4th May 2006, 22:57

ABS Problem with Isuzu Rodeos:

I purchased my 1999 Isuzu Rodeo LS 4x4 new from the dealer. The Intake Gasket needed to be replaced just under 5,000 miles after warranty. Then the Fuel Sensing Unit needed to be placed. Now the ABS function is bad. Over the life of the car, I have experienced the ABS light come on and off. The problem came when I had low fluid level caused by half worn brakes pads. I replaced the brake pads, and the problem vanished. The problem came back, and again and the pads where half worn, but this time, I waited a few months to change the pads, because it’s not cost affective to keep replacing half worn brake pads. Now, the ABS light stays on all the time. I went to the dealer, to have it checked, and they ran a “diagnostic check.” The diagnostic only revealed that something was faulty with the ABS system, and the technician stated both the Motor and the ABS Module was faulty. The “technician” stated that I needed to have both parts replaced. He said that something shorted out, and based on the computer code#6, it shorted out the motor and the ABS module – one shorted out the other.

I declined on getting the repairs to further investigate the matter. I purchased a manual, and after performing some small voltage check, looking for shorts, I discovered that I still have 12 volts going into the module, and 12 volts going into the motor, so I don’t believe either is shorted. It stated to first bleed the brake system, and then recheck the ABS system. I bled the brake system myself, and it cleared the problem. Based on the “computer diagnostics,” the dealer wanted over $1,090 to repair the ABS mal-function. It just goes to show you, cars are becoming more complex to troubleshoot, and the dealers are cleaning up on the lack of consumer knowledge. They are using technicians with no troubleshooting skills, only to operate and follow diagnostic machines. The results from the diagnostics test in the majority of auto problems is not precise, which leaves the technician to guess on the problem.

Based on my findings, along with the same experiences others are having with the 1999 Isuzu Rodeo LS 4x4, somebody needs to take action on the ongoing similar problems people have experienced. The ABS issue is a major safety factor, and consumer reports or BBB needs to investigate why the ABS is mal-functioning in the 99 Isuzu Rodeo. I wonder how many people have had their ABS module repaired; when they most likely only needed their brakes bled... I bet the ABS issue is a real money maker for the majority of dealers around the DC area.

7th Jun 2006, 19:28

I am the original owner of a 99 Rodeo V6 4X4. My Rodeo has 59,000 miles and have just experienced my first problem. Yes, the fuel gauge sending unit. Other than this problem, the Rodeo has been 100% reliable!! It does not burn oil, passes all state inspections, 'good' gas mileage 17 to 18 around town and up to 26 on the interstate. Yes, 26MPG, could not believe it myself. I am upset that Rodeos are no longer being manufactured.

29th Jun 2006, 16:32

Gas mileage on 99 rodeo suddenly dropped a lot. Car has 110,000 miles. I changed the spark plugs, but no help. Anyone have similar problem or solution?

14th Jul 2006, 23:31

I have a 2001 Rodeo and I am the original owner. As of today, I have the fuel sending unit problem, as well as the ABS. I can live without the ABS, but the fuel level sending unit is driving me crazy, especially when I forget to reset the mile gauge! So I called Isuzu North America and asked them about the fuel sending problem and they told me that it was covered under the powertrain warranty (10 year/120,000 mile). I then made an appointment to have it fixed and had the dealership confirm that it is a warrantied part. So if you are an original owner of a Rodeo in and around the 2001 years, and have the fuel sending unit problem, then make an appointment right away to get it fixed.

1st Dec 2006, 14:39

I too have had problems with my 1999 Rodeo-intake gasket replacement-fuel sending unit-ABS light. Also the truck seems to use more oil than it should and has done so since I bought it with 39,000 miles on it. The fuel mileage isn't so hot either. I really like this suv, but hate the repair costs.

3rd Dec 2006, 20:52

I purchased a used 1999 Rodeo LE with 65,000 miles on it. The first few months it was a dream. In the last few months it has become one thing after another. I have replaced the EGR valve, the TPS, fuel filter, etc, but my check engine light just came on again a week ago (still waiting to get it into the dealer) and it runs most of the time, but the other it idles really bad and even dies sometimes then if you drive it for a bit it will start acting fine again. I have had all the tune-ups etc on this car and yet it still acts up.

Anyone else had this happen?

12th Dec 2006, 13:28

I am having the same issue... My Rodeo has just hit 100,000 miles and is idling high. Sometimes it conks out on me while I am in the road. If I pump the gas hard sometimes it will pop. It seems like it is a fuel injection problem to me. I am taking it to the shop.

23rd Dec 2006, 17:33

What is the "Power Drive"? I know what it does with most other cars, but the manual for my truck makes it sound like it has something to do with the transmission.

20th Feb 2007, 07:31


I have a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo LS. Over the weekend, the Reduced Power warning light came on. I DO NOT have any problems with my fuel gauge. Could this be a sensor problem?



21st Feb 2007, 14:36

It could very well be a sensor problem. Go to Auto Zone or Advanced Auto Parts and ask them to check the codes. If it throws a code, it will tell you exactly what's wrong. Also, there's a slight possibility that there's nothing wrong and the car thought there was something wrong making the light come on, in which case, you can ask the guy to clear the code. If it comes back, then the code was right after all.

It's free, give it a shot.

1st Apr 2007, 13:53

I have a 2001 Rodeo Isuzu. I want to check the fluid level on the transmission and can't find a dipstick. Now the check transmission light is coming on. I've read there that there is no dipstick for this model. Why would there be a "check transmission" light if you can't check the level? I am not the original owner. This looks like it was owned by a car rental originally. I bought this from a person who bought this from the car rental. Is there hope to fix this?

5th Apr 2007, 00:14

Go to a parts store and get the codes checked. They do it for free. Then see if that's even what you need to do.

11th Apr 2007, 12:08

I have a 99 rodeo and it is a piece of crap. my windshield wipers don't work on low, the rear never works, I had to replace my fuel sending unit because my gas gauge stopped working. My check engine light is now on and the code says ERG valve. If all these people are having problems with rodeos... why isn't Isuzu fixing it. Does anyone know if there is a recall on these?