1992 Jaguar XJ40 Soverign 4.0 from UK and Ireland


Amazing Luxury and Performance


2 Manifold Gaskets replaced at 90000.

Ariel needed replacing.

Both wing indicators needed replacing.

Oil pressure sometimes reads low in hot weather. My mechanic said the oil's fine and not to worry. it's caused no problems I'm aware of.

Rust under boot door button (a common problem with the XJ40s) not a big deal and is not visable to anyone from street level.

General Comments:

Fantastic feeling of presence and quality.

She feels like a £38000 car, but costs £1720!!!

This car runs so gracefully and smoothly, It's impressed almost everyone who I've had in it.

I've used this car to sainsburys, family days out, 1000 mile trips to Scotland and back. This car can be whatever you want it to be.

The mid-range performance is astounding, it's just so much fun to put your foot down.

Strong breaks aswell.

A superb quality Hi-Fi, I only have tape, but my mechanic will fit the CD for £200.

I love it when some tasteless boy racer stops next to me at the lights - goodbye.

Not too thirsty on the motorway; 60 mph = 28 mpg, 90 mph = 22 mpg. I live in London and average 12mpg, 15mpg at night. Who cares, my brother owns Ka that does 35mpg, but this is such a better car it's worth the fuel bill.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2005

1992 Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign 3.2 from UK and Ireland


The height of Jaguar excellence and my car of choice forever!


Both indicator repeaters failed. Full of mould.

Fan belts noisy. Replaced by vendor.

Battery let me down twice. Poor maintenance. OK now.

Signs of rust on boot light panel, but that's easily cured.

General Comments:

I never bought a 12 yr old car before, but this thing feels like brand new.

The comfort level is astounding. It's a pleasure just to sit in the car in the drive!

I had a Citroen XM which was a guzzler, so I'm used to thirsty cars, but I don't begrudge it with this XJ - small price to pay for the luxury.

The sound system is the best I've ever heard in a car - it matches my £1200 hi-fi with ease.

The engine (3.2 auto) is whisper quiet even under hard acceleration, -and smooth? Believe it.

I'm not well versed in the mechanics of this motor, but I do know that it's the best car I've ever owned and I still marvel at the quality of construction.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2005

1992 Jaguar XJ40 4.0 from UK and Ireland


Lovely drive, great road presence


Leaking water into boot (trunk)

General Comments:

Very comfortable car to drive

Good on long journeys

Lovely interior (leather / walnut)

Heavy on fuel in town (19mpg) but can achieve >30mpg on motorway cruising at 65mph

Build quality not as good as Mercedes

Heavy car - takes time to stop even with ABS

Noisy fan for heater / air conditioning.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2004

1992 Jaguar XJ40 3.2 six cylinder from UK and Ireland


Superb, underrated, bargain!


Leaves clogged the small drain hole in the petrol tank filler cap rubber shroud, took about five minutes to unclog.

Toolkit tyre pressure gauge faulty.

Rear brake bulb failure.

Retaining clip fell off interior panel, refited in minutes.

General Comments:

Having read some bad press about the xj40, the car came as a total unexpected, happy surprise, it's superb value, second hand.

The quietness and comfort of the cabin is surreal.

The four speed z.f. gearbox is as smooth as silk.

The brakes are powerful and full of feel, unusual in such a big car.

The handling is beyond reproach, 16 inch five star sports wheels with Pirelli 4000 tyres are a superb match.

The space for rear passengers has been totally misrepresented, it's cavernous and comfortable.

I recently loaded my sons golf clubs, ruck sack, sleeping bag, sports bag, my good wifes huge 'overnight' bag, two callapsible chairs, Wine/beer cooler, and a low, easy to load, lip height. And the press thought it to small...?I don't agree. And it's totally water tight!

The fuel consumption average is 24 mpg as shown on the trip computer. And you can get more, if you drive sympathetically.

Performance is best described as, brisk, smooth and is more than enough for a 'keen driver' to have fun. Mid range power rates 10/10, (the most important for everyday use).

