1997 Jaguar XJ6 L 4.0L 6 cylinder from North America


She's a tough sexy blonde!!!


Sunroof won't slide back and throttle seems to stick.

General Comments:

This is the most beautiful, luxurious car I have ever owned. The interior is immaculate and extremely comfortable.

The ride is smooth and she purrs like the wildcat for which she is named. People certainly treat you differently when not only you tell them you own a Jaguar, but when you drive down the road, people almost break their necks to check her out. We were lucky that she was so well maintained.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2008

1997 Jaguar XJ6 4.0 from North America


This is the best luxury car you can buy for the money- a steal


Starter is sometimes a bit tardy before ignition.

You may encounter stares of disapproval, you might not get change from toll booths anymore, and bums at crosswalks will chat you up without FAIL.

General Comments:

While touring with a band in Korea, I had plenty of time to dream about a new car for my return to the states. After finding that the XJ8 models were very unreliable for the first few model years (and the newer ones are outside of my price range), I chose the 97 XJ6 over any other model. I "test drove" it after I bought it, driving it from NJ to FL, over 17 hours of driving. It presented no complaints.

Since that long haul, I have driven it across Florida, I am on the highway all day for business, and often pull off violent maneuvers in day to day traffic. The car doesn't seem to mind.

I was so worried about the absurd amount of miles with which I was burdening the Jaguar, even though it had zero mechanical issues, that I bought a Jeep as a daily driver. After a month, the Jeep sits. I just can't bring myself to drive it when the Jaguar is in the driveway.

From the feedback I get from observers, it is usually "You must be getting paid too much!" or "You drive a JAGUAR??? I have ALWAYS wanted one, but I could never afford one." The most common comment is "Wow, those things are so unreliable! (insert words of worried advice) " These are comments from Mercedes and BMW owners, doctors, lawyers, and the rest. Everyone loves this car. This one in particular is painted to resemble the XJR model, which looks far more modern.

The authorities even treat one differently in a Jag. I got pulled over with a suspended license from failing to pay a violation, and the cop said, "I'm really sorry to inconvenience you, but I just wanted to let you know that your license is technically suspended, and I know those guys sometimes mess up, so just check it out when you have an opportunity." This sort of encounter has happened several times with the police.

Drive it. Enjoy it. Love it. If you destroy it, buy another one. You could buy four of them for the price of a new Camry or Accord.

The XJ6 is the best kept secret in the used luxury market. Beware the early XJ8s.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2006

13th Nov 2006, 02:53

I completely agree with everything you just stated above. I have recently purchased a 1997 Jag and it runs incredibly, the unreliable stereotype appears to be a stigma from previous years as I have had few problems with mine and when I do they are relatively inexpensive to repair.

28th Feb 2007, 15:52

You're right! In the past, I've always driven 8 to 12 year old Jags, replacing them every two years when the mileage got "up there." Tried two V-8 Chevy conversions, but those were horrid, troublesome cars.

I found Jaguars to be no less reliable than my friends high-mileage Toyotas, and in many cases less expensive to maintain than the 400-series Lexus I was considering buying as my next replacement car.

I now drive an Alfa, and it's fine too. I think that if one buys a mid-mileage one-owner '97 Jaguar XJ6 (I've heard horror stories about the 8's) with all service records showing regular maintenance, and continues diligent maintenance, it should be as reliable as anything else out there.

I'll go back to Jaguar when the Alfa wears out. Hopefully, Jaguar worked the bugs out of the more recent 8 cylinder cars (?)