4th Oct 2008, 21:45

I own a 2000 S-Type 3.0 liter. When driving up a hill, the car needs to shift down sooner so as to not apply an overload on the weak overdrive part transmission. Our engine light is always on, and was sold from the dealer with light on. We were given only one key with the car and the book says there's 3. Any idea on the cost of replacement keys? Does anybody have the codes of the transmissions that have been recalled?

25th Oct 2008, 20:51

Thank you all for your comments. they have been very helpful. I was about to go and purchase a 2000 Jaguar S-Type V6 3 litre this week. After reading these horror stories, I think that I will just stay with my old Ford, as it has been a very reliable car. The Jag is a beautiful looking car, and the price tag of 20K looked very appealing. It is a shame that so many people have had so many problems with this incredible looking automobile.

27th Oct 2008, 01:16

My wife and I own two 2000 Jaguar S-Type vehicles. Both are beautiful cars and both have had similar problems. Both cars had the windows fall down (faulty regulators), both cars needed to have ignition coils replaced after 75k miles. I recommend changing all the coils and spark plugs under the intake manifold when one fails. Both cars have problems when parking on a hill. If the car rolls back one inch, you will never get it out of park. The first time I experience this problem I forced the car out of park and broke the cable. The current problem I am having is no hot air coming out of the heater. So far I am at 100k miles on both cars. At averaging $200 a month in repairs bills for each car is a lot cheaper than leasing a new car. However, with all the common known problems and no recall notices from Jaguar, count me in on the lawsuit. Pollock_22@yahoo.com.

6th Nov 2008, 20:37

I have an 2000 S-Type with a little over 50,000 miles on it.

Over the years, I had my own share of problems with this car. The reservoir, the sticky trunk lid, the passenger window, heater hose, battery problem, shifting problem when parked on an incline, no hot air even when heater is on, etc...

Now I have the check engine light on and the gear box fault message. I'm too afraid to find out how much these will cost me this time. It seems like these issues are very common to this make and model. If there are any legal actions to be taken against the manufacturer, please let me know.

Had to admit though, Jags look good in the showroom. And if you ask me, they should stay in the showroom. Not buying them again!


10th Nov 2008, 04:49

I have a 2000 V8 with 80,000 on the clock. Full Jaguar service history and I spent a further 20% over the purchase price putting it in as new as possible condition when I got her.

Recently the Engine Safety Mode message came on and the vehicle stopped. Switched off and waited for the tow truck. The car started fine and the diagnostics showed no error. Left it with a UK main-dealer for a week but since their electronic box showed no error they were incapable of doing anything. 100 miles later same problem. Left it running with warning light showing till the truck arrived, still no error code and car now drove fine despite the warning and despite having ground to a standstill an hour earlier. If the ECU will not log the error Jaguar are seemingly lost. Lovely car but no use as transport.

5th Mar 2009, 00:59

Jaguar 2000 S Type. Wow, what a car. I have had it 3 years.

2 engines, 1 transmission, heater core problem, 2 pressure hoses, starter, rust, poor shifting.

My uncle is a mechanic and says it's beautiful to look at. That's it. Stay away.

5th Mar 2009, 21:04

Just purchased my 2000 Jaguar S type 3 months ago with 89,000 miles on it.. My car caught on fire. The gas goes right through one of the banks on the block because there is no spark. It will still run on the other 6 cyl. I was wondering where I could get the schematics for the ignition. Or if you have any suggestions please help me. MetalNavy@aol.com.

10th Mar 2009, 10:02

I bought our 2000 Jaguar S Type 4.0 in 2000 after it had been used as a demo for 6 months. This is my 9th Jag and as at March 2009 have only had only minor problems. We have only done 62,000 miles and had it serviced regularly. Have just sold it and the worst part about owning it was the resale value. It has devalued $56,000.

17th Mar 2009, 20:57

I have a 01 S Type, and it goes into fail safe mode every now and then. It loses a little power, but not a lot. It doesn't overheat or nothing. I went to Autozone and they got a code that read p1584. What could be wrong?

26th Apr 2009, 21:06

I just came across this, and noticed a lot of complaints about 2000 S-Types.

A lot of people have reported the same faulty equipment, and there's no sign of a recall. I'm sure parts will fail over the years, but this seems like an excessive amount for this car.

I'm sure Jaguar has given up on this (being that they no longer make this model), but it would be nice for them to step up and at least acknowledge the problem and do something about it. The best way to get new customers is to keep old ones happy.

So far I only had to replace the passenger window twice (track and motor). If something major goes I'll probably get rid of the car and never touch anything Jaguar related.

Maybe they'll get better with Tata Motor, but it looks like Ford already ruined the brand name.

I seen some posts mention a Class Action Suit. Is there one?


27th Apr 2009, 22:11

I just spent over a thousand dollars to a car shop that did not know how to work on my Jaguar. After getting the car back, just like I took in it, shaking, not changing gears well, not accelerating well, I found a different shop that replaced all the coils, cost 1,800.00, the car runs fine now.

But now the front passenger's window won't go down, once in a while the window works, so I don't think it is the motor. I feel like this new auto shop knows what they are doing, but they are expensive. Hope to keep the car for awhile but I don't to spend all my paycheck on it. If there is a lawsuit, I can give them plenty of repair bills. josieheady@yahoo.com

9th May 2009, 20:11

I want to buy a 2000 Jag S type... I found some good deals online, but now after reading this forum I am really scared!

I have found a 2000 Jag S type with 48k for under $9000. Is it most likely going to give me a nightmare?

I have found a lot of 2000 Jag S type online under $10000 and 80K mileage. Should I just forget the S type for now?

The maximum amount I can afford to put for fixing is around 5k.

I live in uphill... so the car gonna be parked always uphill.

I'll drive it only on weekends, but will be going for long drives.

Bad idea?

Please comment.