14th Mar 2010, 14:16

I bought a 2002 Jaguar X-Type with 60,000. Thought I was doing something big right! Wrong! My first problem was radiator leak, then my emergency park brake, then my car wouldn't shift out of park and the key was stuck in the ignition and wouldn't turn over to remove it.. now my transmission fault light is coming on with 69,000 miles and not even a year of owning the car.. I'm very sad about my dream car... and to top it off, I still have to pay for the damn car.. What a shame..

22nd Apr 2010, 18:17

2002 Jag X-Type.

I bought the car with 69k, and was told it had all major services done. Guess what happened about 3 weeks ago - yep the tranny let go when I was going onto the highway. I lost 4th and 5th gear (auto tranny).

Also the suspension (front) is falling apart, and when the tranny died, the shift solenoid started to click real loud when I put my foot on the brake. I contacted Jag, and they have been fairly responsive so far. I already bought a new tranny, and I asked them to cover the cost to install it. I hope they hold up to customer support, because no car should have this failure at 80k, better yet all the stories I hear of 40~50k failures.

I have had several quotes to have the tranny installed, but the cost is at 14~16 hours of labor anywhere from $120~150/hr. That's a lot of money, coupled with the cost of the tranny for a car that has a trade in value of about 4 grand.

26th Apr 2010, 22:34

X-type; from experience, don't buy this car. I thought I had my dream car. 30000 miles and it needed a transfer case. A year later, same problem.

Anything I can do? I mean this isn't a rare issue. They are selling people lemons and know it. I'm stuck making payments. Everything goes wrong. I paid $15000. If it were $4000, I would understand I'm taking a chance, but this car has easily cost me over 10 grand in repairs.


E-mail if I can do anything please.

27th Apr 2010, 11:07

My post was the April 22nd post above. I have had talks with Jaguar customer service and was told I am out of luck. If you are even thinking about buying an X-Type, I would advise that you read every post carefully.

The biggest problem with my car is the tranny. When I first looked at this car, I was blinded by the looks of the car and the fact that it is a Jag. I still like the looks and the fact that it`s a Jag, but not only is the quality horrible, but customer service is just as bad.

The response that I got was to make sure that I do regular service on the tranny. The transmission is listed as a sealed for life unit maintenance free. The transmission is the weak spot, and at about 5~7k for a new one installed, you don't need that type of weak spot, especially when the life is somewhere between 30~50k on average.

Also, the way they fail is bad because there is nothing leading up to a hard failure that suggests that there is a problem. Just for the heck of it, I drained my fluid and it was not even burned or low. This is just a plain and simple bad design that they don't want to admit too. If you do buy one, you might get lucky and never have a problem, but when you do have a problem, be ready for a huge expense, even if you buy a rebuilt or used tranny. Also all the little problems with loose plastic panels, doors not opening and other things points at serious quality issues.

Update on 4-28-2010. This is an e-mail I received from Jaguar this morning about transmission failures.

Dear -----------,

Thank you for contacting the Jaguar Customer Relationship Center.

I appreciate your inquiry. The transmission is referenced as a sealed unit, which does not require maintenance. The filter and transmission fluid does not need maintaining, therefore the longevity of the transmission is not dependent on maintenance.

Although we empathize with your situation, Jaguar Cars is unable to honor your request for assistance.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-4-JAGUAR, option 9, or by e-mail.



Jaguar Customer Service

30th May 2010, 15:04

Why did Jaguar take the Jaguar emblem off the hood of their new models? Because it’s ashamed to hold its head up high. Dedicated to outstanding performance when its performance record is tarnished by so many mechanical/manufacture defects?

When a woman buys a car, her first impression is based on the looks and not what is under the hood, 2nd impression is the reputation of the product's name. Jaguar implies reliability. I purchased my 2002 Jaguar X 2.5 with only 4 miles on it. I traded her in June 09 with only 42k miles on it.

2002 - hand selector lever n/c, repair both ball joints, leaking grease.

2003 - transmission replacement assembly.

2004 - engine light on. engine running hot, thermostat replaced & coolant fan module n/c.

2005 - replaced l/f window motor, washer spray tube re-routed.

Rim & new tire & coolant flush $510, washer jet hose pinched n/c.

Check engine light on-intermittent short sensor power, gearbox fault light on n/c (towed).

Fuel injection & throttle assembly cleaning along with wheel ailment, $565.

2006 - tire losing air, new tire, gas filter, oil change & brake pads, $979.45.

2007 - 50k check up was done at 34k miles - A/C compressor leaking, drive belt cracking, two rear wheels bent, repair rims, replace serpentine & drive belt, $1,187.27.

April 08 – wheel alignment, emission service, replaced faulty oxygen sensor, flush & refill power steering fluid, total, $1698.

May 08 - replace AC compressor, $1587.75.

Oct 08 – Remove drive shaft & sealed leaking flange - brakes, $1293.50.

Nov-Dec & Jan, couldn’t determine why the car was stalling out.

Jan 09 - replaced fuel pump, $1,366 (recommends prop-shaft due to howling noise).

Jan 09 – replaced oxygen sensor, replaced prop-shaft $1936 - needs another AC sensor.

Mar 09 – having problems again with transmission. Traded her in for a 2010 Lexus, did not want to sell and have it become someone else's heartache.

At least Toyota owner faced their problem instead of just retiring the vehicle. Class action oh yeah.

26th Jun 2010, 20:43

I bought a 2002 X-Type April 17th 2008 at a Ford/Jaguar dealer. It had 67,000 miles on it.

I too had the unfortunate mishap of the automatic tranny going out 2 days short of two weeks after purchase while traveling upstate to bury my cremated parents, who were in the trunk at the time. Strange huh?

Anyway, I called the closest Jaguar dealer, who came and towed me in. They were very nice and replaced the transmission with a rebuilt unit they had in stock for $2700 (not bad compared to what some folks have paid). The selling dealer gave me a 30 day warranty, but they told the closest Jaguar dealer that THEY had to do the repair work. The service manager called the warranty issuer, who gladly let them do the work. I only paid for the tow and a rental car.

The car now has 83,000 miles on it, and absolutely nothing has gone wrong with it since. I will have the fluid changed soon at a dealer, and may even drive a couple of hours back to the dealer who replaced the transmission for the service.

Will need to check on the brake pads, and likely do that myself.