2008 Hyundai Veracruz GLS 3.8 gas from North America


Hyundai has brought well built luxury to the masses, and is scaring the competition with good reason


Nothing wrong so far.

General Comments:

This vehicle handles very well, surprising for a vehicle of this size, is very plush, smooth ride unless the bumps are very large or deep potholes. Very quiet ride. Tight turning, light steering.

Interior is as classy as any of the competitors, and outclasses all the North American offerings in this class, and is very close to being on par with the Lexus 350, with some minor differences being the faux wood instead of real wood. Outshines the Lexus and ALL competition with how quiet it is in the cabin.

Comfort is among the top of the class, with great seating room in all 3 rows, the leather is very nice and upscale. Great amenities.

Performance is as strong as anyone needs in a vehicle this size, with plenty of go for passing. Fuel economy is average for the class, and could be better. I average 12L/100km or about 22-23 miles/Imperial gallon in combined city/highway driving and get about 10-11/100km or 26mpg driving at 110km/hr on the highway.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2008

4th Mar 2009, 09:38

Bought 2008 Veracruz in Dec. So far we love the car. Handles very well in snow. Quiet car with good sound system.

The warranty is great. Had an Envoy before this car with lots of problems with a bad fan clutch that GMC would not stand behind. So the warranty was important to us.

2007 Hyundai Veracruz Limited 3.8 V6 from North America


An exceedingly valuable utility vehicle


Nothing, this is a brand new Huyundai Veracruz crossover SUV.

General Comments:

An excellent value compared to most of its direct competitors such as the Mazda CX-9, GMC Acadia/Saturn Outlook/Buick Enclave.

Fully loaded with everything it's $45,000, whereas a GMC Acadia fully loaded w.o NAVI is approx close to $60 grand.

However to create more sales, Hyundai should consider making a base model without leather and sunroof, and all the other luxury items, to be in "direct" competition.

Smooth engine that has is smoother than a Lexus RX350, which has been proven.

Tons of space, however the third row of seats is limited to children or small occupants... this is where the Acadia shines.

Overall, excellent value when compared to other CUV's. Impressed with the overall quality, and we shall see how the long term reliability of the vehicle is.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2007

23rd Jul 2007, 15:55

Actually, the Acadia is the one that tops out around $45K fully loaded. The Veracruz has a hard time getting near $40K. I almost thought a dealer was writing this until I saw some of the negative comments.

26th Aug 2007, 22:00

Actually, I wrote the review and forgot to mention that I reside in Canada so the pricing is different.. We only receive two models (39995-45 000) of the Veracruz which are both fully loaded, the only difference is the higher end model comes with a dvd system, saddle leather, and a 10 speaker system instead of 6. Sorry I forgot to mention that..