1992 Jaguar XJ40 4.0L AJ-6 from North America




Cylinder head gasket oil leak to coolant.

Differential replacement.

Hydraulic steering pump and steering rack.

Fuel pump.

Leveling system (ultimately removed).

W/S wiper system.

Active seatbelt system IN-OP.

Transmission failure warning light periodically throwing car into "limp-home" mode (current problem, and nobody has access to proprietary failure codes).

Electronic failures throughout.

Air conditioning under capacity for hot climate.

General Comments:

Wonderful performer when it's running, which is about 6 month out of 12. The biggest problem rests with Jaguar's inability to realize that their name is on the product and to provide a technical and customer support basis.

The second biggest problem is their reprehensible dealer-body which sees customers as cash-cows only, and their refusal to service older cars. Anything that's older than 5 years; they don't want to cope with, as I was told by one dealer when I called that my car was too old for them to work on it. That was in year 2000. This is disgusting; if it were not for independent Jaguar garages which keep a basically good legacy alive, there would not be a single JAG on the road that's older than 5 years.

And now, Jaguar wants us to rush out to buy some more of the aggravation we endured over the years. They need to weed their dealer-body and appoint new customer oriented dealers before I would even consider, as nice as the new models are.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2016

21st Jul 2016, 02:11

Thank you for the review. It seems that Jaguar management has a mentality not on par with the actual customer service as seen by most other car makers. It is sad, because this spoils the engineering talent of its own employees.

Good to know what approach this brand has with its customers. Despite producing great cars (with poor reliability on par with similar British standards of Aston Martin, Range Rover and Mini Cooper) Jaguar never took off and never positioned themselves among the 3-4 main players in the segment. They could easily have achieved this, yet they never did and never will only because of their less than desirable company culture.

15th Oct 2016, 19:18

My 92 Jag does not have active seat belt criticized. Mine is a wonderful, trouble free car.

16th Oct 2016, 13:05

What I don't understand is, if you hate the car so much, why keep it for 24 years?

1992 Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign 4.0L from UK and Ireland


True British quality engineering


None whatsoever, apart from a new battery.

General Comments:

A "barn find", the Jag had been off the road from November 2003 until 2015, all the tyres still blown up and 1/4 of a tank of 12 year old petrol!

A new battery was fitted, I turned the key, and the engine turned over for approx 5 seconds and burst into life; you can imagine the smile on my face. Everything worked on the car except for a rusty nearside indicator repeater light. I took it for its annual M.O.T. test and the only fault was 2 perished steering rack gaiters. It is now on the road and I have covered nearly 1000 miles. I am the second owner from new.

The first owner bought the car from Stratstone in Mayfair (London), and from 1992 to 2003 when it was parked up, it covered 34877 miles. There are 10 service stamps in the book, all done by Stratstone. I think when it went for its M.O.T., the owner had the car serviced at the same time.

I hope readers find this of some interest.

Regards, Nick.


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Review Date: 27th May, 2015

1992 Jaguar XJ40 XJR 4.0 L from UK and Ireland


Very good value for money, looks superb, great ride, quality car


Problems in my ownership;

Fuel pump failed.

Wiper microswitch.

Wheel bearing failure O/S/F

Heater blower stuck on high, resolved by replacing the Darlington transistor.

Before I got it;

Most suspension bushes had perished, and a rear shock was leaking.

Rusty floorpan and bulkhead/arches.


A/C inoperable.

Windshield cracked.

Aerial mast sticking.

Diff bearings noisy.

Some common things are/things to look out for;

Rusty bootlids / arches / bulkhead / sunroof / pan sides.

Headgasket's around 120k

Bushes on suspension (heavy car).

Some electrical issues, blocked water drains etc.

Appetite for rear shocks.

Door handles (early)

Dirty earth connections cause VCM warnings.

Caliper bolts missing (causes wheel to lock up when braking).

ABS sensors on Pre-90's (Girling brakes only)

Fans in engine bay

Water can enter behind the dash and at best wet your leg, but in the worst case will short out your Main ECU!!

Aerial masts if not cleaned

On the up!.

Engine/Transmissions are usually solid even after 200k miles.

Interiors wear little, only drivers side seat cracks and tears but this is expected.

Lots and LOTS of spares floating around, midlife crisis, many being broken up now, jaguar still has new original parts although there costly. something like 208k! 40's were made.

Lots of models to choose from. Some quite rare indeed. (Daimler Majestic LWB, XJ12 is also uncommon now).

General Comments:

Overall a very very nice car, previous "owner" unloaded lots of problems onto me. So I took the car to a Jaguar specialist and had it inspected; it wasn't good, with lots of issues.

Even though the car had lots of problems, it was still a good ride!

I had all four of the brake disks/pads changed, rear A-frame bushes and rear shocks changed, upfront I had new wishbone bushes/and shock bushes. After putting on 4 new tires (P6000), the car handled 1000 times better, and it's much much smoother.

Even though it's around 1.9 tonnes, it still does pull well at 3.5krpm +. Brakes have excellent fade resistance, and it makes a great engine note!. Transmissions are solid.

Interior is pretty amazing for a car of this age; I think its better than the new models, more space etc.

It's not massive on fuel; maybe get 22-24 MPG on a good run, and the massive tank holds around 86L's incl expansion space etc.

Even though it's cost me a lot to fix up these issues, I can say I don't regret buying it one bit! Looks so good in motion and when stood still.

If your looking to buy one and want the best,= chance of getting a reliable one, buy a 1992+, 1994 being the last year of XJ40 production. Early ones 87's 89's are actually a very different car; Ford helped Jaguar change and resolve a lot of issues. Later is better. Later cars 93-94 main changers are Airbags, battery in boot and on some they have a X300 hybrid suspension.

Hope this is useful in some ways. Take someone who is familiar with the cars when looking; problems can be easily spotted when knowing what to look for. I made a mistake not doing this! But no car is without its faults.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2007