6th Jan 2010, 14:01

I have had a 94 J30 since 1997, and since then have had to replace the alternator 4 times. I have 56000 miles on it. Anyone else have this problem?

8th Jan 2010, 19:27

In regards to the instrument panel lights not working, I exposed the switch and while manipulating it, the lights came on. Nothing more than a loose connection with the cable entering the switch. Try it before taking it for service.

6th Feb 2010, 20:57

DASH LIGHT FIXED (sort of) for $0.

1994 J30t, dash lights, clock light etc, and glove box light were not working because of the dimmer switch. It was not the fuse - labeled 'glove box', in the fuse box to the left of the parking brake. I fixed it by bypassing the dimmer altogether. I can't dim the lights, but they come on when I turn on the headlights. I might get a new dimmer someday.

To bypass the switch, I just poked around with the wires connecting to the dimmer, burnt one fuse in the process.

If anyone wants to do this, email me, I'll draw a diagram of the wires to connect. And not to!


9th Feb 2010, 09:52

I love my 93 J30, easy on the eye, great stereo system and paint job like new, but under my hood my car is screaming like a scared cat from the moment I crank it up and go, til I take it home and park it. I really need someone's help to figure out the problem. Is it my timing belt? Is it an expensive repair. My has new transmission so the mileage need not apply. Please help.

10th Mar 2010, 23:17

Hi, I have a 1993 Infiniti J30. I have owned it for 6 years now. It has 210,000 miles and has never had any electrical issues so far, but I have developed a weird sound from the engine. When the car is first started at idle, it makes a knocking sound, but as soon as I rev it, it stops making the noise. You can only hear the noise when it's at idle or when slowing down to a complete stop where the rpm's drop. I think it has something to do with my timing or water pump, I really think it sounds like my timing belt tensioner pulley/idler pulley is bad. Please help, I don't know if anyone else has had a similar issue?


19th Mar 2010, 20:34

I have 91 J30. Absolutely love it, although I am having electrical issues just like the rest of you. Please help. My alarm system seems to be the culprit. Anyone know how to get that fixed? When I get in the car, the car won't start. I have to get out, lock the car, then unlock the car, and then it starts.

Next sometimes my radio and wipers don't come on.

Then when I use my turn signal, the steering column smokes!! HELP... cjaafillion@yahoo.com, please and thank you :)

10th May 2010, 13:21

I had smoke coming from my steering column as well. It was fixed when I replace the turn signal unit.

13th May 2010, 16:05

I have a 93 J30 with 102000km. I had the hard starting problem and assumed that I have bad gas from a recent purchase. I started it by using a flooded engine procedure (pedal to the metal, no pumping). Sure enough, a lot of white smoke (steam). I let it burn out until the engine ran smoothly. I think the gas tank may not handle condensed water well. Reading the hard starting comments suggests this. Answer use gas line conditioner or keep your tank full.

I've tried to get my stereo system to settle down. Everything works correctly, except it shuts off and on intermittently. It responds better to the new battery at full voltage. I've repaired electrical circuits by re soldering them in the past. This seem very much like this type of problem. As a movement to "Green" years ago, circuit boards started to be cleaned during manufacturing with less corrosive less effective solutions. I fear that this might be behind many of these electrical problems. I will investigate re soldering leads in the stereo head unit, as soon as I can borrow an impact driver to loosen the eight, side mounting screws. I was warned and found these to have been tightened enough to distort the Phillips head screws. I will also investigate the relay in the passenger side foot well. (It would be great if Williams in Texas could give us DIY tip or two.) I can see a major audio failure as the result of a driver turning the stereo volume to a high level, and then the system surging on to blow the downline amps.

The headlight relay replacement fixed the lighting problem.

I am enjoying this car and hope for more years of driving pleasure. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. John, Calgary Canada.

27th May 2010, 11:06

DIY success with 1993 J30 Bose System maintenance! Cleaned all friction connectors. It now works!

I was able to get my local service station to loosen the 8 very tight mounting screws with an impact driver from the sub frame. I then opened the audio head, layer by layer.

Use a small flat screw driver to pop open the top lid. Once you figure out how to do this, you will find the top layer has the CD player. Loosen 4 screws and wiggle it free from a friction connector underneath. It is connected with a lockable ribbon connector. Gently loosen the black locking piece to allow the ribbon to come free. Don't force the ribbon.

The next layer is the interface for these components. Loosen 5 screws to allow the bottom components to release from this middle frame. Again, there are more friction connectors.

Remove the front display from this assembly by gently freeing the tab locks on the left and right ends. Wiggle this assembly and free it from the frame. Free the connector.

Do the same with the next layer, the receiver from the bottom amplifier section.


With time, all of the above friction connectors will oxidize! They can develop resistance to low voltages. Take some contact cleaner and wash and agitate with a soft brush each contact set, both sides. Plug each of them together once or twice to create a new clean contact surface.

Reassemble the system. This may also solve other intermittent issues with your system. You should be good to go. This Clarion unit is Japanese built and well engineered.

If the rest of the Bose audio system hasn't been damaged, then your system should work like new.

John, Calgary Canada 5/27/2010.

26th Jun 2010, 01:18

Hi all, I am the proud owner of a wonderful 93 Infiniti J30.

I bought this vehicle a month ago, the car has 70,000 miles and is in perfect condition.

The only thing that has been damaged is the sunroof; for some reason does not open or close with the switch, but if I push manually while pressing the button, then I can open the sunroof... everything else is perfect...

However, today, I turned on the car, placed it in reverse, started, and suddenly the car powered off after a few meters. I turned the key once, placed the lever in position P, and tried turning it on again, and it never powered on again... The symptom is as follows:

I turn the key and the signal SECURITY blinks several times, but when I turn the key to start the engine, the board does not receive any kind of signal, the radio does not turn on, the air conditioned does not power on, the board signal don't turn on, nothing happens, it's like No power to board, like I never turned the key... simply, nothing... however, the interior and exterior lights light up, chairs, electrical, all the rest work OK, and the battery has full charge... but I cannot start the car... it's as if something was preventing the electricity getting to the board and starter...

The car has an external alarm that was put in by the old owner, however, I disconnected all cables and I cannot turn on the car... :( This is very sad to me... and worst of all... this car is in Venezuela, and here, there is no Infiniti dealership since there are only five such cars in the country (according to information from the street).

I have checked the fuses that are in the engine... but they seem to be all right...

Anyone know what could happen? And what I should check to fix it?