KB Series 250 D-Teq Le


163 words, South Africa, 8 comments


KB Series Fleetside 200 petrol

Comfortable but expensive to keep

27 words, Botswana, 3 comments


KB Series LX 3.0 turbo diesel

Reliability defined is Isuzu

80 words, South Africa, 1 comment


KB Series KB 300 turbo diesel

It forfills my needs, and I made the right choice at the time

109 words, South Africa


KB Series KB 280 DT 280 turbo diesel

The Isuzu KB 280 TD 4JB1 is the car for those who like luxury driving experience and offroad driving

209 words, Zimbabwe, 2 comments

KB Series KB280LE D/T D/C

Disappointing and expensive to maintain

143 words, South Africa

KB Series KB 200 Standard 2.0 Fuel Injection

Isuzu could be a lot cheaper to run

76 words, South Africa, 1 comment


KB Series 280 LE 2.8 turbo diesel

Excellent buy, a partner for life

55 words, Zimbabwe, 7 comments


KB Series LE 1.8 petrol

This reliable vehicle is a pleasure to drive and I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone

215 words, South Africa