23rd May 2010, 06:32

The G is far superior to any Subaru. Speed is not the only item for establishing which vehicle is better. How about fit and finish, ride and comfort, reliability, and best of all resale. How does Subaru stack up now? Oh yes, I do hear those crickets too... thanks for the review, but you are way off base on those statements.

I know which vehicle gets more compliments when I see a G coupe parked next to a WRX...

23rd Aug 2010, 19:39

I agree with the guy above.

I own an 07 Coupe and I love it, my wife also owned a 99 Subaru legacy limited edition with the special high output 2.5 liter. I had nothing but issues with that car and jumped at the chance to trade it in.

Here are my reasons, I agree with the reviewer. Although the Subaru may have more torque and 4WD it also has a transfer case. Yeah I know it's obvious that a transfer case would go with a 4WD vehicle, however keep in mind that that transfer case is always turning and dealing with the stress of that torque on the front end.

I had problems with mine, I still think it's only a pain in the behind expensive to fix. If the car is hit or the frame is torqued in the slightest, the car is garbage nothing will ever align again.

Also keep in mind 4WD is great off the line and just turns into weight after second gear.

The final thing that makes me shy away from Subaru is that a buddy of mine has a hot and I mean hot WRX. It is fast, it handles well and it looks great... when it isn't breaking parts left and right. And he puts high dollar parts into his car and it just continuously snaps parts.

No thanks, I'll take a rear wheel drive G35.

22nd Nov 2012, 08:41

I love my G-35, it's very fast!!!

Good gas mileage too!

The only thing I don't care for is the different size tires on the front and back.

24th Dec 2015, 20:39

I agree! Mine is a 2006, love my car!!!