7th Aug 2009, 02:58

I was considering buying a 2002 X-type, but after reading the comments I am a little reluctant to even consider buying the car now. It has 66k miles on it so it is used. Any advice?

I currently own a Lexus and have owned it since it was brand new. It currently has 200xxx miles and still runs great. I'm hoping to find this quality with Jaguar, but it seems to not be there. I drive my car like it was performance car and haven't had to replace anything in the 12 years I have owned it. Keeping in mind my car is the ES version, it isn't even a performance car. Can I find this in the X-type?

29th Oct 2009, 11:00

I also own a 2004 X-Type, I have not experienced any problems noted on this website except for the loose defroster vents (I super glued them back in place).

All the trans problems noted are most likely due to improper fluid (not Jaguar fluid), but if you have a 36k mile warranty, and have 46k miles on your car, how can you expect Jaguar to pay for your problems. Mercedes is the same way, and most high dollar car manufactures are, including Lexus.

If you bought your car used from a corner lot or off brand dealer, how can you expect Jaguar to resolve your issues for free.

Jags are incredible looking cars, but may require more to keep them on the road than your run-of-the-mill Honda or Toyota... but everybody has one of them.

23rd Nov 2009, 10:44

I have had an X-Type 2.5 automatic transmission 4wd for two years now with 31,250 miles on the clock.

Best car I have ever had!!

Only problems:

1) NAV Touchscreen: sometimes it doesn't react on touches. Loose wire. Just need to press the lower right hand corner of the unit, then it works again (saved £4000 there)

2) Drives door: difficult to open. Just push the door in a little bit and it opens without problems.

3) Lost the cooling fluid (hose jumped off). Garage put the hose back on and filled it with cooling fluid (most expensive repair I've had : £80.

So I must have been lucky or the year 2001 is a better year than the others, or I have less mileage on the clock than the examples on this forum.

When buying ANY car, you expose yourself to risk. If you want to avoid this - don't buy ANY car.

30th Dec 2009, 18:20

I bought my 2002 Jaguar X-Type 3.0 from a small dealer in western NY. It had 60,000 miles on it and drove great. 2,000 miles later the transmission failed. $4,000 repair. Also bad headlight wiring and passenger door and gas door are not opening. Sadly I missed the lemon law warranty period and am now stuck with the worst car known to man. DON'T BUY THIS CAR!!! PLEASE!!!

8th Jan 2010, 20:44

Hello, I am an owner of two Jaguars, a 98 XK8 and an 03 X-Type. I want to say that both of these cars are exceptional driving machines. I feel bad for those of you who have bought these cars and obviously cannot afford them, All cars will need repairs, all cars will need regular service, and all cars will cost you money.

My X-type is a great handling, fairly fast 5 speed manual transmission 3.0, I LOVE IT. I have 103,000 miles and would recommend this car to anyone, and when my daughter turns 16 next week, I will buy one that one of you have traded off for your next status symbol so you can LOOK rich. You should drive the car you LOVE, not the car that makes your friends like you.

11th Jan 2010, 22:18

Looks like I have joined the club of bad transmissions too. I bought my 2002 X-type Jaguar 8 months ago, and now with approx 65000 miles on the car, the transmission self destructs. After reading this column, I was somewhat relieved to see the notes about the TSB recall campaign XT307-S941 (Sept 03).

Can anyone confirm for me if this TSB applies to all transmissions, manual and automatic?

Have you had any luck getting support from Jaguar for the repairs?

12th Jan 2010, 23:37

I own a couple of other cars, so I don't use my 2002 Jaguar X-type 3.0 auto with 55,000 miles all the time... but after reading most of the comments, I am thinking about selling it.

But I also found this forum for a cheap & easy transmission fluid change. Check it out...


I think I am going to do this myself in Spring, but you can also show this information to your mechanic and see if this is a good idea...

I agree with the bad design of this transmission as a sealed unit, but if you change the fluid often, the transmission should last a lot longer... even though the interior finish looks good but cheap.

I still like the design of the body, and the way it drives in the snow.

Good luck and shame on you Jaguar company/dealers. $45 to $50 for a bottle of transmission fluid. It's bad enough you guys are not recalling this transmission. Recall this bad design and pay those who had to pay out of pocket for the repairs... and I will keep it... and buy another Jaguar in the future..

Well good luck guys/girls, and let me know how this worked out for you...

23rd Feb 2010, 11:33

Same old problem.

65000 miles, and a transmission that is gone.. 4th gear jumped, now I have 5 neutrals...

Vin c38068.

26th Feb 2010, 08:43

I just bought a 2002 Jaguar X-Type 3.0 AWD with 72,000 miles. I got the car for $7,000. Good deal right?? Well the alternator gave out on the 2nd day I was driving it! I'm angry cause I traded in my 2003 Ford Focus SVT Supercharged! Now the dealer won't give me my old car back cause it's sold! What should I so??? SUE??? >:(

3rd Mar 2010, 17:04

So I bought a Jaguar X-type 2002. I bought it for $5,500. It's always been a dream car, and me being 20 and driving a Jaguarm I can't complain.

Well after a month, my first problem was the locks on the doors; some would open. Driver's door wouldn't open, so I had to open my door either from the rear door or passenger; $150 to fix.

2nd problem; my moon roof/sun roof problems (haven't fixed it).

3rd; a light bulb went out $50 to fix.

4th; new brakes.

5th; I started having problems with the transfer case making horrible noises. The transfer case has been screwed up for about 4 months. I haven't fixed it yet, but I got a mechanic's quote for $3100; that's a lot of money.

6th problem; the rear speakers don't work.

7th; to start up the car, it makes a loud noise. Neighbors can hear it start up.

8th problem; the back seat, the one behind the driver's seat. For some reason during the rain season, it gets real wet, as in there's a leak and it absorbs on the floor, so I have to use a shop vacuum and get it out.

9th problem; sometimes the driver/ passenger door won't open the first time, so you have to keep trying till it opens.

Overall nice car, good looks but don't get fooled. I don't recommend it; at least the X-types.