13th Nov 2009, 07:27

I brought a 2000 Jaguar S-Type almost a year a go. The window on the driver's side gets stuck, the car also gets stuck in park if you park on any type of incline without putting the emergency brake on. The fan comes on and stays on even if the car is off. Bottom line this is the worst car man has ever made. I dread even driving it, it's truly a nightmare.

Jax fl.

19th Nov 2009, 16:34

I have my 2000 S-Type for six years. Only have put thirteen thousand miles on it. I have had none of the problems that have been mentioned. Beautiful to look at, and great to drive. I hope I am not jinxing myself, but this is the best car I have ever had. Great gas mileage, just a fun car to drive. I am going to keep it until it falls apart. It just does not hold its value.

16th Dec 2009, 18:21

I have a 2000 S-type V8 with 47,000 miles.

I have replaced the gearshift box because they say I didn't set the parking brake on a hill.

I have had 3 window regulators break.

I had to replace the coolant sensor.

The radio is haunted, it goes on and off at will.

Now I am replacing ignition coils. Coil # 1-4 keeps failing. I replace the coil, and within 2 days the car starts missing and pulls a default code for that cylinder. Does anyone know what the!@#$ is this about???

This is my third Jag. I had 2 XJ8's, one was a VDP.

The XJ's were much better cars...

If you can help, please email me @ rjcrumpley@yahoo.com

17th Dec 2009, 15:10

I bought my S-type Jag new in January of 2000.

Everything went along smoothly until the warranty ran out. Within 10,000 miles of that warranty, I was told by the Dealer Service Dept. that the transmission had to be replaced among other things - I flew off the handle - how could a car with 40,000 miles need a new transmission? I called an independent Jaguar mechanic that had worked on by 1995 VDP. After looking at it, they said the transmission did not need to be replaced at all, it was the "pulleys" or whatever. They fixed that, and fixed all the other stuff the Jag dealer said was wrong with my 3 1/2 year old car for little over $600.00. With Jag is would have cost $5500.00!

Yes the window motors on three of my windows have gone out, one at at time - I fear putting down the passengers side window because that is the only one that's okay.

The shifting box (the whole thing has to be replaced because Jag won't sell just the part that needs replacing - that is made of PLASTIC!!! This last replacement seem to do the job. Ever since I had the car, the shifting has been rough and sticks - the Jag dealer told me it would works itself out in time - yeah it did when I replaced the box!

I want in on any class action suit that anyone knows about against Jag. Yes I've written them, and I'm emailed them, and right now I'm waiting for a reply - more lies - I'm sure and more denials! My personal email address if JeanneEvans529@gmail.com - if there is a class action out there, let me know.

7th Jan 2010, 13:14

I have owned a 2001 3 litre SE S type for around 1 year, with just under 100000 miles on the clock.

Love the look of the car as all others have said, but right from almost the word go, I've had orange engine lights and engine fail safe lights up (leading to the dreaded crawl home mode).

I absolutely dread any trip out, and can't keep my eyes off the display for fear of spoiling my day.

I most recently brought a cheap BD2 scanner, which has lead me to replacing all the coils, throttle position sensor and cleaning the main throttle body. But sooner or later the warning sign etc. return.

The annoying thing is that the car seems to be running really well in itself, and in between times. And does definitely seem to be worse in damp or wet weather.

What an idiot for buying in the first place especially with my limited resources.. Had an XK8 before this for 3 years, and had no such problems - weird!

Collective court action, yes please - I'm ashamed to be a Brit, but eased by the fact that Ford have not improved these cars.

Steve Nolan

31st Jan 2010, 11:52

I have a 2001 S-Type with 80k miles on it. So far I have gone through 4 windows due to track breaking, a gear box, and now whenever it's cold out, the engine misfires cylinder 1. I had new spark plugs, coil packs, fuel filter and valve cover gaskets put it and it did not help at all. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? It only happens under 32 degree weather. The engine shutters so roughly and even causes the car to stall out? If anyone know a fix, I'd love to know. Please email me at amarkozanis@gmail.com

9th Feb 2010, 05:31

Wow, all of this is really scaring me into buying a Jaguar...

I see that most of everybody's problems is mostly coming from a 2000 or 2001 Jaguar...

I was looking to buy a 2002 S-Type Jaguar; does anyone have lots of problems? Are there similar problems such as everyone else's Jaguar. Please post and let me know, that would help a lot, SO I wouldn't make a wrong decision into buying one...


11th Feb 2010, 16:29

Look, Jags are OK from 2002 and up, but they still have issues. I have a 2002 that I have put almost 1700 into it. A lot of it was my fault. I had guys I found on the side to fix them, and they got me; I had to take the car to the dealer, and man do they give it to you. I paid 850 to fix a tune up a guy messed up, and parts were only 100, and the rest was for them.

I don't know if I will buy a Jag again, but make sure you check the car before buying it. Drive it, and I mean drive it; take it on the worst road you know, and on the best. Don't forget the highway, and check everything; the seats, the heat, A/C, hand brake, moon roof if it has one, and good luck if you buy. Just note that whatever happens is meant to happen, and you live and learn.

12th Feb 2010, 10:25

All of you people have got me worried. I went last night to look and drive a 2000 S-Type and it ran a bit rough? I notice now that every S-Type runs this way! Not good. I can't beat the price and I will have a 90 day warranty, but now I'm pretty scared of making another wrong purchase. I bought a 2000 Saab 9-5 and dumped about $2000 in to that in 3 months. I don't want to nor can I go through that again.

23rd Feb 2010, 18:08

I bought a 2000 S Type 3.0 about 3 months ago. I got a great price on it, and a 2 year unlimited service plan from a dealer in my area.

In three months I have had a power steering leak, a coolant leak and two of my windows have gone out (one yet to be fixed). Had it not been for the service plan, I would have already been out close to 4000 dollars in this short amount of time. At first I thought it was just because the car was 10 years old that I was having these problems. Now I see that it is happening to everyone.

I fell in love with the car's style and the ride, but now I drive around always thinking of what's gonna break down next.

I would not recommend this car to anyone. I am going to sell it as soon as I get it paid off...