25th May 2007, 19:08

I have a 2000 S type and it has also had failure of window regulators, a power steering leak and the gearshift stuck on incline. Jaguar said I would have to replace the transmission. I am careful to make sure it goes into drive by putting it into 4th, 3rd and back to drive. That keeps it from slipping. The car is a good looking hunk of junk that my wife loves. I say sue the company for such poor workmanship and no quality.

30th May 2007, 14:34

Boy do I wish we would have had the fore-thought to read here before we bought our 2000 S-Type, but we fell in love with a dream and exactly like the masses here in this community of Jag owners, we have had our "unfair" share of Jag troubles and woes. We purchased our car in --- of 200-, almost immediately we were visiting our local service department. Things we just considered "part" of owning a high end car. $500.00 here, $600.00 there... and then in January of 2004 I began feeling a jerk then sometimes a slide in the tranny, then the "gear box fault light" began coming on.

Jag service saw our Jag several times for this same complaint before they admitted they found a problem, then they tore apart the tranny and sent it back to us. Less than a month after this final repair, we took it back for the same troubles as before. This time a brand new tranny was installed (2/2004). It is now May of 2007 and that new transmission is sitting out in my driveway, in that beautiful Platinum Jazz 2000 S-Type, and it won't budge an inch because of it's 2nd dead transmission (which is three years old and has only 14,000 miles on it).

I have e-mailed Mike (above) at Windows2vinyl@yahoo.com, in regards to his class-action suit, I pray that everyone else reading this string will do the same. We need to band together and stop this consumer fraud by Jaguar/Ford. This is far to common of a problem with a very expensive fix for Jaguar/Ford to be ignoring until they can collect the final $6000.00 from every 2000 S-Type Jaguar owner. And from what I am reading here,"every" is not an over-estimate.

It was also suggested above that "we" each contact Channel 2 News Investigative Reporters at 323) 575-2345, and ask that they step in and do what they do best, and in this case, that is get to the root of a history of scheming and scamming by Jaguar/Ford.

11th Jun 2007, 18:43

I purchased a 2000 S-TYPE this weekend and the check engine light came on in the same day!!! Took it to Jaguar and they said it was one of the coils gone bad. They replaced it and I thought all was good. Later this evening the check engine light came back on. After reading all of the above comments, it makes me think second on the beauty of a car. Looks are deceiving. Now I am having to take the car back to them tomorrow. What a bummer!! What's next? I just pray its nothing drastic.

12th Jun 2007, 10:41

I purchased my 2000 S-Type Jaguar in April of 2006. My car started giving me problems about 9 months ago. For no reason my window just stopped coming down. I had some crazy message that kept popping up on my screen as well (fail safe engine mode). Then my check engine light started coming on. The day I bought the car I heard a rattling sound on the front right side of my car. Most recently I experienced the "don't park your car on a hill or it won't come out of park" deal. My car was in the shop for 3 months because I ended up breaking my gear shift and the repairs were astronomical. I was not aware that parking it on an incline would cause this. The SAME DAY that I got my car out of the shop I parked it on an incline and it got stuck again! I was furious until I found out that this was "typical" for this type Jaguar. I'd certainly like to be part of ANY class action suit.

My email address is chrissy3104@gmail.com.

22nd Jun 2007, 13:08

Wow, what a lot of unhappy Jaguar Owners, I am very familiar with all the mentioned concerns. As it happens for most of them there is only one source of blame & that is the dealers!!. I would say that 99% of the problems posted here are very well known by Jaguar, who incidentlly, as far as a manufacturer can go have done all that is required by law. When a manufacturer identifies repeat fault cases, there is always inevitably 1 of 3 things that are done, being...

1. Recall Actions (safety related faults)

2. Service Actions (Product Enhancement/Service Fixes)

3. Technical Bulletins-TSB, s (Factory instructions to the dealers how to fix known product issues)

As I said earlier, 99% of all these problems posted are in fact covered by either 1 of the above methods.

The problems come when the dealers do not action the advise given by the manufacturer. I am sure that if most of you visited a Jaguar Dealer & kindly asked them to check for outstanding Recall / Service actions, a percentage of your problems would be identified quickly & in the case of the first 2 methods, without charge, whether you are the original owner or not. Technical service bulletins however will be charged for if the vehicle's warranty has expired.

If any of you guys do require help with any Jaguar issues please feel free to e-mail me - Paul.


6th Jul 2007, 12:46

2001 XK8 Jaguar. Engine failed at 89,000. New engine installed cost 12,000.00. Jaguar told me too bad.

I have been a long time Jaguar owner. No more.

No wonder Ford lost 10 billion dollars last year.

18th Jul 2007, 14:00

Six months ago I purchased a 2001 S-type with 48,000 miles. Now at 60,000 miles the transmission is failing. I can only get the car into drive by first shifting to 2nd or 3rd gear, once moving, I can shift to 4th or D. It has also slipped out of drive several times. I have been quoted $4700 to replace the transmission, the mechanic told me the planetary gear is failing and that he just rebuilt another S-type 2 weeks ago. I bought the car because I thought I would have a solid, dependable car for a few years. I have a limited income and certainly can't afford the repair as I have just come out of bankruptcy and have a high interest loan. This is just insult to injury... Can anyone offer suggestions for help? mmancini5253@hotmail.com

Thank you..

18th Jul 2007, 18:40

Just came out of bankruptcy, and got a high interest loan to buy a flashy, expensive car that is beyond your means to maintain...

The car you need is a $300 1980 Plymouth Volare until you can get on your feet, if in fact you are serious about staying out of debt.

23rd Aug 2007, 15:34

Wow look at all these comments. I own a 2000 Jaguar S-type with 95000 miles on it. I get the gearbox fault message once a week, Check engine, Boot Open, Headlights don't come on and the shifter is extremely sluggish. This is one crazy expensive car to maintain. It looks beautiful, but I've owned it for about 40 days now and have spent over $4000.

I want in on that lawsuit.