12th Jul 2006, 02:28

We have a 2003 Trajet diesel with 40,000 miles. We have also experienced the whistling problem from the air vents and the ball joints, the non retracting seat belts. It is currently in with the dealer having the gear box replaced and they have informed me that the clutch plate needs replacing, but Hyundai will not cover this under warranty.

This is our second Trajet, our first was a 2000 model which also had a lot of problems which were fixed under warranty. We were assured by Hyundai that these problems were ironed out in the later models - NOT SO!

Will we buy again - an emphatic no!

1st Sep 2006, 12:13

OK Has anyone had the irritating wind noise at high speed problem resolved. Is this the case with all Trajets!!!

7th Nov 2006, 15:29

I have a Trajet which chews up bottom ball joints every 10,000 miles. My latest set have been modified by hyundai so that the arms will not have to be replaced, only the joints. one of these modified arms costs £139.OO PLUS VAT. I feel Hyundai should have had a recall and replaced these for free (no chance of that happening). I now have a problem with the brakes, which are making a banging noise, and the brake pedal moves up and down with the bangs. I have an airbag warning light lit on the dash board, which is a fault on the passenger seat belt sensor. It cost me £30.00 plus vat to have this diagnosed at the nearest hyundai dealer, not repaired, just diagnosed. There is no way I would ever buy another Hyundai, EVER.

15th Nov 2006, 02:56

I have a Diesel Trajet which also suffered from the ABS kicking in at low speeds when braking (you feel it through the brake pedal as well as hearing the banging). It was diagnosed as a cracked tone wheel on the nearside front. "A very rare fault" I was told by the dealer. To their credit, Hyundai UK supplied the parts for free and I paid the labour, the car being out of its 3 year warranty.

Ball joints have been done at 52000 miles. Only one was failing, but I had both replaced using an independent garage.

It is a lot of car for not too much money and I am still pleased with it.

19th Nov 2006, 11:57

2004 Trajet, 14,000 miles. I too have a knocking sound from the front right wheel. The car is two years old and I have taken it too the dealers 3 times, but they say that they can't find a problem. It is helpful to know that other people too have had the same problem.

13th Jul 2007, 12:26

I bought a 2002 Trajet in 2004 assured of the quality of a reliable people carrier. The litany of problems so far are as follows. The gear box and driver side electric window motor was the first to go and was replaced under the warranty, Thank God. Replaced windscreen due to small crack to get it to pass NCT. Went to tyre repair centre to get a slow puncture repaired, Informed by mechanic that all tyres need replacement due to heavy wear (we do not live in a desert, urban driving only). We carry a spanner around in the car in case the windscreen wipers fail to re-tighten the loose bolts. Other windscreen bolt failed this year ripping the new serviced windscreen wipers to shreds (I hoped for dry day to get to service station).Turned on Air Conditioning on one warm day this year, NOT WORKING!! had to sweat it out. Other items now gone: Cigarette lighter, CD Player, funny noise of car when turning in reverse & flapping noise in engine. 37600 miles on engine, NCT last year (hardly driven excessively).I am wondering if the trade in will take the difference of the cost of the repairs and the value of the car. BEYOND DESPAIR!!!

18th Jul 2007, 07:52

I have a 2004 GSI diesel Trajet with the some of the problems previously mentioned. I have had a total of 4 seat belts replaced for not retracting, leaking rear shock absorber replaced and attention to the offside top strut mount twice. Fuel economy is disappointing and I find dealer servicing a bit too expensive. Other than this it's a good value spacious vehicle and so far the 5 year warranty has covered everything!

4th Jan 2008, 16:21

LOOKING FOR ADVICE PLEASE!! I have 2001 GLS Petrol automatic. Currently suffering from an intermittent (after driving car for about 40 minutes) engine spluttering - will not maintain idle and cuts out. Restarts after about 10 minutes and will then drive for a bit longer before problem recurrs. Engine management light sometimes comes on. Been with garage for 2 weeks now with no problem diagnosed. (New fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plugs, ECU (2ND HAND) fitted and injectors cleaned. Computer diagnostics do not indicate any fault. Garage has run out of ideas now.

Other problems I have had with the car which have been rectified- Engine mounts replaced, near side CV joint, all steering bushes (cured excessive wear on nearside front tyre). Replaced both gearbox speed sensors due to intermittent fail-setting into 3rd gear on automatic box.

Love the car, but hate the problems - won't buy another one.

25th Jun 2008, 08:41

Have had a '05 Trajet 2.0 Crdi from new. It now has 470,000 km on clock. Problems are as follows:

Gearbox "crunching". 4 replacement boxes were fitted; the latest was supposed to remedy problem, with modified 1st and 2nd gears fitted. Has covered 150,000km since and problem back.

Front top shock mountings were replaced twice.

Brake pedal vibration. This was sorted by replacing ABS ring and drive shaft. The problem was the ABS ring.

Excessive wind noise at motorway speed. Resealing windscreen solved this.

Gear selector cables have broken. Replaced twice.

Clutch pedal dropped to floor. Replaced clutch pedal cylinder twice.

Airbag light on. Replaced relevant faulty seatbelt tensioner (only once).

Non-retracting seat belts. This was solved by coating belts with a non silicone spray/sealer.

Wheel nuts & studs are too soft.

Pulling to left; until now cannot be resolved.

The vehicle has now developed an intermittent fault. If I accelerate hard the engine cuts out. Have replaced common fuel rail, fuel regulator & relays, low pressure pump, high pressure pump & injectors, but the fault remains.

Never buy Hyundai again.

3rd Jul 2008, 15:39

I have a Hyundai trajet 2.0 gsi. Bought in 2004. first 2 years no problems. Last 2 years been in the garage around 60 times. The engine light came on and they cannot fix it. They have had it for weeks, at a time, and still cannot fix the problem. The dealership customer services are USELESS and keep fobbing us off. The are getting 20mpg which is killing us at the minute, and it lacks power that it should have.

They have replaced nearly everything on the car. They have replaced the ecu once (want to do it again), it's had new gear box, oxygen censors, new exhaust, new this, new that - AND STILL PROBLEMS.

The dealership are blaming hyundai for giving them a faulty car. Hyundia are saying it up to the dealership to deal with the problem and they will not replace it.

I just want to get rid of this car and have done of the past 18 months, but am stuck.

My advice is to stay away from these people because they take your money and run. BEWARE, YOUR WARRANTY MAY BE VOID IF YOU USE NON HYUNDAI OIL - they try and get you on a lots of things. - BE CAREFULL!!!