2001 Isuzu Rodeo lse 3.2 from North America


The worst SUV you can buy


*Check engine light comes on constantly.

*The sun roof doesn't not close properly.

*Driving on the freeway sounds like your driving in a wind tunnel with all the windows down.

*Electric seats have to be helped moving forward and back.

* The rear seats rattle and make the most annoying noise when going over the smallest bumps.

* The gas mileage is really, really poor.

* The dealer warrenty, not worth the paper it is written on.

* I can go on forever with this list.

General Comments:

The Isuzu Rodeo is not worth your time driving or buying. Poor over all performance, and the dealer warranty does not hold up.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2006

21st May 2006, 00:14

I love my Rodeo. It works great! I have never had any problems with it.

2001 Isuzu Rodeo S 3.2 Liter V6 from North America


Just bought and worried after reading here


Both front Window Weatherstrippings 1 hour after buying the car.

Car feels extremely unsteady (quite scary) around highway bumps on turns. (I have owned a 1988 Isuzu Trooper and I thought that this would be better!!)

Gas Warning light comes on when I have 6 gallons in the tank as it is a 20 gallon tank and when the light is on, level on E, it only takes about 13.5 gallons?!

General Comments:

Well I bought the car about a month ago and nothing has gone wrong yet except my 2 front windows not closing because the weatherstripping had dry rotted and pinched on my 2001 (common Isuzu). I owned an 88 Trooper and I have just as many problems with a 13 year newer car than with that hunk of junk (5 heads and gaskets in 95,000 miles). I am scared after reading all of these terrible comments, but will keep you posted!

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Review Date: 10th March, 2006

2001 Isuzu Rodeo 4x4 V6 from North America


Solid and fun


Front passenger fog light lost the seal during an off-road, filled with condensation. The dealer replaced the entire unit without charge. This was on a three year-old vehicle.

General Comments:

This is a rag top vehicle. I like the extra security built into the vehicle like key operated interior hood latch.

Being a 5-speed manual, the engine thermostat is a factory low-temp unit. The motor is filled with synthetic oil and runs grade A. The factory battery is 5-years old and still strong.

This rodeo sport has always been outside and the top shows like new with no signs deterioration. There are no signs of rust-through starting anywhere on the vehicle.

I have cruised the interstates at 100mph for extended periods in this rodeo sport as well as some serious off-roading and found it to be a dependable, powerful and solid vehicle.

Other than the fog light repair, the service engine light comes on if the gas cap is not put back tight.

The ride is bouncy like any short wheelbase vehicle (jeep).

The factory stainless steel exhaust system appears brand new.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2006

21st May 2006, 19:42

I have a 2001 Rodeo Sport (hardtop). During the first 3 months, I had to replace the driver's side fog light, which the dealer replaced for free. In 2004, I had to replace the fuel sensor and now in 2006 the check engine light has been coming on off & on. I guess it's time for a check up?

2001 Isuzu Rodeo LSE V6 from North America


I would not buy another Rodeo


At 84,000 miles the dash cluster needed to be replaced. My entire dash did not work.

The alternator went at 83,000 miles. When this blew it blew the main fuse under the hood which in turn blew out the diodes in the dash requiring an entirely new dash cluster. When a dash cluster is replaced they mark your car "true mileage unknown". Thereby decreasing the value of the car significantly.

The rear windshield wiper still does not work after replacing the wiper unit, and the wiper motor (Which by the way cost $165.00). When they were replacing all of the electrical equipment in the dash they indicated there was nothing wrong with the switch in the dash and said it had to be the wiper motor. (I did not tell them that the wiper motor had been replaced and it still did not work).

The bearing on the fan which cools the engine went. You normally can get this part from an auto parts dealer such as Napa or Auto Zone. Not for a Rodeo... i had to buy the part from the dealer which was $298.00. Yup, for a bearing.

The 6 disc changer has malfunctioned also.

The light behind the temp control dial does not work, so in order to adjust the temp and the direction the air is forced (defrost, floor, etc) you have to turn on the reading lamp.

The check engine light has been reset numerous (we are talking at least 10) times.

General Comments:

If any repairs are needed it is VERY costly. Parts are very expensive. Every mechanic that has fixed my car has said it is a nightmare.

The car is terrible in the snow. I could do 360's all day long on the roads if there is the slightest amount of snow or slush on the road.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2006

29th Jul 2006, 15:22

I have a 96 rodeo 3.2 liter 4x4. I have 125,000 on it without any troubles. The starter finally went out. There can be no complaints here. It is hard to work on, but no worse than any modern vehicle.

3rd Jul 2007, 19:37

I purchased a 2001 LSE model in 2001 with 14K miles on it. Everything worked except the rear window washer... no water. I get it serviced every 3K to 5K miles. Just before 80K miles, the transmission went out... $2100.00, the fuel gauge does not work and it's connected to the fuel pump...$900.00. 1 year later and the transmission still doesn't work properly and it's going back into the shop. The check engine light is on all the time, the A/C comes on and goes off randomly, the CD changer doesn't work, the interior lights on the dash don't work and the thing sucks oil as if it's going out of style!! 2 weeks ago I had to be towed because I lost ALL of my oil at once and none of the mechanics could figure out where it went!?! I have sunk over $4K into this car over a period of 14 months!! I would STRONGLY urge anyone looking to buy a rodeo to reconsider and buy something more reliable!!! I will never be purchasing another Isuzu.