14th Mar 2009, 16:13

I just got back from test driving a used 2002 X type with 73000 miles. I tried to open the driver's side door and it would not unlock. The salesman tried from outside and no dice. I crawled over the console and got out the passenger side. The remote wouldn't work for anything after that. After reading about all the transmission issues, I think I'll be purchasing the Saab that was parked next to the Jag.

17th Mar 2009, 21:19

We have a 2002 X Type Sport manual transmission, now 55000 miles, bought it at 20000 miles, certified select edition.

Excellent car, few problems and those have been very well serviced and quickly handled by our local dealer. We drive a lot in New York City so the clutch, gear box and transmission are always being worked. All still original.

The car remains solid, very stable, good wear life on the Continental tires. Only tire problem has been side wall bulge apparently the result of hitting a sidewalk curb. We replace the tires in sets of two. We did have one major problem when the fuel pump failed at about 25000 miles but that was covered under warranty.

I bought the extended warranty at 50,000 miles (good to 75,000 miles) and will probably sell the car then, but maybe not if there are no problems at that time.

As a used car with all the features that the X type has, I think a well maintained one that's been carefully inspected is very good value. My recommendation - be there when it's inspected and ask questions.

29th Mar 2009, 00:48

Hello, I just purchased a 2002 X-Type 45 days ago, it only had 24000 miles. I have had to replace the throttle body twice so they claim. I went to pick the car up from the mechanics, they had my car for 5 days, said it was ready drove it off the lot and the same engine light came on. I had to turn around and return the car to the mechanics. The transmission is crap.

Lynda Palmdale. CA.

30th Mar 2009, 14:48

Yes, this car, the Jaguar X-Type is a car with a lot of problems if you treat like any other.. but it's a luxury car, meant for smoothness, cruising. But not for punching it, flooring it & treating it like any other performance car, so for those who need a performance car, a Jaguar is not the car for you, trust me, it isn't for me either.

But I'm working on putting a Mustang 5.0 engine in my Jaguar X-Type 2003, and of course upgrade the brakes & plenty more. But hopefully it will be a good project car when done.

And of course it will be a true Jaguar when finished with this project.. A true performance car.. :)

7th May 2009, 00:44

I bought a 2003 X Type 2.5 two years ago with 90,000 km on the clock. I knew it had high mileage, but it looked so good that I had to buy it.

I took it back to the dealer for the first two services. I was told the transfer case had a leak and the oil pan gasket was also leaking. Since then I have taken the car to a local european car specialist. They tell me the oil pan gasket leak is there, but is so small, not to worry about it for quite some time. (It means removing the front axle to replace). They also said there is nothing wrong with the transfer case.

In regards to performance, I would have preferred a 3.0L with a manual transmission, but I was at the mercy of the finance company. I am not a rich man, but I am from England and always wanted a Jag.

I take exception to a previous comment where the person states that his car is a luxury car and not a performance car. I have had my Jag up to 110 mph and it handled like a dream. It's a shame that the Jaguar name has gone through such turmoil. The company should have been left alone to continue building quality cars. When it comes time for me to trade in my car, it will be for another Jaguar.

As a footnote, for those of you who are not happy with tires for your Jag, take note.

I had a wheel alignment done and bought a set of Nokian all weather tires. They are made in Finland and are absolutely brilliant. No road noise and grip like you wouldn't believe. I was my own snow plow at one point this past winter and they got me through.


24th May 2009, 08:53

Just for the info of all you Jag owners who have the Jatco auto transmissions and are having issues. I own a Rover 75 (great car by the way) same Jatco box and they require very specific high temperature auto transmission fluid when changed. My guess is some of these faults may be related to previous servicing done without proper fluids being replaced. Many companies / service centres state their fluids are the right type, but this is not so in most cases.

These transmissions require high temperature additives.

This same issue has happened too many Rover owners. Their cars have run perfectly up to 100,000 miles, then they get the major service done and the next thing the auto's pack up.

29th Jun 2009, 18:21

We own a 2004 X Type with only 14,000 miles only driven May thru September. When a loud clunking noise was heard, took it to the dealer. The mechanics came out and stated that they have never seen anything like it. The gears in the transfer case were broken. The car has been pampered and there is no reason other than a defective transfer case. We have been very disappointed at the response we have gotten from Jaguar. This will be the last Jaguar that we will purchase. It has been a very very disappointing experience.

30th Jun 2009, 19:05

I want to buy my 2002 X Type (80000 km) jaguar tomorrow, but with the comments everyone has made. it seemed as if jaguar has not had a pass mark on its cars. The complaints are just too much. I think I will change my mind and go for another car. Any advice would be welcome.

3rd Jul 2009, 14:15

I have a 2005 2.0 Sport diesel X Type Estate from new.

A few minor problems with sensors on keys, and had the fuel tank replaced under warranty after Jaguar admitted in having some problems with condensation building up in the tank.

At 50,000 miles the clutch just died with no warning or symptom build up. It is going to cost about £1200 to repair.

The car is 8 months out of warranty and Jaguar do not want to know. Disgusted at their attitude.

Surely a quality built car, even if it is a budget Jaguar, should be more reliable.

26th Jul 2009, 09:32

I own a 2005 X-type with almost 44,000 miles. I have been fortunate that there has only been minor problems over the year and all have been taken care of under warranty. I am now wondering if I should purchase an extended warranty for the car before my 5 years of ownership comes? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

3rd Aug 2009, 17:31

I bought a 2002 X-type with 50,000 miles, and not a year later the car started to overheat. So I took it to a mechanic, and was told that heads were warped? I got that done for $3200! (took out whole engine); hard earned money in this day & age. Thought low mileage would be a good investment - not true! Cost more trying to keep the damn car running. Now I'm having issues when I press the gas; the car shakes and puffs along with the info gauge telling me cruise control not available? Has anyone come across that already?

Please contact me if you have answer lokeytech@yahoo.com I know it's going to be expensive!! Thinking to myself I hope the trans stays working. Come on lawsuit!!!