2008 Infiniti G35 X 3.5 from North America


Exquisite balance of luxury performance


A TSB was issued for the front brakes being out of spec, the dealership replaced the front rotors and pads under warranty at 20,000 miles. Under recall the passenger seat sensor was checked, my car exhibited no problems.

General Comments:

This is a great high performance luxury car. Driven casually the Infiniti G35 has all the luxury accompaniments to make a pleasurable drive (iPod connectivity, voice control, navigation, studio on wheels audio system, keyless entry, finish of the materials, etc.) But driven rapidly the car delivers outstanding performance.

On top of this, the car has been wonderfully reliable. I have the "x" model (AWD) and I average 20mpg in my daily work commute. I will definitely consider another Infiniti for my next vehicle.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2009

2008 Infiniti G35 X 3.5 from North America


Japanese crap, would rather own a 91 Buick


The transmission was acting up, and after 2 weeks at the dealer it was "just fine". BUT, the $400 trans fluid flush that I had to pay for fixed it, and it has not resurfaced.

Now, the current problem is the car feels like the engine is missing anytime you hold a steady speed. It's bad enough that the passengers head bobs back and forth, and the radar detector on the windshield shakes. Once again, it's "just fine" according to the dealer. A buddy of mine is an Infiniti tech and he tells me all kinds of horror stories on these cars.

Once I crossed the 30K mark, the car has loosened up significantly, and traveling at 100 or so mph feels worse off than in my old Jeep Cherokee that should never even go that fast!

So, I have a $40K plus car that I can't even take a girl out with! Seriously??? Should have bought a BMW or Audi. I recommend you do the same if you are even considering these piles of crap. I drove an 06? Chevy Cobalt the other day that was wayyyyy better off than my G35. Take the hint!

General Comments:

Don't buy it. If you want to waste money, gamble or something. At least that won't make you angry!

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Review Date: 5th October, 2009

11th Apr 2011, 23:30

I have never wrote a response online, but as I read this review, I could not help myself.

I have owned 3 Infiniti's, and can tell you they are by far some of the best engineered vehicles on the road. It is clear to me that the car you bought was a lemon. My first Infiniti was an I30 sedan that I drove problem free for 130K. The only thing I ever changed on that car was wiper blades, tires, brakes, battery, and alternator. I never had a mechanical or electronic issue whatsoever. The car drove as smooth and solid as when I bought it.

The second car was a G35 sedan, and the same story, solid as a rock after 150K. Prior to the I30, I owned a BMW M3, which was a great drivers car, but the thing required tons of $$$$ in repairs.

The car I just got rid of was a Dinan BMW M5, and while that car was amazingly fast, it was an unreliable car that required constant repairs costing over 2k. In the 4 years I owned the M5, I spent over 14K dollars in repairs. I have learned my lesson, and have since switched back to Infiniti. I drive a G37S Coupe that has the best of both worlds, with every gadget you can think of, and it handles superbly for daily driving.

I test drove cars every weekend for six months, and could not find a car that could beat the Infiniti in overall value, looks performance, repair cost, warranty, and features. I test drove over 50 or 60 cars, and none came close except the BMW 335, but I was not willing to deal with the drama of another European car. I don't mind spending 50-70K for a car, but in my humble opinion, the more you spend on a vehicle, the better the engineering, reliability, and overall satisfaction should be. I have always been a car enthusiast, but paying 2k for brake jobs and 120 per hour in labor is ridiculous. It's a very sad thing that Ferrari can't engineer a reliable car that can perform flawlessly for 200K miles, but a 10 year old Toyota Supra with 10K in aftermarket upgrades can match it in performance, and do it reliably for 200k miles; that to me is true automotive engineering.

9th Oct 2013, 00:15

I agree with you.

I own an 08 G35 sedan with 119,000 miles and it is solid like a rock.

I would love to get a BMW 335i, but can't deal with the repairs or drama. You accelerate the car twice to the red line and it goes into "limp mode", and the dashboard light comes on.

The Infiniti you can floor all day and it would still feel fresh. Something that European cars can't do.