30th Jan 2005, 21:40

Your comment "Sorry for the rant, but as you can tell, I am fed up with the reviewers. " pretty much sums up the review. Is your purpose to tell us about the X-type or present a diatribe on how wrong a couple of reviewers are? It's really hard to get a lot out of your review.

25th Mar 2005, 16:36

No idea what you are talking about... how much "research" did you do? Oh and by the way ignoring reviews on cars is a foolish way to decide which car to buy. Please never forget how much you paid for that Jag of yours because it is only worth half that price. And lastly don't drive it around with your head up because there is nothing cool or classy about that car. Take care.

8th Jun 2005, 01:59

Your interpretation of the crash tests isn't quite right. The X-Type and the 3 Series are both rather average 4 star cars and have the same safety equipment. Neither are cutting edge. In fact the X-Type was relatively poor when tested in side impact against an SUV. And of course there's the new 2005 BMW 3 Series which will probably get 5 stars.

26th Oct 2005, 02:55

The biggest problem with this review is that BMW DOES have AWD in the 325, 330, and 530 xi models. An equally big problem is that I am 100% sure that this is yet another review written by someone who works for Jaguar, therefore making it null and void. If you ignored all of the "snobbish" reviews of the Jaguar, where did you get your inspiration for this review?

I want an X-Type, but am really unsure. This didn't help me at all.

26th Aug 2006, 13:29

Just a battle of egos here. Just get the car if you love the look and feel. My husband and I test drove a jag after hearing horrendous reviews, only to find out "To each his own" It's a beautiful car, handles extremely well, and has a nice growl (3.0) the way a jag is supposed to. Baby J is the right car for us. We can't wait till it arrives from Texas to our door. Good for all of you that can drive any of these cars in the same luxury class. We have nothing against any BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Accura, Infinite, VW. They are all great cars and deserve applaud. Just do the same for the new affordable Jaguar!

15th Nov 2006, 09:17

Well the X-Type is not even a true Jaguar and is the WORST "luxury" car as its nothing more than a Ford Contour with a Jaguar badge on it. So I highly doubt this car is better then a BMW 3 series (which is proven by its poor resale value).

I like BMW, Benz, and Lexus a whole more for the price range. The new Lexus IS350 is stunning and has AWD and 300 HP in its higher end model. Anything is better then the X-Type (just look at the reviews for the 2002 model).

29th Apr 2007, 19:27

I recently purchased a 2004 jaguar x type. It runs great and is incredibly roomy. The trunk is huge and the rear seats fold down for skis, and other large objects in the trunk. I paid $18,300 for a 2004 (3 years old) and am happy with my deal. Most dealers wanted $19,600-19,900. The car is quiet, comfortable and fast. I also have been averaging close to 25 MPG on the highway. I have checked out the BMWs and find as new and used cars they are very expensive. The Jag offers a less harsh ride, and a far more economical used purchase. All amenities work well, and the car is really a value. It also offers a different statement than the BMW. Slightly more individualistic and eccentric. Less.

23rd Jun 2007, 21:56

Chill out guys, it's all a matter of personal taste. Geez.

18th Oct 2007, 00:36

I bought a 2004 JAGUAR x-type 3.0 L, and also I have a 1999 BMW 323is. Both cars are good, each of them has an advantage and disadvantage which is true to all cars, there is no such thing as perfect car, there are always good and bad reviews, but we all know that these cars pass a Quality

Control and even though it passes the Q.C. still there are unseen factory defects. So its normal to have some problems to your new car whether a Jag or BMW or Benz. You are lucky if you get the car that roll out the fatory without any problem in years. Its just a matter of taking care of your car and not by just driving it. I'm satisfied with both cars. Previously I got a Land Rover 2003 model HSE and it gives me a real headache, maintenance was so expensive and really if you go to a Jag dealer service, as if you owe them something. I was never satisfied with the Land Rover, it was a waste of money and time. I bought the car knowing that it is a tough SUV as seen on TV while crossing rugged terrains. Maybe I just bought the bad Land Rover that rolled out from the factory and I was not lucky enough.

As one wrote in this site, It's a matter of choice, so chill out guys... Enjoy your cars and take care of them..

18th May 2008, 12:58

I recently bought a 2002 x type with 37000 miles on it and we love it. it is very reliable and the mileage is great. I see a lot of unfavorible reviews and I wonder. Ours is black and one owner. if you take care of them thay will be fine. I want to add one more thing. There is a big misconception that all things mechanical cost an arm and a leg on the jaguar. The transmission is 3200 to replace not 9000. The exhaust system is 450 to replace. That is not much more than your ordinary car.

Thanks. Tony

6th Jun 2008, 13:42

Talking Numbers.

I just bought a used 2004 Jaguar X-type, and I enjoy it soundly, but I did consider BMW series. I really am not knocking BMWs, I'm a BMW motorcycle rider, so I love their vehicles, and my brother and father both own their cars. The reason I bought the Jaguar was simple though: Numbers.

They don't add up. I bought this thing 40,000 miles for 13,500 dollars... perfect Carfax and that's pretty typical. Why, because it depreciates like a rock falling from the sky... Undeservedly! I knew that so I bought it on the tail end of that depreciation. People knock the Jaguar X-type and utilize 2002 reviews (AKA first model) to do so. It had problems... no kidding, anyone who buys the first of a series is going to hit kinks. Critics who hit on the Mondeo parts need to look more into the Ford Mondeo reviews. As for this car from 2002 to 2003, it jumped 25% on quality, and then 2003 to 2004 it jumped 13% on quality reviews. The brand is now a major competitor for JD Powers because of Ford's efforts.

Ford bought this company and spent 9.5 billion dollars trying to increase brand quality, but all the public realizes is a marginalization of the brand name. That's why these things depreciate like they do. Compare numbers at cars.com and you'll see 0-60 mph the car is faster per size of liter engine compared to a BMW 3 Series. Now that said, I can't deny that by comparison to a BMW, the parts seem a little more flakish and cheap on the interior; knobs and whatnot. There is a distinct solidness to every part of a BMW car interior that this car doesn't quite touch on, and I wouldn't try to take away from. That said, it is still wonderful to drive.

People who attack the repair costs on these vehicles are not entirely off-base doing so, given Jaguar's long history of repairs, but again look at the numbers (Automotive.com). A 2004 X-type is going to average 600 dollars more in five year ownership costs in the form of repairs, but it saves 700 dollars in the form of maintenance every year compared to a 2004 BMW 325i...and those numbers are just getting stronger in the Jaguars favor for every year's production model after that.

That said, repairs are entirely inconvenient and more random a cost... sort of hit or miss really. I personally would recommend an extended warranty, and that's not a criticism, that's just common sense... there's very little variation in maintenance, but a greater variation in repairs, and you can calm that cost to a more constant number with a warranty (I think maybe I worded that poorly, but whatever).

Regardless, the long and short of it is, and this might surprise some; I think the comparative BMW 325i is better car (just slightly), but it doesn't have to be a better investment, depending on your intentions with a Jaguar (remember Jaguars cost less). Keeping a X-type for an extended length of time will ultimately make it the stronger investment, as depreciation as stated before is a matter of public opinion (ride it till it dies). You can be even more intelligent though, and buy it after the depreciation levels off as I did, and it becomes a completely more sound investment than a BMW 325i.

Those people who want to make one car over the other sound like a completely better vehicle in every way are just fooling themselves. The point is did you get what you want out of it? I did, so I bought it... and I'm happy with my Jaguar. I hope all of you are happy too... I hope this commentary was helpful.


Brian TCa.