28th Jul 2008, 15:13

2000 Rodeo purchased new. Major problem has been transmission. Take it to the oil places where they check "all fluids" and, of course, they fail to tell us they cannot check the transmission fluid b/c there's no dipstick. Had to be towed twice in one day because of the fluid going out. That was a year ago. Today she's in the shop with a "leak at the case linkage seal." Translation: $165.00 and two days in the shop. My engine light has been on for two years. My six-CD player died about four or five years ago when a CD got stuck. After about six months, it finally ejected. Radio works fine. So does the cassette player (yes, it came standard). Otherwise, I love my Rodeo.

28th Sep 2008, 13:47

I have bought 2 new Rodeos - a 95, driven 155k miles, and then traded in for a 2001, driven 107000 miles.

I kept both in great shape, all maintenance done regularly, no mechanical issues, no body rust in excellent shape.

In Sept. 08 the frame rusted out in three different places, causing the rear end to break off.

Isuzu bought it back, be persistent with them and you will be very surprised!!!!!!

30th Sep 2008, 22:18

I bought a 99' Rodeo about a year ago and for the most part really liked it. However, I started experiencing the jerky transmission problem erratically too (hard downshifting to 1st or 2nd). I would try to take it back to dealer and could never recreate. Then winter hit and never happened again. When summer returned so did the problem. I have taken it to different mechanics and they say it is in perfect condition... all gaskets are great, transmission shows no wear. The only good thing is that its only in the morning, so I just swear a lot on the way to work, but drive home is peaceful.

Mechanics believe that it has to do with the computer, but I held off from paying 2k for him to guess. If anyone has very similar problems or has an isuzu computer for cheap, please email me at mows49107@mypacks.net.

3rd Dec 2008, 02:12

I bought a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo LS 3.2 V6 4x4, with 44,000 miles.

Drove it home, engine light came on, took it back to the lot, they can't find anything wrong with it.

I bought it anyway, drove it about a year, rear wiper quit working, drivers window wouldn't go up or down, started working again.

Fuel gauge going crazy, gas light off and on, bad oxygen sensor bout 10 miles per gallon now, heater/AC fan sometimes works.

Vibration in the wheels, engine downshifts when I let off the gas.

About 97,000 miles on it now, won't start at all, possibly the fuel pump about $600.00.

I'm tired of this vehicle, I still owe about $7000, I will be calling the finance company and telling them to come and get it, I quit paying for it..

Very unsatisfied, will never buy ISUZU again.

6th Dec 2008, 16:14

I own a '99 Rodeo and just started having the "stuck key" problem. It's a problem with the shift/ignition interlock that prevents you from starting the car except in park or neutral. This is a cable that attaches between the shifter button and the ignition. One way I've found to get the key out was to "pop" the shift button with my thumb a few times while jiggling the key lightly. Sometimes that will release the key. Another (guaranteed) way to release the key is to find the interlock cable. If you look under the dash at the transmission hump (near drivers right knee), you'll see the cable running from the center console up into the bottom of the dash. Using your left hand, follow the cable as it goes into the back of the dash (don't worry nothing will bite). You can feel where the cable attaches to the ignition switch. Push lightly (toward the steering wheel), if you find the right spot, you'll be able to turn the key and remove it. For those having a problem with being able to push in the shifter button, this cable (which also works in conjunction with a brake switch, so you must press the brake to change gears) is most likely the culprit.

17th Dec 2008, 09:18

I bought a 2001 Honda Passport 4WD in 2004 with under 50K miles on it. It now has a little over 100K.

I bought a maintenance manual and have planned on keeping up with it, unfortunately the lack of money has forbidden me to do so. I do check my fluids (not transmission) and change my oil regularly. I have had to replace a timing belt over 2 years ago, no big deal, it was worn down. I had to change my spark plugs because oil is leaking into one of them (I think it was #6, when looking at it it is the top left one... still leaking and need to add oil every other time I fill up the gas tank). My check engine light only goes off right after I get it checked (regularly). It's on for my fuel sensor which I probably won't fix. I go off the mileage.

I had the hard shifting between 1st and 2nd gears like many of you have noted. I got the transmission rebuilt.. should have gotten a new one, it's worth the extra $500 for the extended warranty.

My A/C compressor was going out. I would hear a noise as if someone left a wrench in the engine. I didn't replace the compressor for the $200-300 from Auto Zone or $500 from Napa, instead I just bought a belt made for a Passport without A/C. It seems to be working fine.

My front wheel bearings are a little loose and my tires move more than they should.

My key now gets stuck in the ignition as of 2 days ago which is how I found this site. Thanks for the info on that.

I think most of these issues would seem to be routine for a 100,000 mile vehicle with poorly scheduled maintenance (except for the front wheel bearings). I really hope I don't have more expensive problems before I can get more money! I'm looking to buy a car in the summer but need the 4WD for my country roads in the winter.

2nd Feb 2009, 17:04

I have a 2000 Rodeo, automatic 2WD and 6 cyl. The gear shifter button wasn't going in all the way which meant I couldn't move the gear shifter out of park. I had to completely take out the middle console, take the screw out of the center console compartment, remove the screws that are behind the ashtray and unscrew the shifter knob (the screws are found facing the radio) and the screws on the sides of the radio. You should remove two parts of the interior to get to the solenoid, the part was like 60 bucks at the dealer, auto parts stores didn't carry it so go directly to the dealer for the part. It's not so hard to fix. Hope this helps someone.

11th Feb 2009, 17:39

I bought a 2001 Rodeo LS 4WD 3.2L 5 speed manual transmission. I have owned it now for three and a half years and love it. I've had mostly great luck with mine (hopefully typing here doesn't JINX that...) with exception of -

1. The fuel sending unit - gas light flashes constantly unless it's just been filled with gas. I usually just hit the trip odometer and fill back up when it hits 250.

2. The driver side electric window panel burned out or something about a year ago. Easily fixed with one bought from a junkyard.

3. 6 disc CD changer - hasn't worked from day 1. Unfortunately later the day of purchase I put in a CD and I'll be damned if it took it, wouldn't play it, and never gave it back. Thanks to a previous poster, I think I have an idea...

I'll keep everyone posted if anything else goes down...