24th Mar 2009, 20:55

I have a 93 J30, I have had it for about a year now, but have only been able to drive it for a few months. I fell in love with the car the second I test drove it, and I truly don't want to sell the car if I don't have to.

First I had a problem where I was at a very busy stop light getting ready to turn left, when I started to turn I was maybe going 2 mph while "flooring" it. I pulled over and it died and would not start again. After getting it towed home, we replaced the fuel pump and then all the injectors, but I still had the same problem so it took a while, but we figured out that it was the O-rings on the injectors that needed replaced. Replaced them and it was as good as new.

I also have had the dash lights and radio go out -- couple of good hits on the dimmer switch and that is good to go.

Now for my current problem... when my car is cold it runs good, but once it warms up I have a problem getting up speed, especially in first gear. I can eventually get up the speed, but I am running the RPM's up around 5000. It too has a little shake in it. I saw similar problems on this website, but no one really said what the problem was. If anyone has figured this out, you can email me directly at linlin_42570@yahoo.com. If this is going to be an expensive fix, then you can look for it for sale on Austin's Craigs list.

Thank you.

2nd Apr 2009, 22:08

I too inherited a J30...

My headlight relay started to short and had to be completely replaced (lets just say it got hot... ;). That wasn't cheap.

The radio started to go out about a year ago, and now is completely off.

Before that, the antennae corroded on itself (stuck in the down position, but the motor still tries to push it up every once in a while... it makes for some interesting noises for any passengers that don't know beforehand)

My major problem now: the transmission (auto). about 5-6 months ago, the trans wouldn't shift from first to second & second to third unless you let off the acceleration to make it shift. It never goes into fourth. I refuse to run the car at highway speeds considering I'd have to put it @ 3800+ rpm's. (If you miss a shift, it will skyrocket past 4k rpm) Anyways, it won't pass an emissions test because it trips the max and min rpm due to this. Sum it up: gotta repair/replace the trans.

Funny that I REALLY wanted this car and had it for about a year before it all went downhill (LOL). Sigh...

If you have any specific comments, send 'em to c_hill_7@yahoo.com.

5th Apr 2009, 12:01

HELP ME PLEASE!!! my 93 j30 is not running!!! I replaced the Starter and can't get it to turn over. Battery is good and Alternator is good. What else should I do? Some one please help me I'm lost...

24th Apr 2009, 15:32

I have had my 95 J30 for over 10 years now. It has 170k on the Odo. I've replaced the KNOCK Sensor, transmission and I have done some minor repairs.

Lately I have been smelling fuel when I start up in the morning. The smell is not loud but faint and goes away after running about 15-20 min. Checked the fuel lines on top of the engine and can't find any noticeable leaks. Has anyone had this problem before?

25th Jul 2009, 19:20

I recently purchased a 93 infinit j30. I love this car but I'm having a few issues already discussed. I currently have the headlight problem. Driving down the road the passenger side headlight will turn off and on. I'm going to replace the relay and see if that fixes it. Also my sunroof and drivers side window does not work. Most likely a motor issue. The main problem I am having is that it bucks going up hill. When I reach a hill the car will buck 4 or 5 times then when I give it some extra gas it stops bucking. I was told it was maybe a fuel filter or tune up problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

13th Oct 2009, 14:19

I have an Infiniti J30. It was given to me over a year ago. Only gotten to drive it for months all together because it's always need a fix.

I'm neighbors with a mechanic, and sometimes he guesses what's wrong with it, but can't figure it out because it's such a Japanese car with all the sensors and high tech like stuff.

Anyways, it needed a transmission, so I replaced that. Ran fine, then the car started to act up, it would die while I was driving, but I was able to start it up, then you can floor it and nothing would happen. Funny story is it took months to find out that the mass air flow sensor was cracked and it was shortening itself out. So I replaced that and it ran fine, so I took it down the road and now it won't shift to 3rd gear. It has 163,000 miles on it, I have put about 200 miles on it. I have not gotten a chance to enjoy the sucker. Well let me know what might be wrong with it, thank you lots.

20th Oct 2009, 16:30

Hi, I have a 93 J30 and it's idling a little rough at parked and at stopped positions at red lights, like it's trying to die out, but it doesn't. Also the most common is the headlight issue. One comes on and then goes out, then at one point they both black out at the same time. Any luck, let me know.

Thanks, Sean.

8th Nov 2009, 14:32

Aloha, I've just purchased a 93 J30 and the ride is smooth! There were two previous owners whom took very good care of this car. It has 135k miles, and the car is clean and A/C is cold! My questions is the driver rear door window doesn't want to go up or down, and I was told to just open the panel and put it back on the track. Well tried that and just can't seem to figure out what and how to do it. If you may know of the solution, please email me hislove77@yahoo.com with your results

Also my sunroof doesn't open, but that's not a real problem for me, being that I use the A/C all the time. Oh and maybe you may know, the steering on my turns has a sound as if it's out of power steering fluid? Yet it has. Do you know about that one too???

I read a lot about the CD player or radio has problems also. My CD reads "cd err" and nothing's wrong with the CD and the only speaker works is the driver door. Help....

Appreciate your comments or results!


12th Nov 2009, 02:55

I have just got a 1993 J30. Where can I find struts for this car front and rear. And where is the transmission dipstick?

3rd Jan 2010, 17:42

I just a 93 J30t, and like the above comment I need new front struts. I found them here: http://www.infinitipartsusa.com/

Not sure if that link worked. A lot of the problems I'm reading here are general car problems like the cold start issues. The electrical problems seem to be the biggest problem with the J30.