2nd Oct 2009, 09:41

I had the same problem with the panel and speedometer bottoming down to zero at the speed of 65 mph.

A week later the battery started draining out, and another week after that the alternator went out.

As far as the coil, it is the same parts for the Maxima (cheaper in price - same installation). Bank 1, 3, 5 are different from 2, 4, 6. Finding an honest mechanic to tell you which coil to replace is priceless. Most mechanics will tell you to change all of them for more labor fees. If you replace only one or two, write it down so you can remember later on which one was replaced.

Maxima coil was 78 dollars and the Infiniti price was 89 dollars when I purchased it two years ago.

All in all it is a reliable and smooth car to drive. But it does require a lot more maintenance than my Toyota.

10th Oct 2009, 06:04

My 1999 I30 Infiniti is using a lots of gas.

11th Oct 2009, 16:51

"My 1999 I30 Infiniti is using a lots of gas."

Can't tell if you're just stating this or if you're looking for a solution. But if it's a solution you're looking for, then why not try driving a bit more sensibly? I did one of my own experiments with my Civic. I filled the tank full and then took it on a long highway trip, in which I probably never drove slower than 80 MPH, I changed lanes quickly and I accelerated fast. I got about 26 MPG. I then filled the tank full again and drove sensibly on the way back home. I kept it at a consistent 55 MPH, and slowly accelerated my way around. I got about 47 MPG. Just better driving technique can do wonders for your gas mileage.

16th Nov 2009, 13:15

My car has been in the driveway for a few months and could use some expert advice. At some point on daily use, the car won't start and had to be towed back home. The starter is OK (it clicks), the battery is OK (using battery cables to jump-start makes no difference), the engine chug-chug-chugs but won't go as if it is choking badly. The fuel filter and the fuel pump has been inspected - it works (I saw the fuel pump work when tested by the mechanic. He took out the back seat to get there). ECM has been reseated (don't know if this makes a difference). So my question is what's next? O2 sensor? Catalytic converter broken? A new battery?. I don't trust the local dealership, who are asking for $150 to diagnose (aside from paying for tow to and from). Thank you for your input, comment, or feedback.

24th Aug 2010, 14:50

Have not posted since 2005, but am now finally selling my much loved '99 I30t. I bought it new 11.5 years ago and it has been the BEST car I have ever owned!

Mine has the rare 5-speed and has required only basic maintenance & now has 157K miles. I hate to sell it, but recently purchased another rather rare car, a 2008 Volvo S80 V8 (sport package) with 8k miles, which never left the dealership.

I doubt it will be as reliable and low-cost to own as my "T" has been. The depreciation was pretty steep compared to Lexus, etc, but over an 11 year span, my running costs were very low as only tires, brakes, ball joints, exhaust, etc were ever required.

BTW - the airbag light has been blinking for 50K miles, which I have essentially ignored. I will miss this fine car! I hope it lives on for many, many more miles.

26th Aug 2010, 21:17

My 99 I30t had a service engine soon light. Took it to a service center; they wanted $1050.00. They were good enough to tell me it was the plug coils.

I paid $280.00 and replaced them myself. Took about an hour. That took care of the coil problem.

Now I have a knock sensor indicator signal.

Seems it's a nightmare to replace the knock sensor.

Anyone with advice?


16th Sep 2010, 11:45

I have a 99 Infiniti I30. Just the other day, the engine light came on and the car wouldn't go over 20 MPH if that. There is no acceleration and no power. I don't think it's the transmission.

I will be bringing it in to the shop but would like some advice.


8th Apr 2011, 07:30

I have the same problem too. My Dad gave me his 1999 Infinti I30 Limited, and the service light came on, but it's not even 1 year yet, and we had fixed all these problems. I mean the car is running perfectly fine, but the service light is freaking me out.

9th Apr 2011, 22:12

The check engine light and the service engine light are two different things.

One is to let you know the OBD system has a message waiting for you. Unless it is blinking on and off, it is not urgent.

The service engine light is to be ignored. It is a trick to get you into the dealer.

The same is on our Explorer. The Eddie Bauer Edition has a warning that veritable screams at the driver to change the oil every three thousand miles. It is complete nonsense.

The Calif Environmental Agency is now urging people to ignore 3k miles changes in favor of a 7500mi frequency. Checking the oil is more than a little important and using a quart every 1 to 2 thousand miles is normal. Changing it every 3k miles is simply not needed.

The truth is simple; Bad radiator hoses cause 100 times the damage to the world's vehicles than dirty oil does. People who love their synthetic oil will never be convinced, but modern oil blends do not need to be changed but once (or twice at the most) a year.