6th Aug 2010, 09:25

We also have a 2000 S Jaguar. Prettiest car I have ever owned, BUT so far replaced ball joints and arms; $2000. One actually broke, almost causing a really bad wreck.

Please email me info about class action lawsuit.

Now my windows are rolling down for no reason. Took me 8 tries to get the windows to stay up when I locked the car. My email is jacqulinedalford@aol.com

15th Aug 2010, 14:12

I have a late 2002 S Type 2.5 Sport, and have had minor faults over the 8 years I've had it; water in the boot (caused by condensation?), flat battery caused by the Radio/CD player shorting out.

For what it's worth, I remember Jaguar doing a recall here in the UK for the S Type inadvertently shifting into reverse whilst going forward. It was a simple reprogramming with the latest software that was required. That also cured the surging in engine revs, as the car was being driven @ 40-45mph.

I've also encountered the "gearbox fault" warning on an intermittent basis, but as I have a background with things mechanical, I have come to the conclusion as the car performance wasn't affected, then I'll put it down to a spurious dirty contact somewhere.

Although the ZF auto box is supposedly sealed for life, Jaguar will sell you the replacement internal gearbox oil strainers, which seems rather perverse.

It's sad that a nice looking car has had such bad press, down to Jaguar's indifference to its customers.

4th Sep 2010, 06:24

I bought a 2001 3.0 V6 S Type 4 weeks ago, and everything was fine, until this morning when it won't start - maybe an immobiliser fault? In addition, the amber engine light came on last week and the handbook says this is "malfunction indicator lamp", and only illuminates during the initial lamp check when the ignition is turned on.

The handbook doesn't say what the malfunction is - has anybody got any ideas please?

4th Sep 2010, 17:15

Further to my last comment above, I found out the starting problem was a duff battery (a common problem I think). Replaced it and everything OK. Also found out the malfunction warning light was due to problems with a couple of lambda sensors, so will get those replaced shortly under warranty.

Touch wood, nothing else has gone wrong (yet).

19th Sep 2010, 23:25

I have a 2001 S-Type. I purchased it in 2004 with 36k on it.

I have had numerous regulators fixed. The car was stuck in park and I had to replace shifting cords. Now the car is stuck again, they fixed it less than 2 years ago. The control arm went about 6 months ago.

This car has been a nightmare. Time for something new.

21st Sep 2010, 16:47

Bring on the Class Action! Any lawyers out there??? I've had my 2000 S-Type for about 4 months - and like many of you have had a laundry list of issues; passenger front window regulator, AC has been totally replaced, but now I'm told it was a wiring harness that will cost $4000 to fix. Well now that the weather has started to cool down, it's time for the transmission to break - the dreaded "Gear Box Fault". Unfortunately - what looks like a beautiful car, is in fact a beautiful lemon... a sour lemon at that.

25th Sep 2010, 02:36

Thank you. Was going to buy a 2000 S-Type in the morning, but na... ain't happening. Thanks everyone.

9th Oct 2010, 08:30

I purchased a Jaguar about five years ago. It is beautiful, but is indeed a money pit...

I had everything from the window regulators to the trunk fixed; that's including a new fuel line, ball joints etc...

Since I've had the car, I've put about 10,000 dollars in repairs into this vehicle at the least...

I would to like to have info if there is a class action law suit, because for the past year, the indicator light is still on, and I can't drive it over twenty minutes without it powering off in the middle of the road.

Needless to say, I just got it out of the shop, paying 680.00 for the mechanic to guess at the problem, but not able to fix it.

Thanks, we are located in NC and my email is naenae 2820@yahoo.com

7th Nov 2010, 09:37

I have had a 2000 S Type V8 for 3 years. The biggest issue has been a broken ashtray lid.

It has 64000 miles on it, and it still puts me into the seat when I floor it at 80. I must have gotten lucky.

18th Nov 2010, 12:57

I bought a 2000 S-type about 15 months ago (August 2009) at a local dealership in Las Cruces, NM. The vehicle was in good shape physically and ran well during the test drive at 70,000 miles. The price was right so I figured why not? My kids are grown up and I don't need the van anymore.

It was the biggest mistake of my life. One week after signing the papers, the gear shift snapped. Luckily, it got replaced at no cost. That was just the start of a year long disaster. In less than 4 months the transmission went out. It cost me $3300 2 weeks before Christmas. Two weeks after that, front tie rod ends and some front bushings had to be replaced. $1200. The final straw was when I was at a drive thru window at Walgreens and the car would not go into gear. I had it towed back to the dealer and they wanted $1500 to fix the problem. Well, I told them to keep the piece of crap. Anyway we worked out a deal where I paid $500 and they picked up the rest.

The car now has over 117,000 miles and I now have to replace the rear sway bar links. I just sit and wait for something to go wrong. I would get rid of it but I have so much invested in i I could never get that back.

One thing for sure is that this is the worst car I have ever owned and would never purchase another one. Actually, you couldn't give me one of these vehicles.

25th Mar 2011, 18:21

I agree with this class action law suit. My 2005 Jaguar S-Type is showing a gearbox fault on my warning display, and will not change gears. It is stuck on first gear associated with a hard jerk when shifted from park to drive. There is no way that a transmission will only last a tad over 50,000 miles. I now have to pay over $3000 dollars to have it fixed. Please count me in the lawsuit @ johncarreon1@aol.com

13th Apr 2011, 21:54

2000 S-Type 3.0.

I bought as a Christmas present back in December 2005. It had 57,055 miles on it.

In January 2006 I had a transmission problem, and then the problems start to come; internal failure of pedal position sensor, regulator on left rear window, replaced high speed fan, replaced expansion tank, performed 60,000 miles service, changed brakes, noticed water into the rear footwells left side.

After discussion, they told me about a technical bulletin for S-Type back in 2001, but the action has to be taken on customer complaint only. They did the procedure. After a week, again there was water in the same spot. They said it is from the sun roof, paid for. After a while, again water, went back this time, they said it's from the door seal, paid for that, fixed oil leaking from the engine, leak from power steering, regulator on right side rear window, ABS system failed, and lucky me did not pass the emissions test.

So as of today April 13 2011, I've driven this lemon for 10,000 miles, spent on repairs $9000, so for every 1000 miles, I paid $900, and at this moment I still have water in my car, my ABS does not work like they said in that time, and does not pass the emissions test. A car well maintained at 67000 miles, and of course the warranty on the catalytic converter expires according to the Jaguar dealer at 80,000 miles or 8 years. I missed in April 2009 for couple of months. I always went with the car with any single issues to the Jaguar dealer; how come they did not see this issue before, or did they try to cover till my warranty expired? Hope not, because I see only good in people. So I have a Christmas gift that will be very hard to forget.

Please contact me about any class action lawsuits at oanahope@yahoo.com

Thank you and God bless.