25th Jan 2007, 22:35

I bought a 2003 S type Jag brand new off the shelf and I love it. I had problems with the headlights at first, sometimes they'd decide to drop down and only illuminate about ten feet in front of the car. Had to stop the car and shut it off then turn it back on and it's fine. The dealer never could solve it, but not using the auto feature on the headlights and just turning them on and off manually seems to have that problem solved. It now has 74000 miles on it and I'm noticing the transmission maybe slips once in awhile as I pull away from a stop light. Otherwise - no problems and 30-31 mpg at any speed above 60. I say they fixed the problems as of the 2003 models, of course the transmission might fall out tomorrow, but until it does - I think it's a great car.

11th Feb 2007, 09:47

I'm the one who made the comment on Jan 26th about my Jaguar. Well, I finally unloaded it back to a dealer. I couldn't take driving it waiting for another problem to occur. I only put 7500 miles on it since I owned it which makes a total of 69,000 miles on the car. In the 7500 miles I did drive it I dropped over $6500 dollars into it. You can imagine how that made my wife feel. I have never owned a car with so little miles on it and had to put so much money into it in order to keep it running. Say what you want about domestics, but I have put 150,000 on Chevrolet's and had half the bills that Jaguar cost me in the 8 months I owned the car. So now I drive a brand new 2007 crew cab Chevy and couldn't be happier and more stress free.

Here's my break down:

Owned my 2001 S-Type (61,000 miles when purchased) for 8 months.

Transmission replaced $5350.00

New Brakes (front) $990.00, (rear) $250.00

New center cup holder (broke 3 days after purchase) $130.00

New ash tray door (latch broke 2 months after purchase. I don't smoke. I opened one day while cleaning and it would never shut) $90.00

Headlights flashing on and off while driving at night.

Front suspension falling apart.

So I got to drive it for 8 months after wasting thousands on it.

I lost over $8,000 in the trade in and now the car sits on the lot for thousands more than they gave me. A very expensive lesson in a small amount of time. Between the repairs and the pay-off the car cost me well over $15,000 not including the payments I made on it for the 8 months I owned it. So anyone reading this needs to think well and hard before owning or keeping a Jaguar.

8th Mar 2007, 12:14

We are furious!!! We purchased a 2000 S-type with 59k miles on it... the test drive went VERY well... the car was a trade in for a Cadi... and now we know why. After having the car for not even a week... it over heated... while on the freeway. Well, you can guess the damage... valves bent/ lifter springs broken/ head gaskets blown.. the list goes on and on.. the car was in the shop for 2 MONTHS!!! It was returned to us only to OVER HEAT AGAIN before we got it home!!!..so, it went back to the shop... well while it was in the shop it magically (without driving it) started to make a HORRIBLE noise... which we are told is the torque converter?? We have NO idea what step to take next. The car has now been sitting in the garage for 3 months waiting for us to come up with some sort of a solution...oh, the damage from the overheating problem ended up costing us another $6500..and we still can't drive it... this is really sad. Step up to the plate Jag!!! If ANYONE gets info on a class action or a recall... can you PLEASE put us on the notify list?? My email address is k06@cox.net THANKS!

24th Mar 2007, 10:52

I am a dealer and recently purchased a 2000 Jaguar S-Type with 36000mi. The transmission shakes quite a bit when shifting from 3rd. to 4th. I was wondering if there is any place I should start to diagnose and fix this problem? It also misfires at idle and I wasn't sure if this may have something to do with the shifting problem.

4th Apr 2007, 15:49

I recently purchased a 2001 Jaguar S-Type, what a beautiful car. The car has only 59800 miles on it.

It sure is pretty.

Unfortunately the car will not come out of reverse, into drive when it is on a slight incline. The engine will rev to 5k, when trying to go forward from a stop at a light, the car will not move. I have to jiggle the shift knob a couple of times to get it to move into gear.

This is extremely dangerous, I am afraid I will be hit from behind.

I am now looking at a 5-6 thousand dollar bill, to get it fixed.

This is very frustrating.

Is there a Class Action Suit? Does anyone know?

27th Apr 2007, 19:07

I have talked to my attorney and plan on filling a class action law suit against Jaguar. I own a 2000 S model with 60000 miles and needs a new transmission. I am finding thousands of people with all kinds of issues. Please email me at Windows2vinyl@yahoo.com if you would like to be involved. Just need email address. Will respond with plan of action. Thanks, Mike.

1st May 2007, 00:49

1 May 2007

I am a lawyer and I have a 2002 X-Type Jag, my gear box fault went on, the car meter has 100 kilometers on it, no evidence of misuse, the dealer told me it is wear and tear!!! It will cost 10,000 USD!!!

Please anyone part of a class suit send me more info so that I can file one here in Jordan. rana.t@legal-allies.com.

1st May 2007, 07:25

2001 Jaguar S-Type 3.0.

62,500 miles, going strong, and the only mechanical failure has been that of the coolant reservoir gasket (common problem). Luckily, I have an extended warranty till 2008.

A few months ago, the check engine light illuminated. Discovered that it required a new battery ($80.00) and that was that. Thanks to God that I have not encountered what others have. Therefore, I am bailing before anything does; am currently selling/trading for a 2007 Toyota Matrix XR. The wife does not like the snob appeal of luxury automobiles, as the average populace tends to exude rude behavior toward those who work hard to appreciate the finer things in life. Recently sold my E-320 to purchase a 2007 RAV-4 (Made in Japan) for this very reason. You cannot go wrong with Toyota. It seems that the higher-end vehicles squeeze you for every red cent you would have otherwise saved. Lexus, Toyota and Nissan seem to be the best at reputations for long-term quality rankings.

What ever happened to the Benz, BMW, and Jaguar is beyond my comprehension. They were once incredibly reliable and trouble-free just twenty years ago! I believe that OEM subcomponents are produced very cheaply so we can ensure mechanics/dealers receive fat paychecks! I am remaining with Toyota.