1995 Isuzu Trooper S from North America


Lifters making noise at 60,000, was told it was normal for Trooper by a friend who once was a service advisor for a Nissan/Isuzu dealer. He stated that the most reliable vehicles in the shop were the Nissan Pathfinder and the Trooper.

General Comments:

This vehicle is very spacious, can fit my family of four on a weeks vacation. And my buddies hunting.

Very solid suspension off road.

I was hit by a 1992 Volvo Wagon last winter, she was doing 50 mph, I was going around 20mph during a snow storm. Her vehicle was totaled. I replaced a fender and door. SOLID SOLID SOLID!!!

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Review Date: 20th June, 2001

21st Feb 2004, 21:51

Do you have lifter problems with this 95 trooper? If so what did you do to resolve this problem? I have been told to switch my oil from 10w/30 to 5w/30? just trying to get rid of the knocking noise. Any suggestions would be great.

22nd Sep 2004, 21:35

I was told by my Maintenance advisor that it could be either a clogged oil pickup tube in the pan or the lifters. This seems to be a reasonable cause of the ticking problem either way next Monday I will be having the lifters changed and the tube checked. I have 168000 miles on this vehicle and have been very happy with it. Hopefully it'll be running for another 10 years.

9th Apr 2010, 21:19

I just received an Isuzu Trooper. It also has the strange knocking sound. I was told it was lifters. I just wanted to know if anybody knew of a cheaper method of mending the lifters, other than have them replaced?

8th Jul 2010, 10:41

The best thing for the rocker noise is Wynns hydraulic tappet oil treatment. It's extremely good at clearing any dirt or obstruction in the head. It can be used in diesels and petrol motors, even turbo charged! It's worked wonders on a few cars where I've had tappet noise. I use it in conjunction with clean oil and filter!

29th Aug 2015, 01:09

The lifter noise is actually the hydraulic timing belt tensioner. I replaced mine and it went away. I asked a fellow Isuzu tech and he says that's common.