26th Nov 2008, 11:47

I bought a 2002 x-type with a manual transmission. It's a great car and still has the original transmission and clutch. 173,000 miles and still going.

29th Nov 2008, 13:29

I bought a new 2007 X-Type. I've already begun to experience some of the repairs listed on this site and am now quite concerned about what lies ahead.

I'm writing this forum to see if anyone might know why on occasion my X Type will suddenly surge with more power when it should be shifting into a lower gear. Is this an indication of future transmission problems?

The other day I was coming to a stop at a red light. As I slowed down to almost stopping, my X-Type started lurching forward even with my foot was squarely on the brake. I was not able to stop the car. This is quite unnerving. My Jaguar dealer seems to be mystified and said it could be the "transmission module". They are currently replacing this component under warranty. I do not feel safe driving the car.

Has this happened to anyone else out there? Or are there any ideas as to what could be the cause of this?

5th Dec 2008, 16:12

Wow what an eye opener. Just discovered fluid dripping from my 2003 Jaguar, and when the mechanic checked it, it was transmission fluid. Just great, 2 months after the warranty. 60,000 miles on a 2003 X type. Gee whiz, it will only cost $5200 to fix. The car is only worth what 12000 dollars. Should have stayed with the Camry. 140,000 plus and 0 dollars in any mechanical repairs other than service. Last Jag I ever buy. Wish everyone luck. When it's fixed it's gone. Of course the dealer said oh well.

9th Dec 2008, 21:33

Dream car, nightmare purchase. 2002 Jaguar X type, the worst and most expensive thing you can do for yourself. Right now the car in the shop for a fuel pump, already replaced the oil gaskets, the transmission, door locks, stereo system is just way wrong.

Nice to look at and that's about it. Would never buy a Jag again.

11th Dec 2008, 15:35

I have a 2002 X-Type with 42,500 on it. Purchased this car as a X-mas (get it) present for my wife in 2004 with 22,000. She told me she always wanted a Jag, so lo and behold... Gear box fault message has just started to pop up (automatic tranny). After reading the forum I am pretty sure I know what's next.

Had it in to a very good tranny shop for a look and service. Today was the first day back so I took it for a test drive. Worked great for ~10 miles, then the gear box fault message and difficulty shifting from third to fourth and/or under load.

Have had some weird stuff like the keys not working, head light out, but both were fixed relatively easy by myself at no cost.

However, I think that the tranny issue is going to be big $$$. Any news on a recall, class action or some sort of recourse on this issue? Test ride failure was a little scary since it occurred on the highway with a lot of traffic (nearly creamed by a semi). Car went from 65 mph to 40 in a second and tacked out (thought I was going to blow it apart).

Any and all info on my next step to fix this thing and send it along is greatly appreciated. Hopefully before I have a X-wife (get it). Maybe I should buy American... only problem, there may not be anyone there either to issue a recall.

Best regards to all

Dean C.

31st Dec 2008, 08:45

I bought a 2002 X-Type 3.0 with an automatic transmission. It was used and had 32,000 miles on it.

The transmission has been rebuilt while under factory warranty. The drive shaft needs to be replaced and I do have one bent rim. The front defrost vents won't stay in place and rattle, but there are after market vents that can be purchased that clip on better. A sensor in the gas tank went out and had to be replaced, but otherwise the car is great.

I love driving it! The all-wheel drive handles great in inclement weather; better than any of the Jeeps I have owned. Overall the maintenance is minimal on this car. Of course not as good a Japanese product, but personally I don't think a Camry is fun to drive.

Most of the comments I have read center around dealers. Yes they are inept even though they claim to be the "experts". I suggest researching your problem on forums first and making a more educated decision on whom should work on your car.

22nd Jan 2009, 14:07

2002 X-Type 3.0 S ~49k owned since new (my wife's car)

Transmission died last week, dealer quoting ~7k plus labor. current KBB value 7 - 13k so I'm not really keen on spending this much to repair the car. Currently (half heartedly) looking for alternative replacement transmission but I'm more inclined to buy a GLK and scrap the jag.

Prior problems relatively minor (the usual suspects, ie defrost trim, etc) except for a fuel pump failure which left my wife stranded at night on the side of a freeway. tire wear has been a bit worse than I expected, however no issues with wheels.

Absolutely rotten service from both the dealer we purchased the car from and our local dealer (we moved) needless to say, but based on my dealer/service dept experience I will never even look at a Jag again much less consider buying one.

Good luck.

12th Feb 2009, 14:30

Hello everybody, I know what you mean with the Jag, my tranny had problems, so I took it to the dealer and told him to see what is wrong with it, and if he can change my oil. He stated he cannot because the tranny is sealed and I have to get a new one. I went home, ordered a Jag book and used my second car for the mean time.

Read the book, changed the tranny oil, which it didn't hardly have any, and it looked like engine oil. I put 9.3 quarts of Castrol by specifications, put a bottle of Slick 50 in it, and now my Jag has 100,700 miles on it and still driving mint with the original tranny. The Slick 50 also comes with a 36,0000 miles warranty on the tranny as long as you keep the receipt and use their product in the tranny.

17th Feb 2009, 06:55

My next door neighbor has a 2002 Jag X-Type with a recent auto trans failure. Has anyone determined if Jaguar has done a recall or issued Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for these transmissions based on certain VINs?

How can I obtain a list of these VINs?

Has there been any attempt at a class action lawsuit since it appears from forum comments that customers are being stonewalled?

1st Mar 2009, 13:39

The most common failure on the JF506E is an aluminum piston breaking inside the unit. I own a Transmission repair shop, and see this failure often. This unit is manufactured by Jatco, and is used in the x type, the Mazda MPV, Land Rover Freelander, and a VW vehicle.

8th Mar 2009, 19:11

2002 X-Type 3.0 manual Sport 55k (now).

Clutch and flywheel destroy themselves regularly.

Generally not well built.

Poor quality alloy wheels.

Rough manual gearbox, unacceptably rough!

Electrical issues.

Terrible brakes, even on the rare occasions they're fully working with no binding.

AWD mostly good, but understeers when pushed even with Pirelli P-zeros.

0-60 claimed @ 6.6 seconds; this is true but you'll only do it once per clutch / gearbox / transfer case.

Engine has periods when it seems to lose its edge, ever so slightly down on power.

Not actually that big inside.

The only upside is on premium British fuel it will pull right round to the end of the speedometer (160mph), though again this is at the cost of the transmission if you don't have about twenty miles of road to freewheel along afterwards to disperse the heat!

All in all, this car looks great, but it's a bad, expensive unsatisfying car to own. £1300 every time the clutch and flywheel go, 25mpg.

If you like driving, don't get this car, get a Mazda RX-8, 10-15mpg, but the fun per gallon can't be matched!