1999 Isuzu Trooper LS 3.5 from North America


It is by far the best vehicle on the road


I changed the brakes at 130,000 miles, even though there was still some pad left. I changed the oil/filter every 3,000 miles. No other work was done on the vehicle and I never had it serviced at the mileage intervals either.

General Comments:

This SUV is the best in the class.

It is ashamed that the "consumer advocates" doomed this vehicle, for the vehicle set the pace for four-wheel drive reliability.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2005

1999 Isuzu Trooper Limited Edition 3.0 from North America




Okay I read one review from another individual and for those who love our unique troopers I thought I would add this! Okay I have had my trooper for 9 months now, okay it's not the greatest on gas with the recent gas increases, but if you can't afford the gas don't buy one. I love my trooper I even plan this year to customize it!

General Comments:

Rides like a dream , 4x4 dream!

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Review Date: 27th August, 2005

1999 Isuzu Trooper 3.0 turbo diesel Intercooler from Iceland


A piece of junk, avoid at all costs!


Nothing major until 120.000 km. Then everything went south.

It's now in it's third transmission, the second one fell to the ground (at 210k km), stick and all.

Shocks have gone on all four wheels at least once, 7 shocks in all.

Turbine gave up at 150.000 and again at 211.000.

Seat belt, driver side, stopped working at 219.000.

Passenger seat coils are wearing down considerably.

It sometimes won't start. I have taken it to the dealer several times and they can't find anything, usually it works like a charm there. It only seems to break down when I'm in a hurry...

General Comments:

This SUV handles like a cow in a skating rink, not very well. It has a tendency to 'jump' sideways at around 90 kph, which forces the driver to remain 100 % focused on the drving (not that that is neccessarily bad).

It makes so many extra noises that I can't discern what is what or where.

The seats are very uncomfortable, especially since I often have to drive it for 6-8 hours per day.

It's very sturdy though, and rough handling over mountain tracks, doesn't seem to wear it down much.

It has a lot of torque, but the acceleration sucks, sometimes I wonder why it has a speedometer, a calendar would suit it much better.

This is a company car, and therefore probably has worse maintenance than most, but still... three transmissions!

My co-workers and I will soon get a new SUV, Hyundai Santa Fe, and the repair cost for last year could have paid for half of that car.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2005

29th Sep 2005, 23:18

Alas someone else who has found them to be very unreliable. I have found out to my detriment that the lovely car I bought 11 months ago (and broke down6 months ago) has had nothing, but a catalogue of disasters since it was first made. The engine blew up at 22000 miles and had to be replaced and again just before I bought it. Both times the turbo had exploded. It also wouldn't start in cold mornings, but the garage couldnt find anything wrong, the 4x4 didn't work and a back shock has gone.

1999 Isuzu Trooper S Performance 3.5 from North America


Everything you could ask for in a SUV, except for higher mileage


Driver side window needs new plastic brackets for the mechanism, doesn't work. I think I have a bad habit of closing it too tight.

No other problems at all.

General Comments:

Excellent acceleration, very roomy and comfortable, massive cargo area, and most importantly - extremely reliable. Overall it is equal or slightly better in quality to our Toyota Sienna. Would like better fuel economy, I drive mostly around town and get 14-15 mpg. It still looks absolutely clean under the hood!

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Review Date: 8th January, 2005

17th Jan 2005, 09:25

For 2005, Isuzu is now down to only one model in the US and that one (Ascender) is just an existing GM model (TrailBlazer), built in the US, with an Isuzu nameplate on it.

Apparently the Isuzu company is having financial problems.

Would be leery of buying any Isuzu, as the future of that brand, at least in the US market, looks cloudy, and if they do withdraw, the resale values would probably drop considerably.

19th Aug 2005, 23:20

If you look into why Isuzu is having financial problems you see that they are because of GM.

1999 Trooper

100,000 miles

+No problems.

Could use a little more power. All original accept for spark plugs. Trooper will be back in 06-07.

27th Aug 2005, 09:15

Okay thank you comment above me, I was hoping the trooper would be reproduced this is a wonderful suv and when the new ones finally come out I will definitely buy one!

26th Sep 2005, 08:54

I bought my Trooper 3.0.TDI one year ago. Probably the best car I've ever had. We use the car for everything from driving the kids to school, to driving up in the mountains hunting. The car carries luggage, dogs and shotguns without problems in any conditions.

And the diesel engine is cheap to drive. Great car!

6th Aug 2008, 19:17

Isuzu Trooper 3.0 doch, best I've ever bought, got it new 2004. Use the right oil and a mechanic that knows something, and there will be no bother.