1987 Jaguar XJ6 VDP 4.1L from North America


Of all the cars I have owned or will own, this will always be my favorite


My '87 XJ6 Jaguar would die when I stopped at a red light or intersection. It became harder and harder to keep running. Finally it died for good. The starter was replaced. Then it became harder and harder to start. The ignition switch was replaced twice. Then it wouldn't start and was draining the battery every night. It was towed to an obscure non-jaguar dealer or independent mechanic, and it was found that a wire to the starter was loose. It cost me $96 to repair. I often wonder if that was the only problem all along, and I was being exploited for the $2,000 it cost me to "resolve" the problem.

General Comments:

The vehicle is a dream to drive now that I've worked out most of the bugs. It is a luxury sports car, designed for touring the country. I can drive for 12 hours and feel no need to stop, rest or stretch. It is the best handling car I've ever driven on winding, mountain roads. The cost to maintain is high, if it is not cared for, which this one was not until I bought it. I recently rode in a newer Mercedes, which didn't compare to the luxury of sitting in the cockpit of my older Jaguar. It's personality is quirky - one day the automatic door locks, back window, antenna, trip computer, etc., will work perfectly; the next day they won't, for no apparent reason. Eventually, they decide to behave properly.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2006

1st Jun 2009, 12:32

I have a 1987 Jaguar XJ-6 Series III saloon with 128000 miles on it. I maintain it myself and also with my local garage mechanic. Scrupulously observe required service intervals.

I hope to eventually trade it in for a 1987 Van Den Plas. 1987 was the high point in saloon styling in my opinion.

Would I buy another Jaguar? You bet! I never drove a finer car! Incidentally, my other vehicle is a Land Rover. Best SUV I ever owned.

2nd Nov 2013, 09:01

What is your basis for comparison on the Land Rover comment? I have never seen one hit 200,000 miles yet... and I work on them daily.

1987 Jaguar XJ6 4.2 from North America


High-ho Silver!


Anything and everything electrical.

Radiator fan destroyed original radiator.

Exhaust system totally rusted out.

Cruise control never worked.

For some reason, steering wheel refuses to stay aligned.

General Comments:

I received this car from my dad at 17 when I acquired the rank of Eagle Scout. It had been badly abused by 10+ years of Texas heat, and required extensive work to get it running to full specs again.

However, after almost of year of tinkering (it’s my daily driver, so I can only do a little bit at a time) it’s running strong. The only way I can think to describe it is like driving a giant couch. The seats are soft, but supportive, and the car handles like a 2000-pound Honda and I would recommend this to any parent as their child’s first car (safest car ever built according to the British government).

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Review Date: 6th November, 2006

1987 Jaguar XJ6 4.2 from North America


The best kept secret in America


Right now I am trying to discover why the car mysteriously shut off. Since this particular model is computerized fuel injection this has not been easy without the proper equipment. I am about 75% sure that the problem lies in the fuel pump. Since the pump is not cheap {$235.00} I will probably make absolutely sure it is not in the electrics before I purchase the pump.

The only other fault was when the tail lights went out and I could not locate the fuses. I finally found them in the boot {trunk} mounted behind the back seats. I replaced the fuses and have had no more trouble with the lights.

General Comments:

I own two older American cars, a 1965 Buick and a 1970 Ford LTD. Compared to these cars, the Jaguar seems like it comes from another planet. It is not an easy car to work on, and it is not cheap to maintain. In my opinion, the car is "over engineered." For example, having to drop the rear out of the car to change the brake discs seems a bit much.

On the other hand, the car handles very well and is fast. It is beautiful to look at from any angle and it is fairly easy to get parts for IF you know where to look.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2001

25th Sep 2001, 12:06

I had a problem with my 85' XJ6 cutting off at will, when I first bought it in 93'. The certified Jaguar mechanic I used had a time finding what was wrong. Guess what it was,... the fuel pump relay switch. Yes, the little red box, mounted on the firewall of the engine compartment, would short-out when jarred. Once I changed the relay switch, I never had another problem with it cutting-off. I hope this helps.

I just sold my 1985 XJ6. With 165,000 miles, the engine was still going strong, but the 2 year old rebuilt transmission went bad again... too much money to fix it. The over engineered statement made by another Jag owner is very true. For example, to replace the heater core, which was leaking, would be approximately $600.00, because it is behind the dashboard. The rear disc changer, another $600.00, and for the cruise control, another several hundred for the new computer.

I believe the XJ6 is the best driving car I have ever driven and I have driven many different luxury cars. It just started to drain my pocket and the trade-in value isn't considerably less than it costs to repair.