2000 Infiniti Q45 Anniversary Edition 4.1 V8 from North America


This is a very reliable car that will last forever if maintained properly


Alternator Replaced at 115,000 miles.

General Comments:

This is a very reliable car. I have put almost 37,000 miles on this car since ownership and have only had to replace the alternator. The car is very smooth on the highway and is used as a daily driver on an 80 mile round trip commute 7 days a week. The car has incredible acceleration and passes with ease. The engine and transmission is very smooth and quiet. The car has been a joy to drive since day 1 of ownership. Everybody always tells me how beautiful the car looks (Black on Black). If you are looking for a used luxury car that requires minimal maintenance then this is the car for you. The car has a timing chain and doesn't require a tune-up for 100,000 miles. If you treat the car like a luxury car you should not have too many maintenance issues.

The only negatives about this car is that it is a gas guzzler and I find myself at the gas station at least twice a week. You must use premium gas so its costs me about $100.00 a week on gas with my normal commute. Also finding parts for this car can be a major project. Most parts must be ordered from the dealer at exceptional high costs. This car is also very heavy so if buying used please get a pre-buy inspection and have the suspension checked. They have a bad reputation for suspension failure. I have a 1996 infiniti and suspension repairs on running around $3000.00, but worth the reliability of the rest of the car.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2008

1st Aug 2009, 18:05

I'm looking into buying a 2000 Q45 with 97,000 miles. Are there any major maintenace or tune ups at 100,000 miles? What should I know about the reliability in the 100's? Is it expensive to maintain after 100k?


30th Sep 2011, 12:58

We had a 1997 Q45 and drove it till 237k. The only maintenance we did was to change the oil with high mileage oil type, change the belts and spark-plug high-end type... Your Q45 will not take any cheap type, the computer knows the difference... That's IT!!!

2000 Infiniti Q45 Anniversary Edition 4.1L from North America


Piece of junk


A lot of things.

After 8 times balancing at the dealer, and with brand new $800 tire, still vibrates.

Defective wheels.

TCS light came on at 54500 miles.

Major transmission problem at 54000 miles.

Engine vibration at 1000 rpm and 2500 rpm.

Too soft suspension.

General Comments:

I was debating between Lexus 430 and this junk Infiniti Q45. The Lexus was only $2000 difference in price, but because of the looks I decided to go with Infiniti, because I had good luck with my 93 J30, but it turned out to be my worst decision of my life.

The Infiniti dealer service department is full of non experienced idiots. All they can say is "I don't know". They don't even know what causes this vibration. They first told me I need balancing and rotation, and I did that, and then when I came back having the same problem, they told me I need my rotors turned, so I got it done, and still have the vibration.

I didn't have problem with TCS light coming on till the dealer service department took a look at my car. I thought service center were there to fix the problem, not make them.

Now I am so scared to take my car to them again, and now I am in a situation where I am so sick and tired of this junk.

I just want a new car, and I know it's not gonna be a Nissan.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2004

27th Feb 2005, 12:53

The TCS light may be because of the EGR valve. If you live in the south, you get the lowest grade of gasoline, which may cause the valve to clog, blocking one of the vacuums associated with the TCS.

24th Feb 2006, 11:06

The Q45 is FAR from being a "piece of junk", it's actually one of the finer vehicles ever made.

Whenever you buy a used vehicle, you must make sure that you have the vehicle thoroughly examined by a trained professional. Sounds like your Q was badly treated by it's previous owner (s). I wouldn't blame Nissan though, just yourself.