6th Feb 2007, 15:09

The tear stains have just dried on my $2,800 check for a transmission rebuild at about 105K miles. Probably overpriced (Aamco), but I felt I had little choice as the car was lurching into gear and rapidly becoming impossible for my wife to safely drive. The Aamco shop owner told me the trans. is simply too small for the 6 cylinder engine. Oh, and there's no dipstick for trans. fluid because GM expects the trans. to last the life of the vehicle. Hooey. And now the neutral safety switch is malfunctioning (could be three transmission shop's fault, though).I'm considering suing Isuzu under the state's deceptive trade practices act. Anybody on this forum learned of any "secret recalls" for Rodeo transmission problems?

13th Feb 2007, 08:53

I am the lucky owner of a 1998 "Honda Passport" AKA, Izuzu Rodeo.

I bought the vehicle used in 2001 and have had such problems. Air intake valve, timing belt, check engine light constantly coming on, power steering leak, Car won't start with the key... only the auto starter, electrical issues, and now my axle grease is leaking like crazy. I need to replace my front axle. I am sure there are a few problems I have forgotten. This car is a nightmare and I can't wait to buy something else.

I wouldn't waste the money if you are thinking of buying one.

Good luck.

19th Feb 2007, 18:42

I own a 1995 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2 4x4! Bought it new in 1994. I have nothing, but praise for this vehicle.

12 years later it has 218,500 miles on the stock engine and tranny. In that time I have put on about 7 sets of brakes one set of rotors. 5 sets of tires. About 4 plug and wire tune ups. Replaced the fuel filter, coil packs, water pump, timing belt and idlers 125,000.

It has only left me stranded one time and that was at 75000 when the starter quit at a conveince store.

At 205,000 It started the lifter tick, I've always ran 10 w 30 oil in it changed every 4000 miles. It comes and goes for no apparent reason. It has a small rear seal leak and the rear window switches are broken.


4th Mar 2007, 18:22

My wife and I leased a new 2002 4wd rodeo LS. The dealership was an Isuzu, Toyota, and VW dealer. About a year after our 5 year lease that dealer informed us they were no longer an Isuzu dealership. Our transmission was replaced at about 30,000 miles. We have had problems with the fuel sending unit, EGR valve, fan clutch, vibrations at highway speeds, consumption of a lot of oil, and now a bad thermostat. Wait till you see where the thermostat is. My plan was to purchase the truck at the end of the lease, but I think my poor decision of a 5 year lease is a blessing in disguise. I feel attached financially, but I think I will cut my losses.

8th Apr 2007, 22:24

I have a 2000 rodeo 4x4 with only 73,000 miles and I am having to have the transmission completely rebuilt!!! $2000.00!!! I am a college student and my parents and I both thought this would be a great dependable car. I guess we were all wrong. The mechanic I am going to is saying that it is due to the transmission over heating. A light never came on!!! Not only that, but there is no dip stick to check the level of the transmission fluid!!! Turns out you have to get under the vehicle and check these two plugs. So the whole time I have been taking my car to get the oil changed and all of the fluids checked on and filled, thinking that the transmission oil level was being checked. Turns out nobody knows how to check it!!! I have also had so much trouble with my brake lights!!! Every time I have the lights on and I hit the brakes, the tail lights and brake lights go dark except for the one at the top of the back windshield. I have been pulled over SO many times at night for my brake lights not working, but nobody can seem to figure out how to fix it!!! I will be selling this rodeo after I get it repaired!!!

15th Apr 2007, 10:42

How many miles to a gallon?

24th Apr 2007, 20:16

I must be fortunate. I have owned 2 Rodeos, both used, first a 94 with 32K on it in 1997 and a 98 with 52k on it in 2001. Had the first one until it hit 100,000 miles and it developed frame rust. But otherwise it had not a single problem. So I traded it in on a newer one. I've had a few minor problems, but nothing major. Fuel gauge is not working properly and the ignition key gets stuck occasionally. Replaced the ignition switch once already about two years ago for same problem. But I'm rolling on 156K and was trying to decide whether to sell it and buy something else or hang onto it and drive it until the wheels drop off. I've loved the vehicle and I really haven't been too good about changing the oil... usually at about 6-7 K. Maybe I've been lucky? Goes absolutely great in snow. Anyone else had good experiences with the Rodeos?

30th Apr 2007, 18:44

I have a 1998 Isuzu Rodea LS. Has about 97k miles on it, but when I bought it used in '03 it had 52K. I have had this transmission problem spoken of here where the car hesitates shifting out of 1st to 2nd gear... had transmission fluid flushed replaced and it seemed to help.

Now I have a new problem. Today the vehicle decided to stay stuck in park! It seems to be a problem with the gear shifter itself in the vehicle. The thumb release on the gear shifter does not seem to engage to allow the vehicle to come out of park. I was lucky and was able to get the car to shift to Drive... but now it's doing the same thing in my driveway!

Very unfortunate... does not feel like a car, but a toy at this point...don't know if I should just sell it at this point.

Anyone have this problem?


Stuck in Park.

1st May 2007, 11:49

I have a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo I bought brand new. I just paid it off last year. It only has 67K miles on it. It has been burning oil now for about a year and a half. I brought it to the dealer and they could not find anything wrong with it. It is a 5 speed standard transmission. It has recently started to stall and the check engine light is blinking, the funny part is it only does it when the car is warm and I don't mean warmed up I mean warmed by the sun. Weird!!! I have not brought it to the dealer yet too busy with work, but will soon. Can't wait to hear what they have to say. I have a 120k mile warranty. It will be interesting to see if it is covered.

9th May 2007, 12:42

I have a 1998 Rodeo and have had the gear shifter stick numerous times. I took it apart and cleaned debris and gunky grease. I re greased and it seemed to work. A few days later I had the same problem. This only occurs occasionally, but is still annoying. I just hit it a few times and it works.

I got the key stuck in the ignition today and cannot figure out what to do. Someone thought it might need a new ignition switch.

No real problems otherwise. Gas mileage is not what I expected, but I had a four cylinder before this car. Hopefully this will help someone. Or if anyone knows what to do about a stuck key in the ignition, please let me know.