28th May 2006, 13:56

Need guidance changing spark plugs in 1997 J-30 -

Am easily able to get at the front four plugs. However, access to rear plug 5 is obstructed by rigid tubing assembly bolted to top of manifold, and rear plug 6 is partially obstructed by same. What has to be done to get at them?


28th Jul 2006, 05:05

I'm posting this in regard to the cold start issue. I paid several hundred for towing and other to remedy the problem. I ended up finding out that if I try to start it, and it doesn't start, I could make it start by pulling the fuel pump fuse, and then start it. It will die very quickly if the fuse is out, but if you run, you can get it back in before it dies, or have someone else put the fuse back in. This obviously isn't a cure, but it beats the heck out of paying for a tow, and could prove useful to anyone who finds their car won't start on a cold winter morning.

25th Aug 2006, 10:24

I purchased a 1993 J30t for my 16 year old son. I too am very grateful that I found this site b/c I have the same problems (e.g dimmer switch, radio, window motor). In my opinion, this is a great car for the price I paid for it. I have two issues that haven't been brought up. Both the turn signals no longer work. Lastly, I'm having a problem with the lock on the back passenger's side door. Does anyone have solutions to these problems? Thanks a lot.


12th Oct 2006, 11:49

I purchased a 1993 J30 it rides very good and is in good condition it has 197,000 miles. The only things that doesn't work is the radio, it only had one owner and when I purchsed it he said it just stopped working. Any suggestions? Does anyone else have this problem with their radio?

25th Oct 2006, 13:57

I have replaced my radio (93 J30) once with a reconditioned one. Willman Electronics in Texas does these. You remove and mail to him, and he will either fix yours and send back, or replace with a new-old one. The one I have now is beginning to malfunction now, and I will have to decide what to do.

My cruise control has now gone out. Any advice about fixing?

31st Oct 2006, 15:27

Hi all,

I own a 1994 Infinity J30. I did not use my car for a week in this boston cold weather and when I tried to start one fine morning it won't.

I tried pressing the pedal all the way down while starting, but still it won't.

I had it towed to a near by mechanic shop and I have already put in a new battery and a starter, but no use. (now engine is cranking, but won't start)

Could anyone plzzz plzzz help me with this issue. the mechanic scares me saying it might be some major engine problem..



10th Nov 2006, 23:36

I've recently purchased a 1993 J30 with 195K on the chassis and a salvaged 1994 engine/transmission under the hood (someone didn't change out the timing belt as previously suggested). On this note thanks for all the previous suggestions!

Any ideas or suggestions on: 1) how to stop the rear passenger window from automatically powering down when the driver controlled window lock button is released; 2) Repair the key lock control on the driver's door so that all the doors are locked from this one switch? 3) Repair the cruise control so that a constant speed can me maintained?



13th Nov 2006, 07:15

In response to the "31st Oct 2006, 15:27" comment and question.

My wife owns a 1993 J30. One morning the car would not start. We spent the next two days trying everything to avoid taking it to a mechanic: We feathered the gas pedal, jumped the battery, replaced the fuel pump, check the fuses and eventually had it towed to a mechanic. Upon arrival at the mechanics, the car started just fine after having the batter recharged from all the start attempts that we put the car through. The mechanic said that the night before when she started the car, and then immediately turned it off, caused the CPU to mess up and that we could reset the CPU by depressed the accelerator all the way down for about 1 second and then releasing. Well here we are about 1 year later and it has happened again. Pressing the gas for 1 second DID NOT WORK. It was not that cold here and there should be no other reason for the car not to start except for a CPU/Electrical issue. Although I have no answer to the problem maybe someone else will. The smarter cars get the harder they are for the average man to fix.

1st Dec 2006, 06:02


The usual problem with the Bose J30 radios that are either dead or intermittent in some way is soldering connections on the circuit boards inside of the radio. Over time and heat causes the solder connections to breakdown. If you know someone who works with electronics and can solder well then pull the radio and have them look for poor connections in the power stage of the radio.

13th Dec 2006, 22:32

IF YOUR J30 IS STALLING, WON'T START, OR IDLE ONCE STARTED... I am the owner of a 1994 J30. I recently had a problem with stalling and restarting. After a couple of opinions, I was told that I had no oil pressure. The oil pump is currently being replaced. I would suggest checking the oil pressure if you are having issues with a J30 that will crank, but not start, or idle properly. A leak in the feeder hose from the fuel regulator to the engine block could also cause bad fuel pressure which might effect starting issues. I hope this information will help someone, although the repairs are pricey, the car is beautiful and fun to drive.

27th Jan 2007, 15:20

I own a 1993 j 30t with the cold start problem. It starts, but I have to keep the car at 2000 rpm for 30 seconds or it floods. If anyone has a fix or would like to buy my problem for 1700 would appreciate it! (720) 621-2476.

4th Feb 2007, 01:38

I have a j30, it is a good car. But now it is starting to have a lot of problems with the ABS light staying on and it is making the battery go dead.

9th Feb 2007, 20:54

I owned one 93 J30 with 360,000 km on it. I've had it since 1996, and it has been a very reliable and fun car to drive. It is still going strong, 160 Km, no problem. I think I had every possible problems with this car after owning one for more than 10 years. They are nothing major. That's why I bought another 93 J30T in September, 2006 with only 143,000km in a very good price for that condition. They are in the same color, green with beige interior. I just love the J30. Wonderful car, both in appearance and performance!!

About the ABS light problem, it's a common problem for J30. All you have to do is to turn off the engine and restart it again; it then will be gone. If you hear a 'buzz' sound after you turn off the engine, then it is time to change an ABS relay. It only cost about $35 CAD from the dealer, and you can do it yourself. Just like unplugging and replugging a socket. No tool is needed, it's a 30 second job.