4th Dec 2006, 11:27

I also have a 2000 Infiniti I30. Check engine light started coming on at 50,000 miles while still under warranty. They suggested our occasional young drivers may be putting less than premium gas in car. Next held us off longer by suggesting the gas cap was faulty. Each time they reset the light without any repair or paperwork. Next, it would not pass inspection in Texas because of check engine light. We had coils replaced. Days later check engine light is on again. Now we have moved to Georgia. Will not pass entrance emissions because of check engine light. Have replaced spark plugs, knock sensor, catalytic converter. Infiniti has pretty much ignored several emails and letters asking for help. We have five friends with same year and model. Same issues have been cropping up with them. One was very vocal and his local dealer did the work at no charge, after the warranty and after he bought an M series. I for one will not be replacing my 2004 Maxima with the G-35 we picked out and will not be replacing my I30 with the FX35 I had in mind. I will not be getting another Nissan product.

11th Dec 2006, 07:18

For anyone else having trouble getting through emmissions testing because of your service engine soon light or catalytic converter code. Federal Law requires all vehicles 1995 or newer to be warranted for 8 years or 80,000 miles. Don't count on Infiniti and their written warranty. Additionally if you have a fail notice from your state it is possible to obtain a repair waiver for this particular model and make.

10th Jan 2007, 22:55

I also have a '00 I30t w/68K miles. Since the warranty ended, I've had to replace belts, battery, and alternator. The engine light is the biggest problem: replaced O2 sensors and camshaft position sensor so far. I haven't replaced coils, but I do notice the car vibrating from time to time. My shop said the latest incident may be due to a faulty computer of some kind (the part alone is $500+). Luckily, I have a good relationship with the shop so they resetted the engine MIL to see if the same problem appears again. I probably will not buy another Nissan product (I almost made the mistake of buying a Titan).

Update: I just replaced my coils. Let's see if that takes care of the SES once and for all. I ordered the genuine Nissan parts online (hoping they will last longer this time). I then took it to a shop who replaced them in 30 minutes. It was way cheaper than the $1000+ the dealer wanted to charge. I know I could have replaced them myself, but I just couldn't get around to doing it.

28th Jan 2007, 09:20

I have Infiniti I30 00 with 135,000 miles on it. Have it for 1.4 year.

I love this car!!! It has good looks, all the comfort you need on long trips and speed. I can pass very much anyone from the traffic light if really need to. It's been good to me and I'll keep it for many more years. Dealership service is as good as Mercedes! Very nice leg room in the back. Beautiful interior compared to other cars. Bose stereo is fantastic! Paint still looks like new on a 7 year old car!


1. Air flow mass sensor replaced.

2. Tranny solenoids fixed (dealer said they went bad because nobody performed any service on the car for 90,000 miles!!! and never changed mass airflow sensor even when it went bad. Dealer also said MAF sensor is a regular maintenance item on this car and has to be replaced after certain mileage).

3. One coil went bad (100 bucks to fix with my local mechanic). This car has 6 coils (most cars have just one). Reason - if one goes bad, engine misfires and shuts one cylinder down and runs on the other 5 so that you can still drive around. Of course, consumption of gas is increased by 20 percent, so you have to fix it right away. However, don't forget, coils is a part of tune-up, so do regular maintenance according to the manual and you will not have coil problem.

That's it! No more problems to report. The car has been in the shop for only 5 days in 1,4 years! I bought it from the auction and it was a fleet car me being 4th owner!!!

I could see it was driven hard, but wanted to save money and I did even with all the repairs. You just can't kill it even if you try. I'll recommend it to everyone.

The only two things I don't like are stiff sporty ride (Lexus is a lot softer) and resale value after 5 years is very poor for a luxury car.

4th Feb 2007, 14:29

I own a 2000 I30. Love my baby. Only problem is the Engine light. It is always coming on. It has got a little over 15k miles on it. But she is in great shape. When the light first came, I was told that it was an O2 sensor. So I had it replaced. Then it came back on and I was told to replace my TPS (throttle position sensor). So I had that replaced. Then the light came back on and I was told that one of my catalytic converter was bad. I did not replace that one because of the lack of funds at the time. Later on, the light went out by itself and when I took into the dealership, they told me that there was nothing wrong with my catalytic converter. You can imagine how appalled I was due to the fact that they told me I had to replace this expensive part in the first place. Thank God I that I could not afford it at the time.

Later, the light came back on and now this time it is supposedly my knock sensor. I am going to order the part myself and save almost $100. We will see if this fixes anything or if that Engine light is just destined to remain on.

I have this car for a little over 3 ½ years. Although the whole Engine light thing has been annoying and somewhat tiresome, it has been the only problem that I have had with this car. For a seven year old, 15,000 mile vehicle, I think that it has been performing rather well. The only other issue that I had to take care of was at about 12k miles, my right wheel bearing died on me and the car was very dangerous to drive. Other than that, it has been an excellent car. I am however very religious about my maintenance and service intervals. So that might have something to do with it.

21st Feb 2007, 11:24

I also have an Infinti I30 2001 with 72000 miles on it. I have a "Service Engine Soon" light. It is intermittently off and on. Unfortunately when I went for emissions in VA it was on and they said the code is P0000.

I am not sure what that is? Looking at all the opinions here and some other websites, it seems it is useless to go to a mechanic and figure out what the problem is.

Is there a way to reset this light on this car?