28th Aug 2010, 03:03

I bought a 1.8 Matrix A in March 2010. It is a nice car and comfortable. My problem is the consumption. The consumption is very stressful. For town use, the actual distance travelled may be about 5km, the consumption indicator consumes at about 50km and more. Even on the highway, after filling the tank, for the initial distance of 5km to 10km, the consumption is very rapid as indicated in the consumption meter, it will drop to about 40km. For town use, my Matrix only gives me about less than 150km for RM 50. I had consulted on this with the service centre, but they were not very helpful. They just said that it was normal as it is a 1.8 model. I am also using 2.5 model of a different make, and I get far better mileage than my Matrix.

21st Nov 2010, 07:57

From my 10 months of owning my Matrix 1.6 (M), I must say it is a good car, and the service from service center was good.

This car is fun to drive, especially on the highway, where it is stable, and I can view a long distance ahead, due to the high sitting position compared to a saloon car.

The fuel consumption was economical, especially on the highway. But one should not rely on the trip meter to gauge the fuel consumption, as the reading is not accurate, as it provides as a guide only, reminding of the pending distance before filling up. One will notice that the trip meter reading drops very slow when the available mileage is above 300km, but will drop quite fast when the reading is below 100km. Those who drive a Matrix will know what I mean.

The way to gauge the consumption is to clock the mileage manually. I can easily clock 500km for town driving and exceeded 600km on highway + some town driving for every RM80 (@RM1.85/L) of petrol.

I have not encounter any problems after clocking more than 18k km.

And the SC will call up to remind me of coming services, and call again few day after the service to check if I encountered any problems with the car.

15th Mar 2012, 20:54

I've bought a Matrix 1.6 A in September 2008 for my wife, but I also use it on weekends. I like it, because it is different shape and style, and also it was designed by someone who designs Ferraris, Bugattis, and others luxurious cars.

It's now fitted up with 16" alloy rims, together with 205/50 r16 tyres. It's so comfortable for driving with a family of 5.

I used to drive up to 170 km/hour on the highway, but normally I drive only 120 to 140 km/h. On the highway the fuel is great, but for town use it's not really good (don't worry, because the Kancil also not efficient in town).

Normally I fill up for my wife one full tank, and she will drive it to ferry our kids in the suburbs and town for a whole week (use about RM70 for 430 to 450 km). Just to remind others that the wheels need frequent balancing and alignment.

So far I'm satisfied with it, just looking for turbo kits to add to it.

25th Feb 2016, 12:54

I just bought a Matrix 1.6 manual transmission. After driving a while the car just stops and cannot start anymore. My place used to have an Inokom service center, but it was closed down a few years ago.

Can anyone help me to provide a spare part supplier for the Inokom Matrix, as according to the mechanic, the sensor is not working and it's two pieces altogether.

Would appreciate any help from you all.