1998 Infiniti I30 Base 3.0 from North America


Solid engine, comfortable to drive


When I bought the car, the air bag light was blinking, and there was a rattle coming from the rear.

Air bag was a simple reset. I found the directions online and it worked immediately... no more air bag light.

Rattle was rear shocks. I replaced them for $300 and the noise is gone. I know the car is 14 years old, but don't understand why the shocks were worn at 51,000 miles.

Radio volume knob works inconsistently. Common problem with these Bose stereos. I'll replace it someday... no big deal right now.

General Comments:

I got an amazing deal on this car! $3,500 with 51,000 miles on it. No dents, no accidents, no rust!

Replaced my bare bones 2000 Solara with this for the sunroof and 4-doors. The Solara (with same size 6 cylinder) was better on gas, handled a little better and rode a little nicer. I like the I30 because of the options (heated leather, temp control, etc.). It feels a little like a European car, which I like.

I feel like the I30 will be a bit less reliable, but I really enjoy driving the car.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2013

27th Jun 2013, 14:54

Update from same owner:

Now have 63k miles and love the car. Fun and comfortable to drive. Replaced the stereo, but kept the Bose speakers... sounds great!

Replaced CV joint covers that were broken.

Air bag light came back on. Tried the reset steps several times and the light would come back on after a day or two. Saw online that there is a yellow wire under the driver's seat that tends to come loose... I found it and tightened it... No more air bag light after the reset procedure!

22nd Jul 2014, 12:33

Update from the original poster: I gave the car to my daughter in Colorado. When driving out there from New Hampshire, the check engine light came on... oxygen sensor... an easy fix. Since then the battery drains if left sitting for more than a day. No mechanic can find the draw. Now the battery drains overnight... still don't know why. The car now has 71K on it. Becoming disappointed in the car and feel bad for my daughter!

1998 Infiniti I30 3.0 V6 from North America


My son's first car


Rear struts, left axle shaft & left outer tie rod end at 165k miles.

Leaking a lot of oil from head gasket at 174k miles. Can anyone comment?

Have owned the car for less than a year, and with initial repairs at 165k right after purchase, I have almost as much in repairs as I paid for it.

Now with head gaskets leaking, should I sell it and move on, or is it worth fixing to drive for a couple more years?

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Review Date: 13th October, 2012

1st Mar 2013, 11:44

Cars do not last forever. It always surprises me to hear people complain that their car needs repair at some high mileage. You bought a car with 165,000 miles on it and are surprised it has maintenance needs?

Did you have the car inspected by a mechanic or Infiniti dealer first? It would have uncovered all of these issues.

These are very reliable cars. Yours probably did not get the required regular service, which has lead to these problems.

1998 Infiniti I30 3.0L V6 from North America


Big, comfortable, reliable


Exhaust has rusted through.

Airbag light blinking.

Occasional check engine for no reason.

Radiator support rusted through.

A/C Doesn't hold a charge.

General Comments:

I got this car from a friend for a fantastic $750. It needed the radiator support replaced, because it has rusted through, and the front engine mount was sagging.

After replacing the radiator support and throwing some new tires on, this car became my daily driver while I stored my summer toys from the snow. It's unbelievably comfortable, I love the seats. Handles like a ship, it's large, and fully loaded. I love it. I wasn't looking for sport or performance, I was looking for comfort, and it's exactly what this car delivers.

My airbag light flashed when I got the car, but doing the quick door procedure fixed it right up.

I'm in the process of throwing a new exhaust on the car ($120 shipped!) and it'll be good to go again. The I30 has 155k miles thus far, and it's good for another 150k no problem. It's running like a top, and I'll be driving it until it won't drive any more. After the exhaust, it's getting a polish and a wax before winter hits.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2011