2003 Jaguar X-Type 2.1 V6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Excellent car


There are a few electrical hiccups. I am still impressed by the total reliability of the Jaguar, and its seamless auto box that sounds delightful when revved hard, as the V6 surges forward effortlessly.

The build quality is good but not perfect. My irritation is the cheap plastic air vents on top of the dash, and the means of cheap plastic poppers to hold them in place.... Which they do not.

It is a poor man's Jaguar, and I guess this is reflected in the poorer build quality, but it is a beautiful car to own, looks super and is a joy to drive.

It's comfortable,and very, very cheap to insure. I am paying £136 yearly fully comp. My Fiat Cinquecento costs me £245!

People oddly believe the X-Type is a Mondeo; it is not. It shares the suspension arms, the diff, the ZF auto box and that's it. But that's Ford... They are like GM cars, they are totally reliable, but are so mundane.

The best thing for Jaguar is the take over by Tata. There is no engineering interference, nor management control, and Jaguar is a lot healthier for it.

The new XJ is a dream, and the F-Type looks stunning. I love my X-Type, and will only sell it for another Jaguar.

General Comments:

Handles very well.

Not as sharp as it could be.

The brake pads wear quite quickly, but it's because all Jags have soft pads instead of the harder German pads... They wear, but do not give that annoying jerkiness.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2013

2003 Jaguar X-Type 3.0 from North America


Great car, no problems, would buy a Jaguar again



General Comments:

This car has been great!!

Going on 82000 miles, just changed brakes and rotors for the first time, and installed new struts.

Have not had any mechanical problems, and continues to run great.

The paint on the Jaguar is probably the best factory paint job I have ever seen. Looks as good now as the day I bought it (except for 1-2 chips on the front hood from rocks).

I have also changed the tires around 45000, and the only other thing I changed was a headlight.

Quick car for a V6 and all wheel drive!!!

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Review Date: 14th June, 2011

2003 Jaguar X-Type 3.0 from North America


A Love Hate Relationship


Developed a sudden stalling condition at highway speeds about two months ago, which seems to be a well known problem in X Types, and is similar to a widely reported condition that existed in earlier XJ models.

The dealer was going to empty my bank account until I called Jag Customer Assistance. To their credit, they intervened and substantially limited my financial exposure, and replaced the throttle body, BUT the problem returned today. My wife is afraid to drive the car, and it can't be sold in this condition as somebody could get killed.

In case anybody is interested, a new throttle body is $1400 plus labor. My local Jaguar dealer was trying to clip me for $2100 to make the repairs, and had no clue where to look. I could really like this car if the repairs weren't such a screw job.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2010

5th Jan 2011, 14:23

I have a 2003 2.5 X-Type. I have had to pay thousands to fix it once a year almost. Unreliable piece of junk. This car was only made to look nice, not actually drive... I would love it and never buy anything else, if it was reliable. I'll be buying a Lexus next.

2003 Jaguar X-Type Sport 2.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Great presence for a smaller car. Fine interior. Great manual gear box


Transfer case case at 80,000.

Engine at 70,000.

General Comments:

I really like it, but am a bit annoyed at how much I've spent on it. Having said that, I bought the car second hand and I have a bit of a heavy right foot.

My advice is that it is a cracking car dynamically (take it around some fast bends and it gives fantastic grip), and once the car gets going, the performance is entertaining.

I don't regret the purchase, but will buy a newer one next time, and get an extended warranty.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2010