15th Apr 2007, 14:57

There have been recalls for a couple sensor problems, and you can look through the Internet to find them for your specific year and model. The issues you are having may not be defects in the truck design itself; it sounds more custom to your particular truck.

21st Apr 2007, 16:23


Full explanation of the reported problems including intake gasket, sending unit, ABS, and more. See for yourself.

10th Jun 2007, 13:57

There is no dipstick for the transmission fluid. It must be checked professionally. I found that out the hard way.

19th Jun 2007, 17:10

I have a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo lse two-wheel drive. It as well has a bad fuel sending unit, and it burned oil. to fix the sending unit Ebay has one for under 40 dollars. It only takes about two hours and is very easy to fix. To fix your oil burning problem, try Rotella 15-40 or Mystic 15-50 oil. These are very good brands and protect very well. I think the reason these models burn oil is to due to oil starvation. The transmission problem is mostly a bad transmision yoke or a bad u-joint, or just low on fluid. Even if it is half a quart low your transmission will act crazy. There is no dipstick on these models and the ABS light can be remedied by bleeding your brake system.

11th Oct 2007, 10:48

I have an 01 Rodeo. my CD changer is stuck and says err 3. I don't have a manual. Anyone know what that means? So far that is my only problem.

16th Oct 2007, 14:19

I am the original owner of a '99 Rodeo LSE 3.2 4x4, with 139,000 miles on it. I can identify with lots of the problems listed above, and I've already learned a couple of things from this forum, so thank you.

- fuel gauge failed probably 60,000 miles ago: replaced sending unit, no problems since.

- Check engine light comes on: will replace EGR valve to see if that fixes it.

- Idle problems (engine revs high in idle when starting from cold, will rev up to 2500 rpm in P, engine sometimes cuts out) : will replace intake manifold gasket, hopefully that will help.

- Rear wiper does not work: not a big issue, probably not even worth fixing. That silly little wiper hardly did anything anyway. The front wipers work fine at any setting.

- A/C problems (cold air was working intermittently, would stop as if it was overheating or something and then blow hot moist air. Now it won't work at all and any air coming through the vents stinks like cat poop) : Anyone have any ideas? I imagine I will probably have to replace the compressor, and I'm wondering what else...?

Thankfully, no problems yet with ABS, though the brakes for this particular model truck have always been sub-par. No transmission problems either. 4-wheel-drive has always worked fine too.

Suggestions on the AC issues are welcome...thanks.

17th Oct 2007, 10:39

I'm the same guy with the 99 Rodeo with 139,000 miles. I almost forgot, I've had issues with the in-dash 6-CD player too. Actually it died twice on me - once while still under warranty, and the other right after the warranty expired. In response to the Error 3 comment, I got that too, and all I can tell you is start looking at after-market CD players, because they don't make those in-dash changer units anymore and when mine died the second time, I was quoted at $600 just for the unit itself. It's cheaper to replace the entire stereo system and speakers, which is exactly what I did. The head unit and speakers were never very good to begin with.

21st Oct 2007, 22:02

I just bought a 1999 Rodeo LS manual. My rear wiper does not work as well. I took it apart and found that the main spur gear (nylon material) was stripped. It is easily replaceable if you can find one. I have not been able to locate a gear just yet. Also, my cruise control does not work. Don't know if there is any quick do it yourself fix for this. My check engine light just came on as well (only had it for three days, lame) but it sounds like the ERG valve might be the culprit.

24th Oct 2007, 12:42

I"m the original owner of a 2001 Rodeo. I've had the same fuel level gauge problem noted by previous posts. (Basically, on a full tank, I'm fine... but when I get down to about a half tank, my CEL light comes on, my fuel gauge goes to near "E", and my "fill up" icon starts flashing intermittently.) I had no idea it might be part of the 100K warranty until I read the posts here. I took my Rodeo into Isuzu (Big Red Sports in Norman, OK). After they diagnosed the problem, they told me the new fuel level sender would be $690!! I told them I had called Isuzu and that they said the fuel sender was part of the fuel pump and therefore under warranty. They told me they would have to "look into that". They called back the next day to say that it would be under warranty. (They would've ripped me off $690 had I not seen the forum here!) When they finally had everything fixed, they charged me $97 because of their diagnostics to determine why my CEL was on. They said the CEL was indicating a P0705 transmission range switch problem. Since I elected not to have that fixed at this time ($353), they charged me $97!! This infuriated me because I know the CEL was on specifically because of the fuel sender problem.

1st Nov 2007, 14:08

Bought my '99 Rodeo LS 4WD in Jan. 01 with 72k. I have had a couple of similar problems with those posted above, most notably having to replace the intake manifold gasket. I have had to make a few other minor repairs, but doing it myself have saved a pile of cash such as replacing the fuel pump. The most annoying nuance is the ability of the check engine light to go on and off at a whim, and has for years. I now have 200k+ on the vehicle and plan on keeping until the wheels fall off. Regular and trustworthy maintenance is the life of any vehicle. Note on the absence of a transmission dipstick, there are two bolts on the bottom of the tranny oil pan, one of which is the fill/check opening. If one decides to change the tranny fluid, it is a good idea to change the filter out as well, using an OEM filter.

3rd Nov 2007, 21:54

I bought my '99 Rodeo LS 3.2L 4x4 in Aug 2001 with 66K Mi on it. I have had most of the same trouble listed here already and will pass along my trouble and solicit for some help also.

1. ABS motor running continuously--unplugged it and waited 3 years until recalled. Dealer fixed module, but ABS light still on, dealer wants money to see why of course. I assumed wheel speed sensor, but will try bleeding as mentioned above.

2. Fuel gauge incorrect--has been that way for 4 years and so for have run out of gas a total of 4 times. The dealer indicated you have to replace entire pump and it is $$$. After reading above, I have gone to ebay and found fuel sending module for only $30 incl. ship.

3. Strange idol--4 years ago the intake manifold gasket was replaced by dealer under extended warranty. I am having similar, but not as severe trouble now. I am going to replace it myself now for about $40 in parts.

4. Bad idol--coil pack on cylinder 3. Replaced 3 years ago.

5. Transmission shifting hard--intermitent trouble with this all the time. When it happens I turn of the engine and wait maybe 20 seconds, with no further trouble (til the next time).

6. Transmission gear selection--cleaned up the selector on the driver side of the transmission and it helped.

7. Traction always a problem in this truck, especially with the Goodyear Wranglers that were on it. Cooper Discoverer ATR's have been good to me and I just put on the second set. I got 60K miles out of the first set.