25th May 2001, 22:57

What kind of major computer problems are you having? How many miles do you have on your XG? I now have 1000 miles on the XG and all is well.

23rd Jun 2001, 23:09

I just bought my XG300 last week (June 18, 2001, 8 miles) it runs pretty well, very quiet.

I have one problem, the car radio/stereo is defective - when you open the door the music stops (no sounds at all) and when you close the door hard it will play, but most of the time it doesn't. I have already notified Hyundai and made an appointment. I hope they can fix it.

23rd Jul 2001, 17:22

I have a problem with this model, it has been in the shop three times.

11th Aug 2001, 07:36

I already have 26,000 miles on my 2001 XG and it has been perfect so far.

19th Jan 2002, 13:13

As the owner of the XG 300 that started this string of comments, I will update my review. I now have 8000 miles on the car and have had only one minor warranty issue. The passenger's side power seat switch knob fell off and was lost. Since the knob was lost, It cost me about $5.00 to replace.

23rd Dec 2002, 20:00

I own an 2001 Hyundai 300XG, a super automobile except for one annoying problem. The radio has very poor a.m. reception. I brought it back to the dealer 2 times with no improvement. The second time they installed a booster also no improvement. I recently purchased a 2003 hyundai elantra G.T., the radio is ten times better in the G.T. It don't make sense. I just wish Hyundai could do something about this problem..

6th Jan 2003, 20:23

I own a 2000 Hyundai Grandeur XG (Australian model of the XG300). I now have 28,000 miles on it, and in general still love it to death. Some points:

When I purchased it, I had heard about the suspension issues. I had the car lowered a bit, tuned up the suspension, and put wide low profile tires on. Also tinted the windows, put on a sunroof. The car is Gun metal gray, and looks incredible. Two years going on, and it still gets looks of envy.

One repair issue: The Check Engine Light (CEL)

This started coming on around 3 months ago every time I drove it. I took it to the Hyundai dealership to get repaired. Apparently, the diagnostic computer said the error was with the air flow sensor. Replaced. Repaired.

I thought.

I have taken the car back to Hyundai (two different dealerships) a total of 7 times, as the CEL kept coming back on every time after I drove off from the repair facility. The Air Flow sensor has been replaced three times. The local dealership is finally getting around to asking Hyundai if a similar issue exists: So, I will ask you! Anyone having problems with their CEL coming on, due to the air flow sensor?

(Note: There have been no "problems" with the car even with the light on. Runs beautifully).

We are moving from Australia to New Zealand. We have decided to take this gorgeous car with us, as the resale in Australia is very soft right now. No worries... I plan on driving it for quite a while.

Cheers from Down Under!

7th Jan 2003, 17:25

I've had the same problem with my tire pressure, where I've had the tires checked for leaks, but it still seems to lose air over time. Dealer thinks it the tires. Anyone else with this problem?

26th Jan 2003, 11:18

I own a 2001 XG300. Great so far, bought used bout a month ago. Nothin' gone wrong yet (crossing fingers).

My hubby works in a shop, apparently all Michelin tires leak over time because of corrosion. Solution: Take to a tire shop and get a bead seal.

5th Feb 2003, 10:32

I just purchased a 2003 XG350L. It's a great looking car and we are really happy with it, but have noticed one problem that really worries me. When it rains or the car is washed, water runs down inside the door panels. When you lower and raise the windows, even 24 hours later, they come back up wet on the outside of the glass. This occurs on all four windows. This morning they were all frozen shut even though it was only 30 degrees outside. I've asked the dealer to look into the problem before I bring it back in, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar problems?

6th Mar 2003, 20:30

My wife and I have drove and looked at a lot of cars in the last 6 months. I told myself I would never own a foreign car. But after talking to people that own them, I decided to look at the Hyundai XG350. I could not believe how much car you get for the money. Now all I have to do is talk my wife into it. She will be the primary driver. We have looked at Lincoln LS, Cadillac CTS, Mustang GT, and SUVs. Please folks, be honest and tell me all that you XG350 owners know, good or bad, so my wife will take my word for it that this is a great car for the money.

18th Apr 2003, 11:07

I have a 2001 300XG L (31,000 miles) and yesterday the alternator belt went out. Prior to it, the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT kept coming on (maybe a result of the belt not functioning properly?). Anyone, should an alternator belt go this quickly?

The car has horrible AM reception and the radio/tape player pauses (as if it's re-winding) occasionally.

The HP is not great at all for the type of car. I thought the ride would be smoother (it sure was when I test-drove it), but it is somewhat disappointing. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful car. I would not, however, buy another Hyundai.

5th May 2003, 00:14

I bought a 2001 XG300L in December of 2001. It now has almost 25,000 miles. I had compared this car to the Accord, Camry, Avalon, Lincoln LS, to name a few, prior to buying the XG300L. Not a single other car could hold a candle to Hyundai's XG300L, when it came to style, comfort, features, warranty and cost. I have had no problems or troubles with the car since the day I drove it home. When it comes time to buy another car, the choice is easy. If Hyundai doesn't make it, I won't buy it!

31st May 2003, 10:04

I have the same problem with the rain running down into the windows, then they come up wet even the next day. Where is that water going? Also they freeze shut in the winter. Didn't give it much thought until I saw the previous post. This doesn't happen with my 95 Taurus...

I have a 2002 350L with 18,000 miles. In terms of looks/style, I am more than pleased, but I would not buy it again because of the erosive resale value.

11th Jun 2003, 15:41

Just traded in my 2002 Hyundia Sonata, with 29k miles, for the 2003 XG-350L. I was very happy with the Sonata, but wanted a bigger car/motor. Hyundia is giving a $2,500 rebate on the XG-350L, which gave me the incentive to trade up. I've read that they will be giving it a facelift in 2004.

The XG-350L has a very "luxury" feel to it. The people I've taken for a ride have all been amazed that it is a Hyundia. I've realized that people are starting to notice Hyundia... I have had several strangers ask me what I think of Hyundia and always give them a very positive reply.

The only negative I have noticed, which also plagued my Sonata and my wife's Santa Fe, is the "lurch" when accelerating from a dead stop.