24th Oct 2009, 19:59

Just today, I purchased a 95 Trooper for $1,700. It have the same problems as the comment above, steering is a little loose and A/C doesn't work. With 125,000 miles on it, it's still looking great and runs smoothly!! Very roomy and comfortable. I'm 6' tall. No leaks, no squeaks, no sounds at all. I hope this SUV stays with me for years!!!

27th Feb 2015, 01:10

Wow, you got yourself a good deal! I did too. I bought my 95 3.2 SOHC about 10 days ago. It was used a lot as transportation around their ranch. Basically used it as a four wheeler. So of course I knew I was gonna have to do a nice tune up: valve cover gaskets, spark plug socket gaskets, spark plugs and wires, fuel filter, air filter, exhaust, lower ball joints, passenger side CV axle, stabilizer bars, all new shocks, battery, alternator, and I think that's about it.

I bought it for 850$ with 185,000 miles, and no battery. All my parts were around 650$ and I did all the work myself, so I saved big time there. So I'm about 1500$ in it and I'm pretty content.

I had 290,000 miles on my 95 Nissan Hardbody 4x4 5 speed V6 and it was going strong when I sold it (which I regret). So I know the Trooper has just got good and broke in at 185,000. It's basically the same exact truck as my 95 Nissan with a different body. And a 3.2 instead of the 3.0.

So the trooper is running good, with a couple issues that I need to figure out. Sometimes I get a back fire out of the tailpipe when letting off the throttle to shift gears. Also only around 9 miles to the gallon driving 60 miles an hour usually, and power loss. I changed the fuel filter today so I haven't had a chance to check MPG, but I'm almost positive that it's going to help because I gained a lot of power high and low. This should work a little for the gas mileage, but does anyone have any suggestions as to what could make it better, because I know that it should be averaging around 14 or 15?

My other question is, are there supposed to be wires unplugged behind the steering wheel? They look like they have either never been used or not used in a long time; can't seem to find any issues with any electrical problems, but was worried this could be a problem.

14th Dec 2015, 06:01

There is a screw and nut on the steering box. Loosen the nut and tighten the screw while someone jiggles the steering wheel. When the play gets tighter, just tighten the nut. Problem fixed!