3rd Jun 2006, 22:23

My sympathies. Not all cars that come out from production line will have problems. It is rather unfortunate that you are the one. Anyway, as a responsible manufacturer, or rather since your car is new and under the limited warranty, you should be able to get it fixed without any costs. Considering the price you paid for the product, I would believe that you had got your moneys worth if it was compared to another of our local makes.

8th Jun 2006, 04:11

The first batch of Inokom Matrix 2 yrs back was pretty good. High % of parts still import from quality vendor. but not too sure about now. I got mine in October 2 years back. No problem at all, except the wheel alignment was not done properly.

18th Jun 2006, 05:52

I bought the Matrix (Inokom) on 21th Jan, 2006.

Overall, everything is OK despite the rear passenger seat having problems. It has to be shut strongly in order to close the door properly.

According to the technician, we`re considered lucky as lots of Matrix via locally assembled are having problems (major) ---- such as engine having problems.. etc.

Back to our car door -- possibility could be the mounting of the door is not in alignment. Till today we still have to shut the car door twice sometimes.

Comments - Is a comfortable car for family use.

3rd Jul 2006, 09:15

Not much problem except with the central locking system - has failed twice and replaced free of charge. Still a good car for small family.

12th Aug 2006, 21:15

I am thinking of buying a Matrix as the price has dropped drastically. May be Matrix has changed hand from Hyundai to Inokom and it looks like the quality has also dropped. It appears that QC is lacking too.

3rd Apr 2007, 21:23

Received my Inokom Matrix 1.6 GLA in March 2007. Love the designed, that's the reason why I purchased it in the first place. But sad to say the Q C was poor. Mine came with a faulty central locking and a faulty auto cruise. It took more than 3 weeks just to replace the faulty parts. Sime Darby Motors S/B should be tackling this problem immediately if they are serious into becoming a big player in our local automobile industries.

9th Apr 2007, 06:43

Watch out the top part of the headlights chrome. They will blister or crack in no time. Even the imported models have these defects. I have complained to the service centre, but still no response after so many weeks. Matrix owners watch out, it is product defects. Inokom should do a recall and replacement. Fuel consumption poor for the auto model.

10th Apr 2007, 21:38

It's OK, but brake drum are rusted. Cost for service also very high. Accessories also very difficult to find.

4th Jun 2007, 00:53

Want have Inokom Matrix, but still worried with engine condition, spare part and QC problem... plz advise.

27th Jul 2007, 22:59

I bought the Matrix (Inokom) on 19/6/07.

1st the accessories giving me problems such the sensor (reverse) and the alarm lock in 3 days used the car. I still take it is only minor even though I felt very sad.

While my husband drove to KL on 27/7/07 the temperature goes very high make him to stop the car. The miles of the car only 2000km.Everything check and its already gone for 1st service.

So... where is the quality? The car can be have major problem with the egnine just after used only 1 mth+?

21st Dec 2007, 21:45

I bought my Inokom Matrix 1.6 Auto in Dec 2005. Currently am having problems with wheel alignment. Anybody can recommend a good service center that does wheel alignment and balancing in PJ area? Thanks.

3rd Feb 2008, 23:04

I bought my Matrix 1.6 back in Feb 2007. The auto cruise gave way at 21,000km. Believe this is common problem among the 'Matricians'. No warranty after 20,000 or 12 months. All owners got to watch out on their accessories as warranty period is shorter. And note Hyundai do not supply such pars. You got to get from other dealers. Very costly too. Probably have to live without it. All Matricians should have a get together to discuss.

25th Feb 2008, 18:57

Bought Inokom matrix 1.6GLA Jan20005.Till now the condition is OK. No problems with the engine if you send to SC on time. But there is a problem with the exhaust muffler (rusty) and get replaced with a new one. (that time under warranty). Painting job (inokom) also not so good especially at door handle.

4th May 2008, 06:42

I bought my Inokom Matrix (Manual Transmission) about 2-3 years back cos I love the design and the interior. It is a comfortable family car and it is worth my money. However, of late my Matrix is experiencing jerkings even at high speed. Any 'Matrixians' out there having the same problem? If you have, how was it resolved. And changing car is not my option!

15th Aug 2008, 02:48

I am considering to buy the inokom matrix 1.6 GL. pls advice as looking at the comment its 50-50.

15th Aug 2008, 06:23

Please recommand a good service centre for matrix near Subang or Puchong area and must be a reliable outlet and experienced technician to handle my baby matrix.

I am getting my matrix manual soon and cross my fingers after heard many negative feed backs.

Only disappointed on car dealer service, too many empty promises.

1st Jan 2009, 22:13

I got my Inocom matrix 1.6 auto in March 2007, so far so good. After installed the Hybrid HHO system, even possible to get more than 800km from a full tank on the highway.

Car's problems so far; steering has some squeezing sound when turning..

27th Mar 2010, 09:21

Inokom Matrix 1600cc. Manual transmission. Clocked more than 50,000 KM.

Comfortable & quiet ride, affordable maintenance, just follow the schedule and service at authorised SC (only change oil, filter, plugs, tyre, wiper blade, A/C v-belt, bigger battery - spoilt due to own negligence).

It's a family car, thus, don't expect good acceleration from 1-100km/h within less than 10sec - it's quite impossible without any mods.

City drive (high traffic) minimum 10km/l. (you could achieve more mileage for less traffic as I'm a heavy gas pedal stepper). On highway, super economical and comfortable - ensure you have proper alignment & balancing.

-Problem (totally not major) as fully warranted under manufacturer claim, FOC = respray car handle - flaking, change new headlamp - scar on chrome part, change reverse sensor - more accurate, change exhaust muffler - small rusty patch.

3rd Apr 2010, 04:46

Just bought a 2nd hand 1.6M, 2007 model, but registered in Feb 2010. The car was just 3 days old when the 1st owner decided to sell with only 300km mileage. It is still under warranty by Sime Darby for 3 or 5 years periods. Only paid below RM 40K.

So far the driving experience was excellent, very spacious, comfortable and satisfy with the performance. Only driving in city at the moment, can easily achieved 12km/L. Believe it can stress for better mileage on the highway.

Even the first service charges at the authorised service were reasonable, and we are happy with the service level.

The blind spot problem as some may say, are quite common for all cars, even for sedans and other big MPVs. It can be covered by putting a small blind spot mirror at both side if not when over taking, one can move/tilt the head a little to have better view from the side mirror or just look to the back.

Though there are negative comments on this model, so far, I'm happy with my purchase.