14th Sep 2009, 20:02

I have had an Isuzu Rodeo 2001 since 2001 and put all but 200 of the 142,000 miles on it. It has been the best truck that I have ever owned. You have got to expect at high mileage some of the parts will wear out. I got the LSE anniversary gold package and I doubt I will ever sell it.

This has always been a dependable ride and I recommend it to anyone.

9th Mar 2010, 07:58

I bought a 2001 Rodeo LS in 2003 with 23000 miles. It has been the best vehicle of any vehicle out there! I have now 184000 and absolutely no problems at all. Not even a light has gone out, everything has worked. I have never replaced a single thing. Go figure. I have owned had every car and truck you can think of. Ford, Chevy, Nissan, Toyota, Chrysler, this has far been the best vehicle! I will never sell it, period.

24th Feb 2011, 22:34

Many people are quick to judge the Isuzu Rodeo's performance. I have been driving Isuzu commercial and light duty trucks for over 15 years. I've had 3 Isuzu Rodeos. I drive the highway a lot, and I have to say that the Isuzu puts up with a lot. My first Isuzu got just under 300,000 miles before she needed serious engine work.

As for the above statements, the Isuzu does consume a lot of oil, but so does every other old car out there. I see my ride going through about a quart a week, because I drive the highway every day (around 100 miles round trip).

Overall, these cars do not get many problems, and if they do, they are easy enough to work on.

Anyone curious about buying Isuzu should really pay attention to this. I have the experience of owning a Trooper, and 2 Isuzu Rodeos, all of which were excellent machines with limited problems. Hope this helps someone.

26th Feb 2011, 17:22

I agree, Isuzu makes great vehicles, and so long as you don't live in the rust belt, you might get one past 100,000 miles. If you live in any area where road salt is used, be prepared to have the frame rot out from under you.

5th Jun 2011, 18:28

Thank you for your comments about your Isuzu Rodeos. I purchased in 2005 a 1999 Isuzu SE, and other than it liking gas, it has been the most dependable, wear-like-iron car I have ever owned. I bought it at 88K miles and have put another 70K on it to date. It is unfortunately one of the ones that has a current recall for suspension corrosion issues that has been discovered CANNOT be repaired, so Isuzu will buy back my car. My plan is to buy another used Isuzu. I've hauled furniture in it and it's a great over the road SUV. Hope my future Rodeo won't give me as many problems as some of the comments on this site indicate.

5th Jun 2011, 18:33

This is just what happened to my Rodeo. Got the recall letter in Dec 2010 to take it to a dealership to have repair compound applied to the corrosion. Found out it cannot be fixed. Isuzu is buying the SUV back from me. I love the vehicle though. Yes it uses gas, but it's been great for hauling and winter driving in the midwest; also a great over the road vehicle. Now I'm just hoping Isuzu will offer me enough to replace it.

19th Jun 2013, 17:10

I have a 2003 Rodeo, and she has almost 200,000 miles on her. Mostly highway. I put 60 miles a day on it just going to work.

The tranny has a little slip on shifts, but if you know how to drive her, you know when to just ease up the torque going into 3rd and 4th. It's probably my fault though, because I never had the tranny serviced. 200,000 miles on the original fluid, and other than 3rd and 4th having a more of a slide than grab, once they are in each gear - they grab and pull fine. No leaks, very little oil consumption, and the A/C still blows cold. A great V6 that yes, it likes eating some gas, but every day when it gets me to work and then home, I say mission accomplished.

Awesome vehicle. Recommended to all.

Sincerely, Proud Owner.