5th Apr 2006, 08:29

In response to the first comment: Here in the south, we actually have very high quality gasoline offered everywhere. Even in the smallest towns we have well-filtered, high quality, low-sulfur fuel. I own a BMW and if anything, the gasoline we have has helped keep the fuel system clean as I have never had any problems.

29th Jul 2006, 18:24

I am the original writer on this page. Overall, after having the car for 2 years with running up over 50k miles, I take my words back, I love my Q45 now.

Yes, it was giving me all these problems with tire not balancing right, but I just had to do some research. After I took the car to local NTB (National Tire & Battery) and balanced it with their new machine, it did the job, no more vibrating, just had to use the right tool for the job. So any Q owners out there, don't go to firestone or any other tire shop because they have the outdated machines.

And about the TCS light coming on, it was my stupid tornado intake air booster that I have bought from ebay. After taking it to my Infiniti dealer, the problem was fixed in 10 minutes

Stupid me, LOL.

I love my Q now, it's all pimp looking and I get tons of compliments from people every day. Only thing I don't like about the car is the MPG - I only get around 18 city, 20 hwy.

I bought this car when the gas was cheap, but now $60 every 3 days this car is robbing me on cash, but still worth every penny.

I love how Infiniti takes care its paint job.

I bought this car at 50,000 miles, and I have over 100,000 miles on it now, and I had NO problems with the car whatsoever.

This car is my second Infiniti and I just love Nissan cars. I just wish I could get a 6 speed or 5 speed manual with this, because my car is all pimped out and looks very sporty.

This car never lacks in power, tons of power, city or hwy.

One other thing I don't like about the car is the price of the tires. It cost me $1200 for 4 tires, wow, what a crazy price to pay, but well it's Infiniti, you're paying for the name.

26th Dec 2006, 12:16

Hello, I have a 2000 Infiniti Q45t and I love it. It recently rolled over 105k miles and it is just as dependable as when I bought it new. Just a tip if you get any vibrations in the front end you probably will need to replace the strut rods, no biggy here, but they will vibrate the front of your car the most as you apply the brakes. The cost is very low, compared to other suspension parts lol. Continued good luck with your Q. Ross, Houston. TX.

13th Jul 2007, 15:36

I always like the Q, but I went with Cadillac and am very pleased with my STS.

I too had bad vibration at around 60, had to take it to a balancing machine called Road force. This is probably what was used to fix your Infiniti.

The Q was removed from the North American market because so many people were having problems with them, and Nissan admitted to not taking the right steps in quality when it came to the Q.

LOL, who told you your air intake was causing the traction control issue (I assume that is what the TCS light is). Traction control is part of the ABS brake system. I hope there isn't any air getting in there.

12th Jan 2009, 20:45

The Q45 that ended up killing the model was the 2002-2005 model. The 1990-2001 were well loved by their owners, but Infiniti never marketed the vehicle properly.

19th Mar 2011, 07:19

Why in world do we have a lower quality gasoline in the south as commented by another commenter? I am sure that is not true. Remarks like this usually come from some kind of anti-southern bias.

19th Mar 2011, 16:02

Exactly mon monsieur.

7th May 2011, 11:11

I am not sure where in the south or where anyone else lives, BUT, I live in the Greenville S.C. area, and within 5 miles of where I live, there are 3 out of 20 gas stations that still have real gas. No 10% ethanol, no oxygenated, no E85 etc. gas. Just unleaded regular, mid grade and high test. The gas at these 3 stations is 4-5 cents a gallon higher. I have 2 2002 Buicks with the 3800 V6 (both have over 135000 miles) and both will get 32mpg; also have a 2000 Nissan pickup with the 2.4 auto, which gets 26, and an Infiniti Q45 that gets 25. These are all on 4 separate trips from S.C. on the real (no ethanol) gas. When I get to my destinations and spend time there, and head home having to use ethanol, all 4 vehicles average 2 to 3 miles per gallon less. Basically, using ethanol cost me 10% mileage. Since ethanol is subsidized, don't you think it should cost 10% less, since it produces less power. Just sayin.. :)

8th May 2011, 08:57

Good comments... I for one don't know too much about the gas and their ingredients in the south... and here in California they are struggling to find out the best additives to put in the gas here... each ingredient has their own pluses and minuses... also the smog regulators here are putting enormous pressure on people here to pass stringent smog rules.. which these gas ingredients have an effect on passing the smog..

2nd Nov 2011, 04:29

My friend is selling me a 2000 Infiniti Q45

for $3000. The miles on the car are about 200k.. Do you think it's worth buying?

3rd Feb 2018, 02:16

I have a 2000 Q45 with 345,000 miles. I have replaced KS, coils, plugs and oxygen sensors.

The major thing with this car is the following: DO NOT USE CHEAP CHINESE REPLACEMENT PARTS. PERIOD. Every time I hear of engine codes and misfires with a Q45, I find that cheap components were installed in the car... Remember... JUNK IN EQUALS OUT.