26th Oct 2007, 13:32

I bought a 98 Rodeo last year and have had quite a few problems. There is only 70,000 miles on it. The main being a bent rear axel from a previous accident. The gas gague has never worked, I just fill it up and keep track of the miles. One rear window goes down, but won't go up, so I don't use it. Most recently, I had to put in a new radiator and I have recently been having problems with my transmission. When starting from a dead stop, it lurches when I accelerate, sometime to the point of the tires squealing a bit. It is happening nearly all the time and it is quite inconvenient, especially since I live in Alaska and the roads can be very slick this time of year. I had a full transmission service done and that helped for a month, but now it is starting up again. I am taking it to the tranny shop tomorrow and am keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't have to be replaced completely. After reading all the above comments, I guess I am choosing to be the optimist. I am really trying to convince myself that this is the last of the problems this truck will give me. I'll let you know how that works out for me!

6th Nov 2007, 20:18

I have a 95.5 Rodeo LS 4wd manual trans. Bought new in 96 and it now has 102,000 miles. I've had it in subzero weather in Grand Forks ND, and Great Falls Mt. It performed well in those areas, but started seeping oil from the header gaskets and other gaskets throughout engine. All seals replaced fully under warranty. I had to have clutch replaced, water pump, and EGR cleaned. I have developed the ticking which is typical for the 3.2 V6 prior to 98. People say its to neglect, but that is crap. I changed oil around 3,000 miles with proper grade always. Overall I don't think I could have asked for more reliability. Clutch needed replacing due to some heavy towing.

10th Nov 2007, 08:00

Our first Rodeo was a 1994 LS. My wife drove it till April 2006. It had 112,000 miles on it. I had to replace the rear wheel bearings and the starter. The engine had a ticking sound most of the time, but I could never figure out what it was. The frame was rusting and we looked for another.

We found a 2001 LS that had 75,000 miles on it. At 95,000 the transition started to slip in 1st. We replaced it and we didn't have anymore problems. In Oct 2007 my wife ran off the road and it was totaled.

We found a 2003 with 76,000 miles on it. So far so good.

19th Nov 2007, 22:15

2001 Rodeo LS Limited.

Hello... let me tell you how I fixed my tranny problem (hard shifting/and chirping of the tires while in first gear).

I went to a couple of auto parts stores and mechanics to inquire about this, and no one could answer due to the lack of tranny dip stick. I was referred to the dealer (with a $200 co-pay TO GO with IT).

THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET!! There is a way to check the tranny fluid level. Under the car, where the tranny pan is, there are two plugs. One is to drain (in the lower level and one slightly above (in a recessed corner)) is to fill the fluid. This comes from wikianswers.com and it works instantly.


30th Dec 2007, 21:45

2002 Rodeo bought new, now has 140K miles. 5 payments left

Replaced transmission twice (looks like number 3 will cost me about $3,000 to be replaced this week). Replaced computer, brake light switch, windshield wiper linkage, various sensors and relays. Key got stuck in the ignition twice, for about a week and eventually came out. CD stuck in CD player, and eventually came out after a few weeks. Burns about a quart of oil every 1,000 miles. AC not working-makes some kind of clanking noise-never got that fixed. Check engine light is on and it's running terrible so whatever that is needs to be fixed too. It has left me stranded more times than I can count. Thank God for AAA.

I wish someone would steal it.

7th Jan 2008, 09:51

I purchased my 2000 Amigo used with 27K miles on it in 2004. It now has almost 80k on it. It has been a pretty good vehicle. It is on it's second set of tires, including the originals. Has the original brakes and has had no a/c problems. The gas mileage isn't very good for a V-6 but the engine has plenty of power. I've not gotten stuck yet with the 4 wheel drive. The problems I had were fairly easily fixed by myself. I repaired the faulty fuel level sensor for less than $40. Repaired the intermittent wiper problem with $5 worth of relays. And replaced the intake manifold gasket for less than $50. This was less than a total of 8 hours of my personal work time and was worth the research and time to save about $1500 in repairs.

18th Jan 2008, 11:22

Could you please tell me how you fixed the wiper problems. What relay did you change? My wippers work only in high, and the rear don't work. Can some one help please.

31st Mar 2008, 00:50

I bought my 1995 Rodeo brand new. I currently have driven over 160k miles with only one real problem; the starter had to be replaced around 90k miles. Since I've owned the Rodeo I've changed the fluids regularly and changed the plugs and plug wires twice. I changed the timing belt, water pump, belts and radiator hoses at 100k just as a matter of preventive maintenance. Just this week, I had to replace a failed timing belt tensioner. It made a ticking noise so loud that the rodeo was almost too embarrassing to drive. Took me two weeks and several failed $5 fixes to abandon the ticking lifter explanation. Other than that it has been a very reliable vehicle and it has served me well. Absolutely no regrets and I plan on getting another 35k miles out of it at minimum!

2nd Apr 2008, 18:41

2000 "Honda" Passport...2WD Automatic, 136,000 miles.

Seriously guys... What were we thinking? My Transmission is doing the same thing. Shifting extremely hard into first and sometimes 2nd gear. I changed the fluid myself and it was working for 2 whole days! (note sarcasm). There is a leak from the small pan in front of the transmission. There appears to be a hole where something went above this little pan. Anyone know what this is???

Also, have the SAME problem with the gear indicator being in park even though the car was really in "drive" or "1". You couldn't GIVE me another "Isuzu" EVER again. I'm going back to the REAL Honda, or Toyota or Nissan. Honestly Isuzu. Where are your morals?

10th Apr 2008, 01:18

I have a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo that has 98000 miles on it. I bought it used in 2004. I had no problems until this past year. I had a crack in the flex pipe part of the exhaust. The part cost almost 500.00. Also I had times when it would take 5-100 key turns to start, sometimes it started with no problem. I had it towed from my work today because it wouldn't start at all. They put a new started in and it worked (So Far). Also sometimes the auto transmission would shift rough, like a jerking move as well as when I was about to stop, it would jerk thus engaging the anti-lok brakes. They told me that may have been related to the bad starter because the starter initially charges the tranny? I dunno? I took it to a tranny shop last month and they charged me 500.00 stating that the codes read a bad computer switch and they replaced the computer switch. Oh well that was a waste of money, Also broke the rear tail-light fixture in order to change the bulb. Needs a quart of oil a month and you can't have the truck in 4x4 for a extended period of time or it grinds and slips into a noisy neutral... Overall I like my Truck!!!