2003 Infiniti G35 6mt Sport 3.5 from North America


Still have a smile on my face every time I get out


Original clutch is starting to slip. Posi rear hooks up too well and it's the clutch that takes the beating.

Lost my spare key and new keys are quite expensive.

Nothing has broken that wasn't my fault, but Infiniti dealer parts are more EXPENSIVE than Nissan's identical parts.

Do my own maintenance. Ebay sells the factory maintenance CD and consumable parts are readily available and reasonably priced online if Nissan is too much.

This car is not difficult to work on, but recommend you acquire an OBD2 scanner.

Sport suspension will soon need new struts. Aero kit is very low and has taken a beating from back road night critters.

This car has not been babied, but has held up very well.

General Comments:

Best car I have ever owned. Basically, a 350z spec with back seats for the kids and dog. Was looking for a replacement for my all time favourite 280z and this car does it all.

Police in Canada give 4 door cars much more latitude before writing a ticket, so I left it looking stock.

17" performance tires are easier to acquire and the higher profile handles potholes better. Equal size rims can be rotated. Sticks like glue but rear tires wear fast.

This car seems to have more than 280hp, and has never been beaten yet by vehicles with more advertised HP.

Past 140MPH, the steering starts to wander.

Metallic brake pads seem to last, and the gas mileage is good if left in 6th gear on cruise.

There is noticeable wind noise above 80mph, but that adds to the experience IMHO.

Factory rev limiter gets too much use, needs a shift light.

I do not use the car in winter.

This is a true sleeper, I will never own another front wheel drive "performance" car! This car is a keeper.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2009

2003 Infiniti G35 from North America


Do not purchase a vehicle from Infiniti with a 'Bose' system.


Air conditioner.

Radio/CD malfunction.

General Comments:

I purchased my car in 2003, brand new, with the premium package upgrade (see website for list).

Upon having to replace the audio system entirely, it was brought to my attention that the Bose audio system that's listed in the package is not actually a Bose audio system. When one thinks of audio system, that includes radio, CD changer, cassette player, etc. I was told that the radio/CD changer component is actually a Clarion. The only thing that is supposedly Bose are the speakers, even though the front panel on the radio system says "Bose". In my opinion, this is false advertisement. If the only thing that is Bose are the speakers, then that's what should be advertise, not Bose Audio system. I am very upset because I paid a pretty good amount to have the system replaced to find that it isn't what I was trusting Infiniti to actually put in their vehicle.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2009

8th Jun 2009, 14:38

Hey, I can understand the frustration of buying a new car and paying for premium package, but it is known to people that they use BOSE speakers only. It's a good heads up to research what you buy, especially for that much!

8th Nov 2009, 18:45

A Bose system in a car is always just the speakers mated with a Clarion head unit. Nissan always uses Clarion.

2003 Infiniti G35 Sedan from North America


My first luxury car is the best I have ever owned


This thing goes through brake pads pretty fast. About every 20k miles. But the car is known for that.

Paint is a little cheap.

A bit rattly interior.

General Comments:

This car blew my mind when I first bought it. Fast, reliable, and a true sports sedan.

I bought the car for $22,000 with 30k miles. When used BMW's, Benz, and Audi's were going for $30,0000.

I have two friends that also own Infinities and they would never go back. More horsepower, simple and elegant interior, stiff handling.

This car is now worth about $11,000 and still turns heads like a Bentley (chrome package). I want the newer one with 300hp!

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Review Date: 9th February, 2009