26th May 2009, 12:26

Please cue me into any class action lawsuits... my 2000 S-type is also a lemon. art.barraza@yahoo.com.

2nd Jun 2009, 10:57

Hi I know this is a major hassle, but if your Jaguar S Type gets stuck in "P", all you have to do is have your car pulled forward about a couple of feet and it will relieve itself of the tension its under, and will go into drive like there was never a problem, when parking up remember brake, handbrake and then "P" this will stop it happening or handbrake and then neutral. Superb looking car, but if there is a lawsuit contact me at jamieryan1976@live.co.uk

5th Jun 2009, 12:03

I too own a 2001 Jaquar S-Type. It drove excellent and all of a sudden the passenger window fell down. The transmission is giving me problems, and antifreeze is leaking. Mechanics can't find the antifreeze leak. It is not coming from any hoses. I wish I had seen this forum before I purchased. I also am willing to join class action suit. michael_a_white_iii@yahoo.com

20th Jun 2009, 22:03

I like many other 2000 S-Type Jaguar owners are suffering, my car recently out of the clear blue just won't turn over to start, nobody seems to have the answer. My mechanic told me that my engine was bad and had no compression. However, I've had 2 other mechanics tell me the engine is. Fine, my battery was completely drained, I replaced it but still no results. Also there was water in my trunk? Didn't seem to have wet the fuse box though, any suggestions??


21st Jun 2009, 15:01

I bought a 2000 S-Type. I bought it used. I have owned it for about a year.

This is truly the worst car I have ever owned. The suspension had numerous parts that had holes in the boots.

The heater wouldn't heat on the passenger side.

A window regulator broke.

A coil went out under the manifold.

A hose got a vacuum leak under the manifold.

The gas tank clip broke. 10.00 for a little clip.

The trunk leaks. Now the engine fault light is on. I just hope the tranny doesn't go.

I like the car, but I am going to sell it. I had a BMW before and never had these kind of problems.

25th Jun 2009, 20:52

Try Marvel's Mystery Oil for your tranny woes. I read about in one of the reviews on this site and after doing some research it seems to be very popular among the aviation and marine set.

It is an additive that contains colloids, which aid in loosening up sludge and also in keeping your engine and crankcase clean. It also aids in keeping seals pliable and improves fuel economy and engine performance when added in small quantities to your gas tank before filling-up.

16th Aug 2009, 13:10

I bought a 2000 S Type 3.0 3 years ago with 24,000 miles on the clock. At 26k miles it had an oil pump failure causing the engine to blew up!

That engine was replaced by my dealer. I have now done 52,000 miles, it's had numerous faults including occasionally not going over 40mph in the wet. My most recent problem is "Gearbox fault" flashing up regularly.

To combat this I have to put the car in neutral whilst driving and switch the engine off and on to reset the gearbox. It's booked for a gearbox service next week.

The car has only 52k miles on it but it drives like a 4 poster bed in terms of the suspension noise. A ball joint in the left front wheels is also worn?

It looks the part but sounds like a pile of junk. I had a much older Merc C200 AMG with 180,000 miles prior to the Jag and never had a problem in the 18 months I owned it?

I will never buy a Jag again. I'll never buy British again after suffering many problems with a Freelander.

The Japanese and German cars I have owned haven't given me any issues!

20th Aug 2009, 10:46

I too will be waiting to hear about a lawsuit on a 2000 Jaguar S Type. I am having problems with the gearbox fault light coming on with only 79000 miles.


29th Aug 2009, 21:20

Owner of a 2000 Jaguar 4.0.

- Window Regulator driver side went out.

- Coolant tank cracked.

- Headliner sagging.

- Timing chain tensioners failed resulting in engine damage.

All known Jaguar issues if there is a class action lawsuit I'd love to be in it as well.


12th Sep 2009, 20:24

I just want to take a moment to thank you folks for saving me from making one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I have a chance to acquire a 2000 S Type with 31K miles on it...free.

After reading your comments, you couldn't give me one of these... literally.

25th Sep 2009, 22:11

Hi. Buying the Jaguar S Type was the worst decision I have ever made. Little but mega expensive problems all the time. Had the gearbox problem and now the alarm keeps going off all the time, even when the car's unlocked. Does anyone know what this could be? Please help me!!! r-wood@live.co.uk

13th Oct 2009, 09:30

I have had most of the same issues in reference to replacing the trans (52,000 miles) and engine light coming on with huge service bills.

The bottom line, it is not the status or ability one has to purchase these vehicles, but the ability to be able to pay for the service of it. I even bought a code reader just for this car so I could do the service myself.

This post is not trying to be an advertisement for anything other than all the posts and frustration I see from many Jag owners with Jag not taking responsibility for them. For every one I read that works great, I read about five that have major issues. When do you say enough is enough? A class action is in the works and if you are as frustrated as I am, there is a site you can post to start the ball rolling. You can email me at Windows2vinyl@yahoo.com for the site.

I am not an attorney or anything like that trying to get people on board, but after you continue to read about all of these issues, Jag needs to be held to task for this and not deny and deny like they have done from day one about the faults with this car.

Jaguar created a beautiful car, but really messed up with the engine and transmission issues. I work in the window industry and many years ago, Marvin used a polyurethane sealer on the interior of their wood windows to protect them. They did not realize the sealer would not allow the windows to breathe and release moisture build up in the wood. The sashes were rotting out from the inside. At the cost of millions of dollars, Marvin stepped to the plate and replaced every sash they sold with that sealer application. Almost put them out of business. But they realized what they had done and stood by their products. Jag needs to do the same thing.

6th Nov 2009, 20:52

I am an unfortunate auto technician working on a 2000 Jag, which has the 4.0 engine. Has timing tensioner issues. Put 2 tensioners in on drivers side. Both collapsed after about 30 minutes running time at idle. I pity the customer who owns this car because now I need to go further inside engine to determine why. Found broken nylon pieces stuck in oil pick up tube & now suspect tiny pieces caught in oil galley tube feeding drivers side cylinder head. Not sure how to clean out yet, but will figure out. Cost at this point approx. $2000,00 with more coming. Sure to come up to 3000.00-4000.00.