The Jaguar radio/cass (clarion) is very good compared to most after market systems. With the emphasis on sound quality rather than gizmo's, this makes it easy and practical to use.

Finish and fit on this late 1992 model is up with the best manufacturers.

The paint finish is excellent. Fords paint process, and mother company ownership, has made a huge improvement in build quality.

Areas of the dreaded, 'red oxide tin worm' rust, have only shown it's evil face on the underside of the boot lid, near the number plate down lighters. The Jaguar hot wax injection, has certainly done it's job on this car.

Passengers love to ride in the XJ, everyone has had a positive response or comment about the ride and ambience of the car. Passengers love it.

At the end of a tough and tiring day, it's a great feeling to drive the xj home. It has that special ingredient the French, Oriental, German and Italian car companies just can't pull off, it's like sitting in your favorite arm chair, surrounded by the opulence of wood and leather, a 'feel special' X factor.

If you need to eat up the miles, this car can do it, you feel as if you could drive and drive until you have run out of road.

Take your time finding the right car, the most important part is, condition and service record, look carefully at the owner, did he/she keep this luxury Cat fed on cream or stale milk?

Don't be fooled into buying a car just because it's got the top of the range toys and interior. Service records, condition and careful ownership are far more important, you have been warned!

Go for a car that has no 'small problems' to sort out after purchase, the electronics are amazingly complicated and can be very, very expensive to put right.

When shown the all important service history, (if buying from private seller or non franchised dealer), ring the dealer/dealers stamped in the book, check the vehicle has in-fact been maintained there, ask pertinent questions about the vehicle, i.e. 'has the vehicle had any known serious problems, repairs, replacement components or damage?' the dealers are usually very happy to help in my experience.

Join an affiliated Jaguar club (Jaguar enthusiasts club), and you will be very happy with the help and advice they can give, even before you own the car! They also have an excellent deal with Footman James Insurance Co, cheap comprehensive cover for members.

Parts and service prices are half that of the German competition, there are lots of non franchised parts and service agents advertised in the specialist Jaguar magazines, available in most news agents.

Overall I would say my experience has been a revelation of what you can buy for so little outlay. Follow the golden rules above and you will have a smile on your face that Tony Blair and a Chesire Cat, would envy. The motoring press got it so, so wrong with this car. It's totally underrated and great to own, run and maintain... Superb.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2003

10th Jul 2005, 16:50

That makes me feel a little better having just bought a 1994 Jaguar XK40 3.6 Automatic with full service history for less than £1500. It is a lot of car for very little outlay, but if things were to go wrong... I suppose that is the risk we take.

9th Apr 2008, 23:34

I have recently bought a XK40 XJ6 and love it. I am in Melbourne Australia and bought the car for $11,000 which is one lot of car for very little, I bought it after much searching, from a licenced specialist dealer. It had done 126,000kms from new and had two owners. It has only ever been serviced in two locations and that is vital. I have had a couple of silly problems.. the window washer bottle leaked but got it replaced for $220, but now the warning light for the same stays on, the warning light stays on on the seat belt alarm in some positions and had a few problems with the right front indicator which now seem to be fixed. The head lining fell in on a 45 degree c day but this was replaced for $550 and is now new.

The car eats up the freeway and feels solid and smooth, the seats are like an old comfy arm chair, the paint is flawless and the leather and wood also same, the steering is finger touch light and the J shift works a treat. She still looks great and people often look at the service stations and ask a question or two.

The car was $126,000 new in 1993 and is far better value than an older 7 series BMW or S class Merc. The air conditioning is noisy but works well even on the hottest days. She does use a little oil, not leaking and not smoking?

I use it every day and love it, just joined the owners club here.

It is the twin headlamp model and 3.2 six cylinder so fuel economy is great but using the J gate still can hustle along when I need to, and cruising well just heaven.


30th Mar 2010, 13:43

I have one too, and it rocks!