30th Jul 2008, 11:28

I don't know how I made it with my 2002 x-type to 106,000 miles. When buying this car, I didn't realize this car would be such a problem! I went through many of things listed and now I am experiencing problems with my back tires. They keep going flat! On top of that, there is a squeaky and rubbing noise. There was something metal completely broken and yeah, I must have hit a pothole or something the jag dealer said. I already put in $1600 in work in the tire area, replaced all tires (one of them had a blow out) and the jag dealer says I need to buy rotors and brakes now. A couple of my rims got bent some how too. I wonder what will happen next. I am done with this car once I get it back in working order.

20th Aug 2008, 13:20

Does anybody have any information on a class action suit concerning transmission failure in the 2002 X-type?

Does Jaguar actually have any responsibility if my VIN number is included in the campaign?

19th Sep 2008, 18:04

WOW. I bought my 2002 X-type last year without doing much research. I am the third owner. Not sure what problems the previous owner had but my transmission died in Feb this year. I found a mechanic who rebuilt it for $2100 with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. I live in SF Bay Area. Now the car is leaking oil. A mechanic told me Oil Pan Gasket might need to be replaced and possibly Rear Main Seal and power steering hose. I know if I go to a dealer it will cost me at least 1500 to 2k. So I'm looking for independent mechanics. I was hoping the Oil pan gasket would be an easy job but looks like the transfer case has to come out: this is a long process.

My advise to people with similar problem: if you can't afford to pay top $$$ to get the dealer to fix it, look for a good, experienced mechanic who is retired and working for lower fee. I bought the car for $8000, spent 2100 on transmission... now possibly another 2k for Engine work. I'm dreading to think of what would happen next. Never another Jag unless I win the lottery. Anything but the Jag. The labor is a killer. I am definitely interested in class action law suit.

2nd Oct 2008, 11:25

Bought my 2002 x type in 2007 without much research, well now I need a transmission.

7th Oct 2008, 18:37

We've been loyal Jag customers since the 1970s, and always trusted our dealer! Then when the transmission of our 2002 X-Type went at 40,000 miles, but after the warranty had expired, we asked our dealer what might have happened - and he denied there was any problem at all!

We checked the online forums, found out about the TSBs since 2003 indicating a systemic manufacturing flaw in the Jatco 506E transmission, and even got copies of the service bulletins listing VINs affected, which included our unit. And Jag Corp even provided a template for a letter to notify customers of the problem - but our dealer not only never notified us, he denied there was a service bulletin, and suggested we had somehow made the whole thing up.

We complained to Jag customer service and they also denied the existence of the problem, and only later when we had found evidence of the TSBs, they changed their tune saying "out of warranty, not our problem" even though we had never been notified!

We're still in shock that after thirty five years of customer loyalty, they've chosen to be so dishonest with us.

Worse, when the transmission failed it happened on the freeway - we could have all been rear-ended by a semi. Does Jag care that their silence put us in danger? No.

Adding insult to injury, the dealer offered us $3500 for the trade in - even when the local Mercedes guy offered $5500 for the same car, same condition, without any relationship with us, and the bluebook ranges from $9-13k! All the dealer could think of was one more profit made at our expense. He said he could fix it, but for $6-7k!!

We've learned some Jag owners have successfully sued in small claims court; only one or two seem to have gotten through the customer service ordeal with partial "good will payments," but most of us have only been mistreated, insulted, and deceived.

But because this seems to be a systemic mechanical flaw that is life-endangering and Jaguar and its dealers is still deceiving its customers, denying a problem and denying the existence of TSBs it issued, refusing to notify owners of the dangers they face, we believe there should have been a recall to prevent injury or death to drivers who experience total transmission failure at unnaturally low mileage (30,000 to 40,000).

To help document the extent of this problem, the risks owners have experienced, the poor and dishonest treatment by Jaguar dealers and Jaguar Corp, and to join forces either in a class action suit or a nationwide education campaign to inform fellow owners of the risks they face, we hope to hear from you - please email us at: JAGJUSTICE@LIVE.COM. Tell us of your experiences, and your solutions, and help combine our voices and restore the integrity and excellence that Jaguar once stood for!

6th Nov 2008, 14:54

Well here it is. I purchased a 2003 Jaguar previously leased with 18,000 miles in 2004. Here are the problems I have had.

- Tire issues, inside tire wear on lousy tires the car came with. The guys at good year claimed it was an alignment that the dealer could only fix.

- Remote Key just stopped working out of the blue.

- Instrument cluster faulty.

- Random dead battery twice.

- Oil pan leak.

- This week the transmission went out without warning, luckilyI was just merging on to the freeway and was able to get to the side of the road.

I have paid for all repairs and will pay for the transmission repair. I'm almost done paying for the car (next Month) but as far as buying another Jag. I don't think I will. Too bad because I was looking at the XKR. Well theirloss cause the cars are really nice looking.

18th Nov 2008, 11:55

I feel the need to both defend and bash Jaguar at the same time. I have 2 jaguars and love them both. I have a 2002 XJ8 which to this day I have not had one problem with (it now has 70,000 miles), but my 2005 X Type with 30,000 miles has had the same issue everyone here describes.

I got a call back from the dealer today saying that my transfer case is bad. It is still under warranty or I would have also prescribed to a lawsuit.

The issue with mine seems even more ridiculous than some of the frustrations I have read. I will not have to pay a penny, but they claim the transfer case is back-ordered and have no clue when they will receive another to fix the car. I asked them about a loaner (I own several cars but why not drive theirs) and they told me they do not have one to lend LOL. I am going to push this issue if it takes longer then a week to get the part in. I sympathize with everyone here, but am not suffering monetarily, so feel I have no right to really complain, but will offer this advice. It seems the larger V8 Jags do not have nearly the problems these small ones have. So if you can afford it and really want a Jag, buy the larger ones and try to avoid the all wheel drives.

Mike PA.