7th Jun 2012, 08:54

I have a 2008 model, double cab 250D. I drive dirt every day, bad roads with pot holes and corrugation, forestry roads.

The brake calipers started to rattle between every service, currently 119000km and no more warranty. The calipers were also the same problem in the previous models, and I wish they would improve on this.

The other problem is that you cannot put anything under the two front seats, or the airbag light comes on!

Lately the vehicle has been cutting out, and the dealer discovered that there is a faulty valve in the fuel line; R1800 to replace.

Other than that, a very good vehicle and I will stay with Isuzu.

The other bakkies on the market, riding in the same conditions, simply don't last.

20th Feb 2013, 12:32

I have a KB 250 D-Tech E/Cab LE 2008 Isuzu. Its fuel consumption is just way out. I took it in for a check up, but the dealer couldn't find the problem. It only gives me 8km a litre at 100-110km/h, and I use it for business. It has now 129 000km with a full service record. What might be wrong?

2nd Sep 2013, 12:08

I have the very same problem with my KB250 D tech.

But now again, the engine shakes vigorously when it's idling. Injectors 3 & 4 are apparently misfiring. At around how many km do ones injectors get worn out and need to be replaced? I'm at 165k now with no problems, apart from the rattle and airbag light.

6th Mar 2014, 13:12

Have a look at the suction control valve. With our diesel in SA it packs up. Can be replaced with a bigger version, but at R2500 a pop! I personally just add 250mm of 2 stroke every now and then to a tank. Works like a bomb!

8th Apr 2015, 21:56

I have just bought an Isuzu KB 250 D-tec, 92000KM, 2009. The vehicle is fairly good, but the problems that I have encountered are:

The bracket on the calipers is making a disturbing noise.

The clutch master cylinder kit was not functioning properly - I replaced it.

When the engine gets hot, the gears do not engage smoothly.

I need your advice. Please send your advice to mataruseo@yahoo.com.

10th May 2016, 10:35

I have an Isuzu KB 250 Dteq 2009. It's now on 200000km. Had an accident with it, but fixed it. Ever since then I have not been able to exceed 3000 RPM before it cuts back to 2800 RPM. Please help if anyone knows what might be the cause.