, all smiles, and don't come back to us with the problems, long faces. They would try and make you believe it's your imagination. Unfortunately for them every time I've had a problem, and I've had way too many, I’ve been right and they have been wrong.

It would seem I’ve forgotten more than they know! (If only I’d been smart enough not to buy one in the first place) Big regrets this end.

Also do some Service Manager’s flatter themselves that we buyers have nothing better to do than spend 2-3 days every month at their service (what service?) department, Do they think we are lonely and making it up all to get lumbered with cheap, crappy, smelly, dirty, and of course almost out of fuel * Courtesy Car*

It’s a bad state of affairs when the owner has to diagnose and come up with a remedy when things go wrong. Mechanic, throws arms up in air and moans “ we haven’t come across that one before”.

Hyundai UK Technical/Customer Service (what service?) same result, they haven't got a clue about their product, neither do they care. You might as well be in jail, you get one call through to a service representative, and this must go on computer, especially if you ask them hard questions, because you won't get past the receptionist on the second call. They take your telephone number and car registration, tell you the rep assigned to your vehicle is already on a call, (must be a lot of owners with problems on the phone) 6 months later and still no return call.

Their favourite answer is “Our cars just don't do that". Well they won’t be able to say that again for a lot of faults.

I personally will never touch another Hyundai product. If only I could find a non Hyundai dealer who would accept this Terracan (cost £21,000 new with options) as a part exchange!

29th Nov 2005, 14:02

I’ve had my Trajet td since September 2001.

So far, I’ve had the following problems :

On delivery : Duff tyre, when I had a puncture they said it looked like it had been run flat for a long time, but I know that I caught it before the tyre went flat.

Rear wiper switch was not connected.

< 10,000 miles – Diesel injector worked loose giving a strong diesel smell.

30,000 miles service – Told the car was unsafe to drive due to the ball joints being about to give out! These were fixed under warranty.

Interior light doesn’t always work.

Can’t always set the clock.

Flight tray just broke off with no help!

On 2 seats I can’t get the headrests fully down.

I’ve never had a car that blows so many headlight bulbs! It’ used more bulbs than all my other cars over the past 20 years!

Every time you close the one of the rear passenger doors, the ashtray falls out.

Just before the warranty ran out, the ABS breaks started to kick in unexpectedly. I took it back several times, but they told me they couldn’t find a problem. Since this only happened a couple of times a month, they couldn’t witness it for them selves. They assured me that all was OK.

6 months later (now out of warranty) it was constant. On returning to the dealer they found the fault that cost me £500 to repair. Even though I’d highlighted this before the warranty expired, they would not fund the repair.

1 year later at 43k miles… it’s just started to do the same again! More expense!

Overall I still like the car although I wouldn’t get another. I think I got a lot of metal for the money (just not particularly well-put together metal). You get what you pay for!

It does the job for me in carting the kids about. Car noise is usually drowned out by the kid’s noise anyway!

It starts every day, has never broken down and I find it very comfy on long runs and easy to drive.

I’m not going to ditch the car until it’s beyond help also it’s now worth next to nothing part-ex, so I need to get my money’s worth out of it.

19th Feb 2006, 01:46

The car works fine for a year before we found out that the spark plug is flooded.. Where does the water comes from? ooh I remember, the water was there many months ago when I wash the engine. Then later, my driver seat door won't open using the remote.. No problem I said, I manually lock and unlock the door. soon window for front passenger window won't open. AH..that's great!! a couple of week ago the radio started to off and on by itself. Then "engine check" light on and the car start jerking simultaneously light goes off, radio off and no a/c. Mechanic can't finds what wrong with it even using their sophisticated detector machine.. value for money? Naa... this is my last Hyundai car.i cant wait to sell it.

27th Jun 2006, 04:31

Reading with interest the comments from others who have experienced a whistling noise with the Hyundai Trajects. We have an 06 trajet and have also being experiencing a banshee type whistling noise inside the car at speeds over 80km/hr. We thought it was coming through the air vents and took it back to Condon/Cavanaghs in Charleville to be checked. They have discovered it is actually a faulty seal in the windscreen which is causing the noise. The windscreen is to be resealed and hopefully the noise will stop.

29th Jun 2006, 14:15

We have a 2001 Trajet, and again we have whistling coming from somewhere around the dash. The windscreen was replaced, but still have the noise at speeds above 70 on a fairly non windy day.

We also have a problems with the front head lights coming on, on replacing a non working brake light on the left hand side, took the brake light out, and the head lights do not come on when braking. Put the brakelight bulb in, and the headlights come on when braking.