2006 Infiniti M35x from North America


Fantastic car


The only thing I have replaced on my M35 are the floor mats and one set of tires.

General Comments:

I've owned one other Infiniti, and found it to be reliable as well. A well made car that has run flawlessly for 90K miles. Handles very well in the snow (prefer it in snow over my Chevy Tahoe), comfortable ride, runs perfect.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2011

2008 Infiniti M35x from North America


Truly fabulous



General Comments:

Absolutely the best car I have ever owned. Beautiful sandstone color, awesome power, AWD.

Saved 20K from new by buying dealer exec driven car. Absolutely mint.

Anyone looking for an Accord priced road rocket with ultra luxury should consider the M35x. The only thing to watch for is the stock tires need replacing.

The Goodyears cause tramling, which is tires that follow the ruts in the road. Get the Michelin Pilot A/S plus tires. Absolutely amazing. No tramling at all. It's not the car, it's the tires.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2009

2007 Infiniti M35x from North America


Don't be seduced by the performance, Nissan doesn't stand behind its product


My M35 Bluetooth would not synch with an AT&T 8525. At first Nissan refused to fix it even though it froze my entire console. They said it wasn't on their list of phones. But Bluetooth is a trademark, a company can ONLY use if its devices are interoperable with other tested devices. Failure to do this is a violation of the trademark agreement. Finally Nissan relented and after FOUR tries finally fixed the problem.

More recently the A/C condenser was struck by a stone. The car was under warranty, but they refused to cover this. Damage by stone chips is one of their exclusions. Understandable for paint damage, but if you design a grille only for air flow and not to protect the radiator and condenser, that is a design defect. Could it have been deliberate? A way to make sure they make money on replacement condensers and radiators?

And their voice recognition, for simple telephone numbers may be the worst in the world.

General Comments:

So, on the face of it, the M35 may look like a nice car and be fun to drive, but God forbid you have to deal with Nissan for warranty repairs. Of the Japanese car manufacturers, they are no doubt, the worst to deal with. Buy at your own risk!

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2009

23rd Apr 2009, 22:45

I don't have an Infiniti, but do have a Nissan product. Have to agree with you about the Nissan dealers. They are the pits. Too bad, I like the product, but without dealer back up, I'm trading in soon!!!

21st Jun 2009, 07:51

I would expect no dealer to cover damage caused by a stone. It's stated pretty clearly in the warranty terms.

Not sure why you gave this a frown-face review. The one legitimate problem you had seems pretty minor.

Go read some reviews on late 90s mercedes if you want to see what real trouble is (particularly the guy that had to spend $30,000 fixing mechanical things)

2005 Infiniti M35x M45 Sport V8 from North America


Great car.. terrible manufacturer


Cruise control does not work in rain.

Seat cushion after 10K miles and one year is not holding--it is deformed. Spoiler is lifting off the back.

General Comments:

Car is nice, but Infiniti is a terrible the way they don't treat their customer. Terrible after purchase servide from the factory.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2006

2006 Infiniti M35x 4.5 Liter V8 from North America


A youthful executive sedan


No problems to report yet. (It's an M45, but that was not available to select as a model)

General Comments:

As I expected, it's a one amazing car. It's just a driver for me, but it's got everything I want, and a few other gadgets that I can "discover" when I get bored one day.

Super silky smooth V8, unbelievable how quiet it is. This engine is also gutsy and moves this beast with ease. The premium gas usage is pricey if you are not used to it, and if you push this car, that only encourages the gas gauge to fall rapidly. Still, 18-23 MPG is easily manageable. This car is really fun to drive, unlike the larger fleet cars such as the Town Car and the older Devilles.

The large wheels are surprisingly fitting for this car. It adds to the look, rather than detracts.

The AWD is very nice for wet days, but, it doesn't do a lot for the snow. The car does better than, let's say, the good old rear drive Cadillacs, but it's nowhere near rally car or truck AWD traction. I didn't expect it to be though.

The stereo is a bit hard to work if you are just beginning to use it. It takes time to understand what all of those buttons do.

It's very complicated inside when you first get in. The push button ignition is a nice feature, along with the navigation and on board computer.

I had a choice of both the M45 or the Q45, but I was partial to the much improved styling of the car since 03. It's a lot prettier than the previous M series, and better looking (in my opinion) than the Q45.

I wonder what the main difference is between the my car and the Q45. I didn't even bother to drive the Q, just because I didn't like the way it looked. I hear that this car may have out done it's higher priced relative, and from the experience I've had, I wouldn't doubt it.

Well, in all, I like this car a lot. It's one of those cars that people look at and ask you "What is that?" They are not common at all, but, definitely worth the look.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2006

13th May 2006, 23:04

I would like the opportunity to share my M45 Sport experience with everyone, if I may. (I do not own an M45 Sport, I currently drive a 1995 Infiniti J30). I was window shopping for cars a couple of weeks ago due to a new job I started. A few of the cars I looked at were the new Camry Hybrid, the new Accord Hybrid, the Corvette, and the M45 Sport. I was to shy to ask for a test drive at the dealership, but the salesman was very friendly and inviting, and talked me into it. As a matter of fact, we took the new Q45 out for a spin as well.

The black interior with the genuine aluminum trim is hands down the best I have have ever seen in my life. It makes the S-Class and 7-Series by Mercedes and BMW look terribly outdated. The graphics on the Navigation system are so colorful and exciting that it makes your eyes water.

Also the Navigation system is extremely advanced versus other makes\models. For example, if you're on the highway and you pass "exit #20", the car will detect this automatically and you'll hear a voice say "passing exit 20" at the precise moment that you do.

The voice activated stereo is highly competent as well. If you gently say "tune 96.3" the station will come up the first time without having to repeat it. Also the fact the there's an MP3 player allows a tech savvy individual to have an entire music collection of 200+ songs on 1 disc. My only complaint about the car is the boring exterior. For a fully loaded car, one is looking at close to 60K (before financing, taxes, extended warranties, etc.)

Bottom line, it's a buy. If I can't find a 3000GT (Mitsubishi) in good condition over the next few months, the M45 Sport is a done deal. I encourage all prospective new car buyers to consider this lovely vehicle. Sure it cost more than an average sedan, but you can't put a price on passion...

2006 Infiniti M35x 3.5 from North America


Too noisy


This car, when accelerating, makes a sound as if there is pin-hole in the exhaust. When you are traveling below 30mph, the car sounds quiet... hit the gas, and there is this annoying sound... the salesman swears this normal...

I had a G35 that was much quieter than this car, much cheaper than this car... I cannot believe INFINITI meant for this to happen, can anyone comment?

General Comments:

This car is too noisy on acceleration.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2006

5th Apr 2006, 00:56

I'd have to say that's NOT normal... i have a serious condition of the Lead Foot, so that means I do some really hard accelerating, and its all smooth and quiet sailing.

5th Apr 2006, 12:08

I went on a 30 minute test drive with a friend of mine and the only noise I heard was from the tires (that I thought were overly loud - not enough sound insulation). Acceleration was "quiet" with a muted growl.

Infiniti is supposed to have good customer service so they should do everything to resolve your issue.

10th Jul 2016, 04:15

Infiniti dealers are average at best. Fix whatever you can at independent mechanics. Unless it's a recall, then bother them till they stop making excuses to fix your problem.

I had a gas gauge issue and I kept hearing oh we're waiting for parts from Japan!